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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "Let me give you the injuries real quick. (T) King Dunlap has a hamstring strain. Right now he is out. (LB) Akeem Jordan, likewise, has a hamstring strain and he's out. Everybody else practiced today. (LS Jon) Dorenbos would be the other one. Dorenbos did practice today (and) moved around okay so we'll see how it goes here the next couple of days. But he did go through the practice.

"Look forward to the challenge of playing the Giants. It'll be a great atmosphere. Look forward to getting our fans in there. We've got the best fans in the world right here. I know they're going to crank it up and be loud and then we'll do our job too and make sure we give them something to cheer about. Again, good football team. Two good football teams getting the opportunity to play Sunday night. Time's yours."

On whether all of the talk about Brian Dawkins distracts the team: "I don't think that's the direction the players will go. They're happy for Brian, especially the ones that know him and played with him, or the ones that admired him from afar. I think they're very excited for him but they understand they've got to focus in on their job and do that part of it."

On what he needs to see from Dorenbos to allow him to play on Sunday: "I've got to just see. I've got to see. I can't tell you either way. I think it's probably 50-50. He practiced today though so that's what he did. Moved around pretty good, actually, so I'm surprised he was able to get himself back like he is."

On the status of WR Riley Cooper: "Yeah, Riley practiced full today. We'll just see how it goes here in the next couple days. I named the two guys that (are definitely) out. King and Akeem."

On whether he is happy with what he saw from WR Jeremy Maclin during practice this week: "Yeah, listen, he's worked hard. He's really pushed and he looks good. He's ready to go and has had a whole week's worth of good practice."

On whether Cooper has received medical clearance to play from doctors: "He did. He's good. It was just an examination. It wasn't a clearance, just an examination. He's good, he's healing well and he had a good week of practice. We'll just see how it goes here."

On what was the determining factor for Cooper being able to play: "Number one when you come off of an injury you want safety and make sure he's in shape and has the speed of the game down."

On the amount of weapons that the Giants have on offense: "They've got a lot of people to throw to. (QB) Eli (Manning) is throwing it well right now so we'll have to play a really good game against them and our guys are prepared for that."

On the best way to defend a guy like TE Martellus Bennent: "You can't grow any taller on our side of it so you just compete. That's what you do and make sure you use proper leverage and technique and so on."

On whether identifying blitzes from the secondary has been a point of emphasis this week: "You have to identify it first and then you've got to block it or you get the ball out before that person gets there. That's the way it is with most blitz situations. But you have to identify it. Number one is identifying it."

On whether the team has stressed identifying blitzes of all kinds: "The things that they show we've tried to work on. I'm sure they'll have a new wrinkle in there and we'll be ready for that."

On his evaluation of LB Mychal Kendricks covering tight ends so far this season: "Well Mychal is a good athlete. He runs well. He understands leverage and it'll be a nice challenge for him when he has the opportunity to cover (Bennett)."

On whether he expects the Giants will try to match up WR Victor Cruz and CB Brandon Boykin in the slot: "That's what they do. They do that against everybody so we understand that. He's one of the best slot players in the league and so you honor that and you get yourself ready to play against that."

On why it seems like games between these teams always go down to the wire: "I would tell you that (the rivalry helps the situation). I think both teams know each other. It's close vicinity, it's (the) NFC East, and now you add Sunday night onto it. You have to prepare yourself for four quarters of tough football."

On how much stock is put into past games and their relation to this game: "Well as long as there's not a lot of coaching changes, which there hasn't been, you have a pretty good idea of what their base is, and they have an idea of what our base is offensively, defensively, and special teams. You have to go out, you have to compete and be ready for a wrinkle here or there, and be ready to adjust to it."

On whether the Giants winning the Super Bowl adds more motivation for the Eagles: "It's a rival so that's what it's about. Whether they've done that or not, it's a rival. That's how it works. I think both teams get fired up for it no matter what the situation is."

On whether DT Fletcher Cox's migraines are going to be a recurring issue: "Brian Dawkins had the same thing. We've had different players that have had migraines and it's a part of life. You deal with that part and make sure medically you're sound and if it gets too bad then you keep them out. Whether it is practice or a game you back off until it gets right."

On whether a home game will help T Demetress Bell with less crowd noise on offense: "Well when we were on the road it was a silent count so there's really not (a problem). I don't think it matters either way."

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