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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(LS) Jon Dorenbos has a high-ankle sprain. We'll just see how he does this week. (DT) Fletcher Cox had migraines during the game. He has had a history of those, and that was a concern with him on the sideline there. (LB) Akeem Jordan has a hamstring strain. (WR) Riley Cooper will have a check with Dr. Williams today on his collar bone. (T) King Dunlap is getting better with a hamstring strain, but if we had a practice today he would not practice. (WR) Jeremy Maclin has a hip contusion, which we knew about, and he is making progress there."

Opening Remarks: "All-in-all, we obviously need to do a better job. I need to do a better job as the head football coach. It's my responsibility if there are failures on both sides of the football. It obviously comes back to the head coach there. Getting a team prepared is very, very important, and I take full responsibility for that. We need to coach better, we need to prepare better, and we need to play better.

"We played a good football team and one of the most obvious things that we've talked about right here with you and with our football team is that you cannot turn the football over against a good football team and expect to win. You have the three turnovers. Two out of the three end up in scores. The other one ends up – you find yourself at the nine-yard line with a long field. When you give up 14 points to a good football team, you can't do that. On the other hand, they don't turn the ball over and they play good, consistent football on both sides of the ball.

"You're going to come out on the short end of the stick there. We need to make sure that we take care of that. This game was ball leverage – you have to take care of the football. A lot of things go into that, and the bottom line is that the person with the ball has maintain to it and keep the football under wraps and in his hands."

On what he can do to help the offensive line in pass protection: "We've got to look at a couple of things, but I thought we had a few things set up there. We've got to do a better job with protection and I've got to make sure I put the guys in the right position to start with and make sure that we get the right routes and the ball out on time and all those things."

On whether T Demetress Bell will be the starting left tackle if T King Dunlap is unable to play Sunday: "Yes."

On whether he is comfortable with the offensive approach through three games: "Well, listen, we need to obviously study it and understand why those things are happening. I wish I could pinpoint one thing. There's more than one thing involved, but we're going to keep looking at that and we'll get it right."

On whether he feels he needs to do some things differently going forward to keep QB Michael Vick from getting hit quite as much: "We've kept a decent mixture there of moving the pocket. We've kept a decent mixture with six-man protections and chip in and so on, but we've got to make sure that we eliminate some of these hits on him, for sure."

On designed rollouts leading to quarterback hits in the direction of the roll and what Vick can do to avoid that: "He did. It's a combination of things. Combination of things."

On whether the offense is built to be methodical or whether the offense is built to be on a "high-wire": "Well, we've got explosive players. So, with that, you're going to take your shots. I mean, that's what we do. I'm not saying take your shots on the quarterback; I'm saying take your shots down the field. That's one of our strengths and has been over the last few years. We'll continue to do that. The high-wire part of it, you want to think that you can do both and do them well, but I can't sit here and tell you that we've done that consistently this year. I'm saying put long drives together like we need to. We've done it at the end of halves; we haven't done it during regulation play there."

On whether it seems like Vick holds the ball longer in the pocket because he's waiting for plays to develop downfield: "Well, listen, we're trying to put these things in a box here. Not every play is a deep throw. That's not what it is. On the deeper throws, we try to give him the protection or the ability to move, along with protection, and then do that. I'm probably not calling those at the right time. Too many breakdowns in there; one thing here or there breaks down and we have a problem. So, it's a joint effort here of getting it right."

On whether Vick can survive 16 games getting hit the amount he has been hit thus far: "I'll tell you, he's getting hit way too much. That's what I can tell you. At this point, it's way too much, so that part's got to end. We've got to limit that."

On whether Vick is holding onto the ball too long: "Everybody's got a little piece of this. To say that there's not a play here or there that he might hold the ball too long, I can't tell you 'no' on that and he'd be the first to tell you. That's not the case every time he throws or gets hit. That's not the case."

On the offensive philosophy going into Sunday's game against the Cardinals and why RB LeSean McCoy didn't have more carries: "We thought we had some opportunities down the field in the throwing game. We went in thinking we would probably protect a little better than we did and be able to exploit some of the things we felt were our strengths and that we matched up best against and it didn't happen."

On whether he has to scale back the offense in terms of taking shots down field even if he sees a chance to exploit a defense in order to protect Vick and get the offense moving: "We never did get in rhythm yesterday. That's a legitimate question there. When you go in, you want to try to establish some form of rhythm that we never established. Whether that's a short passing game, we have a wide variety of things we can use. But along with the run game, we need to make sure that our mix is better than what it was yesterday and that's my responsibility to make sure that happens. I didn't think I did a very good job with that."

On whether he expects teams to bring heavy blitzes for the remainder of the season: "Listen, you've got to answer that, right? Teams have had some (success); in particular right here, this team had some success there, so you figure the next team will try it until you answer it. Then once you answer it, then it will be put on hold."

On where Vick is in terms of pre-snap reads and whether he didn't read the final play of the second quarter where he was sacked and fumbled: "Well, listen, they got us on that one. I mentioned that yesterday. They got us on that one with a zero blitz, but you saw him also make some nice checks prior to that and then after that. They got us on that one. He did a fairly decent job with that during the game, with the exception of that play."

On what the thought was to forego a field goal attempt with six seconds remaining in the first half: "I thought we could get one into the end zone. You're sitting on the one yard line so we started the thing with 16 seconds (and) I figured we'd get our full downs in and shooting it in the end zone. Now it has to come out quick and so on but those were the calls that were made. Then if that didn't work you'd kick the field goal."

On what he saw on film that the team continued to throw the ball despite pressure on Vick: "You saw some of the actions that we used up front. You saw us move the pocket. When the copy comes out and you get a chance to look at it, I think you'll see what I'm saying. The protections that we used I thought were to the advantage of the offensive line where they could really tee off. It didn't work. That's where I stand here and tell you that's my fault. I thought one of the things we could do (is) we could go down the field with them. We had a couple early calls to do that. We put some protections in we thought the guys could really tee off and do it but it didn't work out that way."

On his thoughts of WR DeSean Jackson's two plays where it seemed he had the opportunity to score: "I think when you have a chance to look at those you probably saw that there was a little bit of contact that took place on both of those. I'm not sitting here making excuses for either one but there's a bit of contact that took place."

On whether Jackson should have finished the route on a deep ball instead of cutting it off to complain to the referee: "You'd like to see that as long as somebody's not grabbing him."

On whether players are too concerned with the replacement referees instead of finishing plays: "Just make sure you take a peek at the (film). I can't sit here and tell you (differently). I'm kind of tied on to what I'm going to say when it comes to that."

On whether Jackson should have continued toward the goal line in the first half instead of stopping his own momentum: "I'm glad he caught the ball. That's what that part took place. I think he would have liked to score right there and we would have liked him to score right there but that's not what took place."

On what happened that the team needed to use a timeout to open the second quarter: "They showed blitz and we had to check there. The clock ran down and I (called) the timeout there."

On whether there is concern about the team's punt return execution: "We've got to get better there. (WR Damaris Johnson) is a young guy that's learning. I told you (with) some of these young guys there are going to be some things that take place. He's a smart kid. We've just got to focus in on that to make sure he takes care of business. Field position, we lost that battle yesterday along with the turnovers. Those two things, they cost you."

On what the team will do at long snapper if Dorenbos is sidelined: "Well I will get with (general manager) Howie (Roseman) and we'll talk about it and see how Jon does here in the next day or so. We'll see if that thing calms down a little bit. There's different degrees of (high ankle sprains) so we'll see here how bad it is."

On whether C Steve Vallos will have the opportunity to compete for a starting spot: "No, I haven't gone there. No."

On his evaluation of C Dallas Reynolds in his first start: "I thought after probably the first two series he settled down. I thought he was anxious the first couple series. He settled down and I thought he played a pretty good game after that."

On when he might consider a change at quarterback if the turnovers continue: "Right now we're with Michael and that's what we're doing. We'll evaluate as we go."

On whether QB Nick Foles will get more practice reps since Vick continues to endure multiple hits each week: "No."

On whether he anticipates WR Jeremy Maclin back this week: "I do, yeah."

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