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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "Really (WR) Jeremy Maclin is the only one I have to report to you with the hip pointer. He will not practice today. You saw where we made the move with (S Jaiquawn Jarrett) and we brought (WR) Mardy (Gilyard) back to kind of fill in a receiver spot there. He'll go through the week and do some work there.

"Again with J.J., I really don't have a lot to say. I have a lot of respect for the kid. I know he is going to end up hooking on with a team (that) probably plays a little bit more of his style in the secondary. I know he'll do a great job. The kid is all class and I've said this before, this part is the toughest part about this business. He's top notch.

"I look forward to the challenge of playing the Ravens. They're a heck of a football team and we understand that. They sure started off fast and I have a lot of respect for their head football coach and for their organization. We look forward to the challenge of playing them."

On the severity of Maclin's injury: "He's actually made progress here over the past couple of days. That's a good thing. He's feeling better. I wouldn't list him as out today. That's not how I'd list him but he's not going to practice either."

On what he thinks happened with Jarrett to get released in his second season: "Well for the kid's sake you wanted it to work out. I think he'll land some place that plays maybe a little bit more his style of secondary play where he's up there and knocking the heck out of people and doing that. I have a lot of respect for him. That's really where I would like to end that right there and let's move on with the Ravens."

On what went wrong with the evaluation when drafting Jarrett: "I think his style of defense will be best for him somewhere else and not with this team. That's really what I have to say there. I don't want to keep repeating it. I know you want me to keep repeating it but I don't want to do that. This gives him a chance to hook on with somebody and be a contributor in this league and make a difference. I think that's what the fans care the most about."

On whether S Colt Anderson and S David Sims are ready to step in if needed on defense: "Well Colt is ready to play. He's there and he's done everything that he can do to get himself ready to play in a game. He's gone through practice. He's practiced fast. He didn't have any setbacks, no swelling, soreness, or any of that. The knee felt tight and so now he has an opportunity to possibly get in the game and contribute. That's what he wants and that's what we want. In Sims we liked what we saw on tape and liked what we saw out here last week in practice. It was just a matter of him picking up some of the verbiage that we use and techniques that we use. He'll continue to do that this week and we obviously felt some comfort there to make the move we made."

On whether Vick has recovered mentally from a tough game against Cleveland: "There were so many good things he could take from that game and there are some things he has to learn from it. He came in early Monday and knocked out the tape and worked on fixing the problems. There were also a lot of good things he could take out of that game and continue to get better, and that's what we're all trying to do."

On how a team knows when it is time to part ways with an early round draft selection: "I think you have to be honest with yourself. If it is working then it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I think that's the important thing there and you give the kid an opportunity to make a living. If it wasn't working with you, it'll work with somebody else. You see that throughout the league with different cuts. We're all human. We all have errors that we make at times. Where we think somebody is going to fit, it doesn't fit, then you give them an opportunity to move on and make a living for themselves."

On what stands out about Ravens QB Joe Flacco: "I think the offense suits him. What they're doing with the hurry-up game, I think he handled that very well. (Ravens quarterbacks coach) Jim (Caldwell) is down there and he's done a nice job. You can see his influence in there mixed in with what (Ravens offensive coordinator) Cam (Cameron) does. I like what they're doing. It was effective the other night. They're playing good football."

On what about Gilyard stood out that he was the receiver they brought back: "You saw Mardy make plays. That's really what (it came down to). He was really able to handle the X and Z positions mentally and then he went out and made plays. We're giving him an opportunity to come back here. We had a lot of tough cuts that we had to make and that was one of them when we had to let him go."

On what challenges the Ravens' no-huddle offense presents to the defense: "They do a good job with that. That's something we worked on in camp and actually very hard in camp. We'll see how it all works out."

On his thoughts of LB Ray Lewis: "He's a Hall of Famer. If nobody else is putting him in then I'm putting him in the Hall of Fame. He's a heck of a player. He's a good man. He's good for the game. He understands how to play the game. He's doing what it takes to play in today's football and doing whatever he feels it takes. I have a lot of respect for him."

On his thoughts of S Ed Reed: "Ed Reed, (jokingly) even though he spells his name wrong, he's a heck of a player too."

On what made him retain John Harbaugh as special teams coordinator after being hired as Eagles head coach in 1999: "He's a football coach. He's a teacher. He's intelligent and a hard worker. He's tough and good with people. Those are qualities that you need to advance as you move up the coaching ladder. (Ravens general manager) Ozzie (Newsome) gave him an opportunity where a lot of people would ignore a special teams coach. I think the special teams coach has to deal with both sides of the football (and) as many people as a head coach does as far as it comes to dealing with the football team. Then he had the experience of dealing with the media. Their job is a little underrated in my eyes and then he had the opportunity to move over to the defensive side for one quick shot there."

On how he was able to evaluate Harbaugh and his intelligence when he arrived as head coach in 1999: "Well, I interviewed him when I got here and I talked to people. I told him before, I knew (former Eagles head coach) Ray Rhodes very well and so he gave me an evaluation of all the guys on his staff that I might have an opportunity to hire. Then I had an opportunity to evaluate him and then go from there and hire him."

On whether there will be a more concerted effort to have balance on the offensive side this week: "You've got to have some form of balance. That's what you have to have and there are kind of three things that you have to (take care) and we talked about this Monday: the penalties and the turnovers and field position. As you study this game, those are three very important categories that you need to come out on the positive side on and really on those, it didn't work out in our favor when you combine the three of them."

On whether there is anything to accelerate Vick's readjustment to game speed: "I think it's just a matter of playing and he finished strong. You've got to take that and roll with it. He finished the way a great player finishes and you see this all the time in basketball where shooters, the great shooters, they're going to have an off-day and they keep shooting. When it comes down to the end, the great ones end up sinking the winning shot. So Michael, that's what he did. He kept firing. You didn't see him hesitant at the end of the game when everything was on the line. He continued to fire and it worked out well for him. He's a great player. He didn't have a lot of reps in the preseason. I continue to tell you that he'll get better with the more reps he gets."

On what types of challenges the Ravens defense presents for the Eagles offense: "They've got a lot of experience. They have their whole secondary back and their linebackers are back. They've got good experience there. They're big and strong up front. They led a few of the categories defensively last year, particularly in the pass game and so we've got to make sure that we're sharp and do the things that we do. We need to focus probably more on what we're doing and make sure that we take care of our business and then go into the game that way."

On whether he was comfortable with RB LeSean McCoy's touches against Cleveland: "You know what, I think when you add all the plays up, really when I turned on the tape, the real tape, there were 95 opportunities that we were on the field for. So, all those didn't count, obviously. But there were 95 clips on my computer when I turned it on. I don't remember a game where we had that many snaps and so when you look at it that way or take the 86 or 88 (plays), whatever number you want to come up with there and you figure it out, then I think he was in line. He had an opportunity the first play that didn't work out for him and a couple of the runs didn't work out for him because of penalties. The first play, he ended up tripping there.  A couple of the penalties took some things away from him. But I think all-in-all, when I looked at it and evaluated it, I thought he had enough touches."

On whether RB Dion Lewis is his number two running back: "We're still working through all that."

On whether he has explored using the no-huddle offense with Vick this season: "You saw us do it a little bit in the game, so I mean, that's not our primary thing."

On CB Brandon Boykin's performance as the nickel corner and how much better he has to be against Ravens WR Anquan Boldin: "Well, you're talking about one of the better inside slot players in the league. Big, strong, physical guy;  Pro Bowler, that whole deal. But to answer your question, I thought Boykin, he did do a nice job and I think you'll see this with the young guys. They'll continue to get better as the weeks go on and they get some experience under their belt. But you've got to be happy with how he played in that game. This will be a big challenge for him. I think he'll step up to it."

On whether Boykin has the size to matchup with Boldin: "You're going to have those matchups where you've got to be able to do certain things there and work with it. You saw (former Eagles CB) Joselio (Hanson) do it for a number of years. They just learn how to work at it. It won't be any different here. He'll learn how to do that and work on it this week and we'll see how it goes."

On whether he or offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg does the offensive playcalling during games: "Marty does. He does a great job with that. The thing we have is great communication during the game. So, we keep things wide open."

On whether Vick has to do a better job of finding his second or third receivers when his first is not open: "Listen, I know we're focusing all on Michael here. I think everybody, offensively, starting with me, we need to all do better. We need to protect better so he's not moving all around in the pocket. The receivers have to run their routes better and more aggressive. Michael's got some things. The running backs have to protect a little bit or get open in certain situations. So, there are a whole lot of things that we can work on here. I know it all falls onto Michael, but there's a little bit more to it than that."

On whether he was concerned about how T King Dunlap played on Sunday: "You know, I thought actually King, for the most part, did a pretty good job. But he can get better too. I thought for his first go-around there, I thought he did a pretty good job."

On the backup left tackle and whether T Dennis Kelly or T Demetress Bell figures into that role: "Well, (Kelly) was the one that was active. But listen, I've got guys that can play both sides so I'm lucky with that part."

On whether the defense facing McCoy in practice helps them prepare for Ravens RB Ray Rice: "They are very similar. They're both great running backs. They do a little bit different scheme at times but we'll work on that this week. But I'll tell you, as far as their athletic ability, quickness, strength, all that, I think they're very similar."

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