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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "We just concluded the mandatory mini-camp. We had 100% attendance here. As you saw, (DT Fletcher) Cox was back today from the death of his cousin and got good work in. What do we look forward to here? We have Lehigh coming up and the players now go into a pre-phase one period, for veteran players, from now until the start of training camp. From now until training camp starts, they can lift in the weight room but they can't be on the field with balls and so on. It's just like pre-phase one that we went through before this nine week period. Then, the rookies will be up here lifting. The quarterbacks can come out here and throw, they can do their thing on the field and there is no problem with that. Again, these past three days were set up so that when we hit Lehigh, we hit Lehigh running whether it is the installs or as much as we could the type of schedule with the walk-through in the morning and then the practice in the afternoon. The guys that we will keep an eye on as far as injuries go is (S) Colt Anderson, who probably won't start training camp but we'll see how he's doing. He's ahead of schedule. We have (DT) Mike Patterson, who we will keep a close eye on. There's a chance that he's ready to go but he has to continue to see his doctor and test it out and see how things go from here. (DE) Vinny Curry should be back out there and should be participating."

On what he learned about his team from these nine weeks: "I love the energy and mindset right now. For nine weeks, these guys have been coming in here and grinding it. I mentioned this before that 80% of the team was in here before that with (strength and conditioning coach) Barry (Rubin) getting their lifts in. I want that to carry over to training camp. This is going to be a tough training camp for them, I've talked to the team about that. It's going to be a demanding training camp, and from now until we get up there, they need to keep themselves in the shape that they're in right now."

On whether this will be a tougher training camp than he has conducted in the past: "In the recent past, yes, especially compared to last year. Really, you lose two draft classes there and whatever free agents you brought in that haven't been through a normal training camp."

On how much it hurt last year's team to not have that type of training camp last season: "I think everybody went through that, so I don't know. I will tell you this – if at one point something is taken away and you get it back, you're loving it. I'm talking about coaches and players. These players, you don't think they want to be out here but they want to be out here doing what they do best. That's the attitude they've had, and the coaches have been right there with them in the same way."

On whether Curry will be allowed to work with the other rookies next week: "He can do upper body work. He has just has a high-ankle (sprain)."

On what Michael Vick has done to improve himself over the past nine weeks: "Today was an all red zone day for both sides of the football. Obviously, quarterbacks are measured by how they can do their thing in the red zone. We spent a lot of effort on that and a lot of effort on the blitz game and the protections. He's got that and he's attacked that, and it's fun to watch. He was a guy that was here every day and that set the tempo. When you can get your quarterback here being with 100% attendance, most of the guys are going to follow."

On the progress that QB Nick Foles has made: "Nick has been great. Great for Foles, great for (QB) Mike Kafka. Really, these are passing camps because there is no contact. The o-line and d-line can't get into the run game stuff unless you walk through it. The full speed stuff ends up being your pass game. So, we've given all the quarterbacks an opportunity, Kafka and Foles probably more than Trent (Edwards). I've seen improvement there and I like what I've seen from Foles, and then Michael (Vick), too. When Trent has an opportunity, and he's done this for a number of years, but he's done well there, too."

On whether anyone has been injured over the course of the mini-camp: "There weren't any injuries here so everybody is good."

On how much he liked what he saw from his team: "I'm glad we had the opportunity to do this. I just mentioned that when you get something taken away and you get it back, you approach it with all this energy and excitement. It's good to see their want to get better and the effort there."

On how he would like his team to stay refreshed but locked in: "They can lift, that's what they can do. We're in pre-phase one stage. Really there's not a lot that's going to take place on the field aside from the rookies, and they have it for another week."

On how he is able to evaluate defense despite no contact: "The comment that I get from the players who haven't had the chance to go through our mini-camp, from the coaches who went through last year where they didn't have the opportunity to install, you feel like you're so far ahead. Everyone didn't have the opportunity last year so it's not an excuse for last year at all. It's nice to have it back. It's nice to have the opportunity to coach, that's what we do, and for the players to go out and execute."

On whether this time of year is important in helping a team strive for a championship: "It's learning. There's no contact, so when you come out here, it's the precision of your pass game, your coverages, and your combination coverages and making sure they understand that if they do this then they do this. You get all of those questions answered and again, depending on how you go about teaching it and how you go about defining your football team and how they attack that, that gives you the foundation to go win the Super Bowl. That's what that does. I appreciate the way our guys did this, and they came out and got after it."

On what he saw from LB Mychal Kendricks: "He improved every day, and we threw a lot at him to give him a solid foundation to go into training camp with. If we needed to slow it down so he could get the combination coverages down, we did that with him. He is a gym rat, so he wants every bit of you as a coach, and (defensive coordinator) Juan (Castillo) and (linebackers coach) Michael (Caldwell) spent a lot of time with him. I think he comes out of here with a great foundation that he can continue to build on."

On whether he is comfortable moving into the season with what has been covered so far: "We need fundamentals in tackling, and we weren't able to do that. You can come out here and hit the bag, but you need to do that live. We need to get up there, get into training camp, and get our run game going. There is no contact between the o and d-line. We still have a lot to cover, but from what I saw here in this mini-camp, if they carry this over to Lehigh, it's a good thing."

On whether he has a noticed a different attitude since the start of this camp: "I think it's a good attitude. You have this good blend of veteran players who are upbeat and guys who are just hooting and hollering. Then, you have the energy of the youth. Then, you have a group of guys who are not afraid to work. When you're not afraid to work, you don't have a group of guys that are hanging heads, grabbing hamstrings, things like that. You have a blend of good things there."

On whether Reid himself has brought a lighter attitude: "I always have fun. I don't always show you that I'm having fun, but I'm having fun. I love every day that I have a chance to do this, even this right here (with the media)."

On whether he is making an effort to show he is having more fun out there: "No, I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying the personality of this team right now and I like how they've approached things. We have a ton to work on."

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