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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report:
"People that did not practice today were [DE] Trent [Cole], [T] King [Dunlap], and [T] Jason Peters, everybody else practiced. [DE Juqua Parker and S Jarrad Page] both practiced and we have Parker listed as probable. And [T] Winston Justice, again, also practiced. King's situation is he has lower back spasms so we just have to wait until it's calmed down and if he's feeling like he can play, then he'll play. And if not, you'll see the rotation that we did there with [G/T] Todd [Herremans] and Winston – Todd going to the left side [and] Winston going to the right side."

Opening remarks:
"We look forward to the challenge of playing the [Washington] Redskins; it's always a good game, great atmosphere, and NFC East rival. So we look forward to that challenge of going down there and playing a good football team."

On the health status of Justice:
"You know what, it seems like every week he's getting a little bit better and feeling more comfortable. So he deserves the opportunity to play if that presents itself, there."

On whether Dunlap's relative inexperience will make it hard to play him without a couple days of practice this week:
"King's a smart kid so I don't think that would necessarily be a problem. I want to make sure he feels alright before we do that, but I think he would be okay. He practiced Wednesday and I think he would be okay."

On whether Dunlap is questionable for Sunday's game:

On how Dunlap hurt his back:
"You know what it was, we were doing a two-minute drill, non-contact, and he came out of his stance and it locked up on him."

On whether Dunlap's injury was during Wednesday afternoon's practice:
"That was the last play of the Wednesday practice."

On his thoughts about the biggest difference between QB Michael Vick this year and last year at this time:
"Well listen, I've mentioned it before [that] turnovers, everybody has a little piece of those. And Mike's the type that's going to keep firing and that's what you do in situations like this. And you see it and you shoot it with the football. And that's how you go about your business as a quarterback in the National Football League."

On whether Dunlap is still bothered by the back spasms:
"Yeah, they haven't stopped really. That's why he isn't practicing."

On his thoughts about a possible backup plan if something should happen to Justice since he is the lone remaining tackle on the roster:
"Yeah, [G Evan] Mathis. He took some snaps over at tackle also, this week here."

On which side of the line Dunlap would play if he were able to this week:
"King would be left, yeah. We would just go back to the original way."

On whether C Jamaal Jackson is an option at center if they decided to shuffle the line because of injuries:
"Yeah, we could do that one too. We worked some of that this week, yeah."

On how he deals with the criticism while trying to prepare for the upcoming game on Sunday:
"Listen, I completely understand everything so the thing I focus on is the job and making sure that we get better as coaches and players, and that's really all I care about. But I surely understand what people are saying. I haven't seen it, but I'm taking your word for it. Everybody has their own right to do that."

On his thoughts about Kelce and Mathis asking the fans to take the sign down:
"Listen, I really didn't get into that a whole lot. They're grown men [and] they did what they did. And like I said, I'm trying to focus in on making sure we all do a better job."

On his thoughts about the players only meeting that occurred earlier this week and whether he thinks it's made a difference:
"I don't know. We've always had them, after wins [and] after losses players have had meetings. The thing I appreciate is that they've come out and worked hard and tried to get better. And then, as coaches and players, jointly, we all have to do our job better."

On whether Vick is doing anything different to try and cut down on the interceptions and turnovers:
"Well, he always works at details and that's what he did this week. And we all need to do it a little bit better, all of us. And like I told you before those turnovers aren't one person."

On whether he anticipates any scheme changes from defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and the defense:
"Listen, every game, every game you tweak things here and there. So I'm sure that's what he was saying, that there are little things that he's done. But you do them every week and that's what you do, both sides of the ball."

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