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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening remarks: "(DE) Trent Cole had some cramps, so we just pulled him out. I don't think it's anything serious. (LB) Greg Lloyd tweaked his, sprained his ankle a little bit. (CB) Jorrick Calvin hurt his shoulder, and they'll evaluate it. (DT Antonio) Dixon was out. He has a slight, mild knee sprain. We'll just see, I hope it won't be too long so we'll see how that goes. Made progress overnight. (CB) Brandon Hughes had a little bit of a hamstring sprain. With (S) Marlin Jackson, we're just kind of backing off and we'll get him back in as he goes. He had a tight groin. The rest of the guys you know about: (DT) Mike Patterson is making progress, having tests done, and that's all I have to report. Nothing different from what (Head Athletic Trainer) Rick (Burkholder) mentioned yesterday. The same thing with (WR) Jeremy Maclin. It's good to get everyone practicing today, I thought that was a real plus. They came out with good energy, and we got a lot of good reps out of the guys today. The lines were longer, so they were able to get rest in between sets so I think that helped the older players as we went. We made sure we spotted them and kept a closer eye on them. Looked like they made it through and did a nice job. As far as assignments go, we have to clean some things up on both sides of the ball, but there are some good things out there. A lot of energy, and as long as they keep the working attitude and stay sharp mentally, good things will happen. Again, it was good to have everyone out there."

On whether he has a better idea how to use his top three cornerbacks after today's practice: "It was day one really for that type of thing. (Defensive coordinator) Juan (Castillo)has a pretty good idea though what he's going to do and how he's going to use them. You saw that when we started the team period and blitzed, he came out with the three corner look. It gives you quite a bit of flexibility and all three are really good football players."

On whether DT Trevor Laws is closer to returning to practice: "He's sore today. That's going to be a day-to-day thing, but he's sore. I don't expect him back in the next little bit here, but he's sore."

On whether it was frustrating to have the free agents not practice until today: "I don't get caught up in all that. I knew what was going on, so we made the best of that situation and we've moved on. I'm not sitting here crying over what people perceive to be problems. We're in this thing to be problem solvers and that means you find an answer and you move on. That was the situation, you work with it, and it's all good."

On what C Jason Kelce brings to the offensive line: "He's got a lot of energy, he's a smart guy, and he's learning right now. It's all foreign territory right now, but he's a very good athlete and a smart kid. Tough kid."

On why OL Mike McGlynn was not out with the first team: "The bottom line is you try and find the best five guys. All three of those guys are working in there (McGlynn, Kelce, and C Jamaal Jackson). That's the process that (Offensive line coach) Howard (Mudd) is going through right now. He's just identifying who he feels are the best of the bunch."

On what G/T Fenuki Tupou's prospects are playing on the right side: "He's been playing the left side the last couple days and doing a nice job at it. We put him on the right side.  Fenuki is a strong, smart kid and has a knack for staying in front of people in the pass game. Sometimes that is half the battle, doesn't matter how pretty it looks. As long as he gets the job done, that's the bottom line. We felt he deserved a look over there. Again, on the same premise that we're trying to find the best five guys for the position."   

On whether DT Anthony Hargrove can play defensive end: "Yeah, he can do either-or. Right now, we're going to work him in at tackle. We know he can play end though, yes, to answer your question."

On whether he needs to add weight: "He's okay where he is. It's just a matter of him getting back into the swing of things. You saw, he's an energetic guy. Now he looked like he could keep going for another practice, that was pretty amazing to watch his endurance out there."

On the progress of S Jaiquawn Jarrett and whether he'll have an opportunity to get more reps with the second string: "He's picking things up and he's doing a nice job. The best part of his game is the part that we're not seeing right now, and that's him hitting people and he knows how to do that. So right now he's working on footwork and all the techniques and the different coverages. I know he's chomping at the bit to lay somebody out because that's what he does and he's very good that. But he's doing a nice job. He's a smart kid."

On whether Maclin is close to practicing: "Now it's kind of the same that I've told you before, they're evaluating these tests and so on. I can't get into all of it. I'll get you the stuff eventually here. He's going through an evaluation process right now."

On whether he expects to have Maclin for the season: "Yes, I do."

On whether he is okay and whether there is anything seriously wrong: "Well there evaluating these tests so right now I can't tell you one way or another. I presume he's going to be there for the season, that's what I'm thinking, but they have to go through the process here. And I'm all for it. Let them take care of that first and he'll get himself back ready to play."

On Asomugha's role in practice today: "He played some inside in the nickel over dime situation, and then he played outside at the corner spot. He can do either-or and he wants to do that. When he and I talked - he was in a system and listen, it's been very successful for him at Oakland in a system where they play man coverage. Al Davis loves man coverage. He recruits players there and drafts players that play man coverage and that guy was the best in the business at it. But now he's going to be exposed to all these different coverages and he welcomes that, that's what he wants to do; and then, he wants to be moved around and put inside and do that. He's expressed that to me when we talked."

On whether he thinks WR DeSean Jackson will report by August 9th because he won't want to lose a year of free agency: "Listen, we'll see, I really haven't spent much time on that side of it. The rest of the guys are here so I'm coaching them up. And when he gets here, whenever it is, then he'll get coached up. But for right now he has to make that decision."

On his thoughts about QB Vince Young at practice today: "Vince did some good things. That's a tough thing, we threw a whole new offense at him and he stepped in and did some nice things. You can see he can throw the football which he does very well. He has an absolute gun of an arm. And so, it was just good. I wanted him to just get in and kind of get used to it and he kept jumping in there and taking a few more (snaps). So I welcome that. He's excited to be here and has a great attitude with it and I think he's enjoying himself."

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