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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "First, [CB] Ellis Hobbs we are in the process of putting on the injured reserve. He is going to have surgery on his neck. [WR] Kevin Curtis has returned to Philadelphia and will do his rehab here. I'll just see how he does. He will be out this week. [LB] Moise [Fokou] is sick so he will not be at practice. [LB] Akeem Jordan will not practice today with a hyper-extended knee, but is making progress. [T] Jason Peters went through the walkthrough, but won't practice this afternoon with the ankle sprain. [RB] Brian Westbrook won't practice today but will practice tomorrow and that's with the ankle, not the concussion. Everybody else will get out there and do what they can do in practice. With putting Ellis on the injured reserve list we are bringing in another corner, [CB] Ramzee Robinson who has been with Detroit the last couple of years."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the opportunity of playing the San Diego Chargers. We understand what kind of football team they are. They're a good football team and we're going to prepare ourselves to go out West and to play them. This is the first day of that process and we'll be working on our base offense, defense and special teams and we'll progress from there."

On who becomes the kickoff returner in Hobbs' absence: "[S Quintin Demps], right now he has a sore ankle too, so we'll what he can do at practice. He would do that and [S] Macho [Harris] can also help out back there."

On whether WR Jeremy Maclin could return kickoffs:"Maclin also, the three of those guys can."

On whether he is considering moving up CB Jack Ikegwuonu from the practice squad: "There's a chance Jack moves up in another spot."

On the type of neck surgery Hobbs is getting: "I don't have the details for you on that. I'll have to have Rick talk to you guys on that and give you the specifics. I don't even want to get into trying to define that."

On whether Hobbs' surgery could be career threatening: "They think they can go in and fix it where he'd have an opportunity to continue his career."

On how big of loss it is to the defense to have to put Hobbs on Injured Reserve:"He's done a nice job for us. It's too bad for number one Ellis, who wanted to continue to do well and he was rotating in. We'll move on and the other guys will have an opportunity to step up and play."

On the chances that LB Akeem Jordan will play Sunday and who would fill in for him if cannot play: "We have a variety of things we're messing with there. It just depends on personnel groups, I'm not going to go into all of the different looks. We have a couple different combinations that could work in there."

On whether LB Tracy White could play in Jordan's place:"Tracy will play a little bit in there. He'll play a little bit and we'll have some other combinations that we're looking at."

On what he takes away from the last trip out West where they lost to Oakland: "We'll basically do the same format as far as travel goes and meetings and so forth. It's important that we play better."

On the offensive line allowing 21 sacks thus far this season: "There have been a few changes on the offense. We have guys learning what we do. Sacks don't all go to the offensive line; they're spread around. A lot of new bodies and faces in there that are learning what we do here and that will smooth out as the year goes on."

On whether he thinks QB Donovan McNabb is getting enough time in the pocket to throw the ball consistently: "I would say that pressure is not a good thing for quarterback consistently, but I think that Donovan would come back and tell you that there are some throws that he would like to have back where he did have the protection. When I say it's everybody, it's everybody from the play caller to every position on the offense has a responsibility there to do their job. At the end of the year when you go back through things, or at the bye week when you go back through things, you see that it's dispersed among all of the positions when you talk about sacks."

On whether he was surprised by QB Michael Vick saying that he could not see himself in the same role with the Eagles next year: "I don't know what he said there. I just know he and I talk every day and he's glad to be here. He appreciates the opportunity, been a pleasure to have on this football team. I know Michael Vick can be a starting quarterback in the National Football League and be a very good one. I think he's back physically where he needs to be to do that and whatever is in the future is in the future, but right now I'm sure glad to have him here."

On whether he thinks there will be a time this season when Vick has a major role in the offense: "I never set a number on plays that he would be in. He's just another tremendous player to have on our team and at that position. We have a pretty good one there and that's a good player. You could ask the same things about Kevin Kolb, he's a pretty good player. I think you strengthen all the positions the best you can. At that quarterback spot, if he plays a little bit he plays a little bit, if not that's okay too."

On whether he envisioned the Wildcat having more of a role in the offense this season: "Not necessarily. I didn't set a number on it and I know certain games you can use it, certain games you have to stay away from it."

On whether he has ever been less certain of his team's identity than this season: "I have a pretty good idea of our team's identity."

On the defense having a lot of personnel moves at the linebacker position:"I think that we're playing pretty good defense, which is probably a testament to what the personnel department has done with that position. We have had a few guys come through there. It's an unusual year, to have that many injuries at one position, but I think that the guys who have stepped in have done a nice job."

On whether LB Chris Gocong will practice: "Yeah he'll be back."

On whether Westbrook's swelling is down: "Yeah."

On whether Westbrook is not practicing today as a precaution since practice is in the field house: "We'll be in the bubble today."

On the Chargers having a quick-strike offense: "They can, they did that in their two-minute drill. I thought they did it very well. I have a lot of respect for their quarterback (Philip Rivers); he is a heck of a player. They have a lot of talent on that football team, on both sides of the football and thus, they are good football team, good coaching. I thought they did a nice job with their two-minute drill at the end of the game."

On whether he has anything to say about the team having a poor record in close games: "I always have a few thoughts on it, but I'm not going to share those. I don't think everybody needs to know them. It's good that they know that we're not very good at that we'll probably try to do a little better."

On whether he spoke with WR DeSean Jackson about his decision to change his representation: "I'm not going to get into that. [Joking] Are you representing him? I don't get into that."

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