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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(G) Shawn Andrews, obviously, will be out for this game. Then, (TE) L.J. Smith will not practice today. He has a concussion and he's recovering from that. Everybody else will be out there practicing, and we'll just see how everybody does."

* Opening Remarks:*
"Again, we look forward to the chance to playing the Seahawks at their place. We've had this, the last four games here over the few years that I've been here with them, and each one has had its own separate dynamic to it. They've gotten us the last couple of times and played very well, and so, we understand that and we need to make sure that we take care of our business and make sure that we get ourselves prepared to play that football team. You can put all the records aside and all that stuff. You can't look at that. They are coming off a big win against San Francisco. They are getting healthier, and it'll just be one of those games. It will be a heck of a football game."

* On the Hall of Fame nominations*
: "Before I open it up here, I know the nominations for the Hall of Fame class this year came out, and it's always an exciting time when you have some people that have been nominated and (former Eagles WR) Harold Carmichael, not that my two cents is worth two cents, but I'd love to see him get into the Hall of Fame. I mean, what a great player, he's been one of the great players in the history of this organization. Then, (Eagles director of ticket/client services) Leo Carlin's name is on that list. Then, (former Eagles RB) Brian Mitchell, who as a young head coach here, Brian came in as veteran player and was able to really establish a great work ethic and intensity and so on, on special teams and goes down as one of the all-time great special teams players in the history of the game. There are a few other people that are also on this list, but those three I have directly been involved with, and I think the world of all three of them. I think they are great candidates."

On Seattle's injuries this season and how that's affected what they've been able to do: "Offensively, it's been tough for them. We've been through this before. When you lose and you lose your quarterback, but (Seahawks QB) Seneca (Wallace) is doing a great job. But, there was a point where he was a bit banged up too, and (Seahawks QB Charlie) Frye came in and he did a pretty good job, but it throws things off a bit. Whether (Seahawks QB) Matt (Hasselbeck) is back this week or not back, it's been tough for them there. Those other two guys have done a nice job, but then, you lose the receiving corps on top of that that they've lost and now that even becomes magnified a little bit more. (Seahawks head coach) Mike Holmgren hasn't changed as a coach. He's a great football coach. He just had to go out and bring new receivers in and try and introduce them into the offense. That's not an easy thing to do."

On whether he thinks Holmgren's early announcement that this will be his last year has changed the dynamic on the team at all:"I don't think that had anything to do (with it). That's not going to cause the injuries, and I don't think that really has anything to do with it. Guys have just been banged up. They've basically kept their defense intact. It's just the offense that's been decimated at one point with injuries."

On Seahawks MLB Lofa Tatupu: "The guy has played very well against us. He's a heck of a football player. They've got a defense that is something. They've got a lot of speed and strength. Tatupu has had a couple of good games against us, so we have to make sure that we know where he's at."

On how L.J. Smith is today compared to a couple of days ago: "He's better today. Actually, Monday he was pretty good, and then, yesterday he was a little bit out of it, and today he feels pretty good. That's kind of how those things work. It's nothing out of the norm for somebody that's had a concussion."

On what they need to see from Smith in order to clear him:"(Head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) has a test that they take, or really our doctors do, but Rick gives it to him. The doctors evaluate it to see where he's at. Then you have the symptoms. The headaches, obviously, have to go away and the grogginess and so on."

On whether Smith is still having headaches: "He's not too bad today. Today he feels pretty good."

On where TE Brent Celek is with the offense and the passing game: "He's very good. He got great experience last year, which I thought was important. Then, he's able to step in this year when L.J. wasn't able to play, or when he's playing with L.J., he's had big games or big catches and his blocking is good and so on. He's a good football player."

On whether he would be in favor of a league rule saying that anyone who has had a concussion has a week off to recover: "I think they are all different. There are all different levels of this, so I think you put it in the hands of the doctor and let them determine it and then as a coach you stay out of it. I'm not an expert at that. I'm sitting there; I don't put pressure on somebody that has had a concussion to come racing back. I understand that your brain is fairly important (Jokingly)."

On whether Andrews is back in Philadelphia:"He's not back, no. He's still in California. He actually has a checkup today with the doctor, so as long as all goes well, I'll probably have some information on where he's at."

On whether he expects Andrews to fly back soon: "(Jokingly) He was going to ride a bike back, but yeah, we'll see. We'll just see how he does here."

On whether it is hard to translate to the players that this game is important despite Seattle's losing record: "I think you look at the San Francisco game, it's not hard to tell. They are starting to get healthier, and then, the guys that are in there got a little bit more experience and are more familiar with the system, so you put the game behind and you go okay, not that you are going to take anybody lightly, but you surely better not do it here."

On what he saw from QB Donovan McNabb after watching the game film: "He started off a little slow. He had a couple of throws there that he would like to have back, but I think physically he feels good and that was obvious by the way the game continued. Every quarterback in this league is going to have a game where he doesn't quite start the way he wants to, and then, not a lot of them can change that around. Donovan, the great ones can do that. They figure it out and straighten it out and it works. Then, you also saw him run with the ball. We hadn't seen that little dance thing, if you consider that a dance, but whatever that little move was he did, we haven't seen that for a while so it was good to get him in the end zone and be able to run a quarterback draw down there. I think that puts a little more pressure on the defense."

On whether it's fun for him to coach against someone like Holmgren: "Yeah. We have a great friendship, but for two hours, as much as we can do on the sideline, you want to compete and do the better job, and then when it's over, it's over from there. We're both competitive at what we do, and I don't think that will have an effect on the game. Let the players play and both of us are greatly out of shape and shouldn't even attempt to play. In whatever competitive way you can be as a coach, you're very proud of your team and you want your team to be better than the other team."

On whether he over-thinks things or does things differently when he coaches against someone he's coached with in the past: "You can't do that. Pretty soon you're just paralysis by analysis type, you can't do that. You have to just call what you call and go with it, and you can't worry about all the other things."

On whether McNabb's slow start had anything to do with why the offense didn't find their rhythm until the second quarter: "There were a couple of throws there that were off but that happens. The main thing is that you get right back into it. I'm not sitting up here being critical of Donovan. I don't want to make it more than it is. He was off by a couple of throws. He'd like to have those back, and then, he moved on and had a phenomenal game. That happens. It's very common in this league."

On whether there are certain challenges that a long road trip presents as far as preparations go: "I think you have to have good leadership in the locker room to do that because you're giving the players certain responsibility, and at the same time you are asking them to be, you want them to be very focused on the game at hand. But, they have a lot of free time there that they can do certain things, and I know teams have not used that properly. I bank a lot on the veteran players to make sure that they kind of control that and then the people that we bring in here."

On what the Phillies have had to endure the past couple of days: "They are going to do a great job tonight. They're right there."

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