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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "[DE] Chris Clemons has an illness so he was not at practice today. [S Macho] Harris did not practice with an ankle sprain but that's a day-to-day thing so there's a chance he's going to play, we have him listed as questionable. [DE] Victor Abiamiri is out. [WR] Kevin Curtis is out. [CB] Dimitri [Patterson] is out. [RB] Brian [Westbrook] had another test today we're waiting on the results before he does anything, before he works out or does anything we'll see where he's at with that. Everybody else went out and practiced and did okay."

Opening Remarks: "I look forward to the challenge of playing the Giants. It's going to be an exciting day in Philadelphia with both New York teams coming down into Philadelphia, us playing obviously in the early afternoon and the Phillies playing in the evening. Our fans will tuned up and ready to go which we always appreciate and respect. This is a good football team coming in here, the Giants. Any time you play an NFC opponent you throw out the records and you just cut it loose and you play. You don't worry about all that stuff. You worry about making sure your assignments are right, that you're playing with high energy and you know that you are playing a good football team. That's what we prepared for this week."

On what the next step is if Westbrook's test results are good and he is able to work out: "This is going to end up being a game day decision I'm sure. These things take time and they're all different so we'll just see how it works here."

On what Westbrook is listed as on the injury report: "I have him as questionable."

On whether Westbrook would have to participate in the walkthrough in order to play in the game:"Or pre-practice, the things we do before the game."

On whether Westbrook was able to do aerobic exercise: "We're going wait until we get the [test results] back and just see where he's at."

On whether Westbrook has had tests this week and what the results have been: "So far they've been okay. It's a matter of time here so we just have to see how it progresses as we go through the next couple of days."

On whether he would be confident if Westbrook's first contact was during a live game: "As long as he's okayed and he's cleared then I think you're okay. These are experts you are talking about that are looking at these things. I know he wants to play. We have to listen the doctors, both Brian and myself and [head trainer] Rick [Burkholder]."

On whether Westbrook's headache has subsided: "I think he's feeling pretty good right now. We'll see how things go here."

On whether Westbrook suffered any injury other than the concussion: "It was just the concussion. He was fine from the hit."

On who starts if Harris is unable to: "[S Sean] Jones would be the one. He's been rotating in there so that's not a big deal there."

On similarities between free and strong safety that allow Jones to come in as a free safety even though he started out as a strong safety: "Our safeties are interchangeable. It doesn't matter if you're free or strong; you line up all over the place and have the same responsibilities. The best thing I can say is that it's interchangeable."

On whether S Quintin Demps would play dime if Harris doesn't play: "That's how we did it last week. We had Demps in in the dime and working in there. He's still doing a bit of that."

On RB P.J. Hill:"He's done a nice job. There is a little bit of carryover from the things they did terminology-wise in New Orleans, so it's not completely foreign. It looks like he has a little zip to him. He seems like a sharp kid."

On keeping the players fresh during short weeks:"It is important that they freshen up. A Monday night game does take a little bit out of you. We were on the road so it's even extended a little bit further even though we weren't too far away; it's still a late or early morning when you get back. They have Tuesday off, whatever is left of Tuesday when they get, and then they're right back at it. So we just take the pads off and just see how that works out. You probably know the record; I don't know the record on it. I think it's important to do that."

On helping RB LeSean McCoy adjusts to this level of play mentally:"We've just stayed on top of it with him. When Brian came in as a rookie he was rotating so he wasn't asked to do quite as much as was [Broncos RB] Buckhalter with [former Eagles RB] Duce [Staley] being here. He's been able to pick it up well and he's worked very hard at it. He spends a lot of time in the building going over stuff with [RBs coach] Ted [Williams]."

On the Giants receiving corps: "They've done a heck of a job with that group. [Giants QB] Eli [Manning] is playing well and those receivers are playing well and then you have the two running backs and the tight end. They have a nice group of players there. They're a good football team."

On his World Series prediction: "I'm partial. I'm pulling for Charlie and the Phillies."

On how many games it will take the Phillies to clinch the World Series: "I don't care, and I don't think they care. They just want to win it and that's what they're going to do. They're tough guys. He has eight linebackers out there and when he puts those pitchers in that makes his ninth one. He has some tough guys playing for him, it's awesome to watch."

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