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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "[DE] Victor Abiamiri is out with a knee sprain, he's making progress. [WR] Kevin Curtis actually had knee surgery, had his knee scoped and he's doing okay right now, we'll just see how he does here in the next little bit. [LB] Omar [Gaither] had surgery this morning for the Lisfranc. He had one screw put in to pin it and that's a good thing, it's better than two which sometimes they have to do. [CB] Dimitri Patterson with a quad strain is getting better. All four of those guys are out. [G] Max [Jean-Gilles] is questionable. I held him out of practice; he was just doing partial things today. He did practice he just did partial things with a shoulder inflammation, something he had when we were going into the bye week."

Opening Remarks: "All in all we look forward to the challenge of playing the Washington Redskins, a very competitive NFC East opponent and rival. Great atmosphere Monday Night Football and know our guys have prepared hard this week and they look forward again to that challenge of playing the Redskins."

On whether LB Will Witherspoon has come along the way he expected: "He has done a nice job in there. We'll see how he does once we get going Monday night but he will have an opportunity to play."

On whether he has an idea about how long Curtis will be out: "No I don't. We'll just take it day by day here and see how he does."

On whether he thinks Curtis will be back this season: "Yes I think so. I think time will tell here, but I think so."

On what was done during Curtis' knee scope and whether there was some change in his MRIs that made the scope necessary: "They didn't see much in the MRI. MRIs don't always show everything so they went in and just checked things out. There wasn't too much in there that they had to work on. They just snipped a few little things in there, but it wasn't a major thing."

On where the surgery was done: "In Logan, Utah."

On WR Reggie Brown coming back and what he did to stay involved while he was deactivated: "He focused in on working hard and improving himself and all of the things that you hope he'd do in that situation, which a lot of guys don't if their in that situation. I'm proud of the way he's handled it and he's worked very hard on putting himself in this position and getting an opportunity to play."

On whether Gaither has a chance to return from injury and play again this season: "We'll see. I'm not going to make any moves here, right now. I'm just going to evaluate a little bit at a time. We don't have to do anything right at this minute, so we'll see. Right now it doesn't look good, but we'll see. We'll see what time does."

On whether Herremens and G Nick Cole will start at the guard spots: "[Cole will be] on the right side, yes."

On whether he will rotate G Stacy Andrews: "Yes, there will be a chance he does, yeah."

On Andrews and whether he is being held up because of his knee:"He is getting there. I thought he played well in the snaps he had last week. He is getting more familiar with the offense and feeling better, physically, as we go. It looks like he is more willing to stick that leg in the ground, which he was struggling to do before. We'll just see how he does this week."

On whether he expects QB Michael Vick to have a more expanded role in the Wildcat package against Washington: "I've said this before and we'll just see how it goes during the game. We have about the same amount [of plays] that we had in last week, this week. We'll just see how the game unfolds and what takes place."

On whether he is leaning towards making Vick the number two quarterback again: "We'll see on that. Most likely, but we'll see how that works out."

On whether facing an NFC opponent after coming off a loss adds intensity throughout the week: "You don't want the tough loss that you had last week but at the same time we understand that we are playing the Washington Redskins. It doesn't matter what our record is or what their record is, I think that it's both [teams] intention [to win], and that's what makes it such a great game."

On what challenges Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth presents: "If he's not the best, he is certainly one of the best defensive tackles in that National Football League and I would like to see the person who is better. He is very, very big and very strong, and he can move around very well. He is a challenge. They have two of them that are pretty good. The fellow [Cornelius Griffin] who plays opposite happens to be a good football player who we played against, both when he was at the Giants and the last few years at Washington."

On whether LB Will Witherspoon has shown any reason why he couldn't be a three-down linebacker: "No, I think he can play all three downs. He did a nice job of picking things up. He'll continue to study. He's a smart guy; innately a smart guy, and then, I think he is football smart also."

On whether Monday Night Football is still exciting for him after all these years: "I'll tell you what, man, every Sunday is exciting and Monday's are with a little more sugar on it with just the atmosphere and the excitement that presents itself, is great. Then every opportunity you have to coach, every week is unbelievable."

On what happened in the 10-3 loss at Washington last year:"They played better than we did. They came out and did a nice job against us. My hat's off to them for that. They got us both games and we have to do a better job than that."

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