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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(G) Shawn Andrews is the only one on the list. (RB Brian) Westbrook will be a little limited. We're going inside. He still has a little tenderness in his ankle and knee, so we aren't going to work him a normal schedule there, if at all."

Opening Remarks: "Again, we look forward to the challenge of playing the Ravens. Heck of a football team. Very explosive defense and aggressive offense. They do a lot of different things offensively. They have a good young quarterback, good running backs, a good young running back. Very solid, solid football team. Then obviously with (Ravens head coach) John (Harbaugh) being there, you're guaranteed that the special teams are also functioning at a high level."

On how much RB Brian Westbrook's injuries are affecting him: "I'm not going to sit here and tell you that he's 100 percent. If we take care of business around him he can still function very well."

On whether he will give his players a refresher on league rules: "That's my responsibility, and I'll learn from it. The players will learn. We don't have a lot of time to spend on the things that happened here in the past. We have to move on to the Ravens, but we will be aware of the rules that we need to be aware of. I will come back and say that that particular rule, I think, is irrelevant."

On whether it concerns him at all that this has become an issue: "No. It's a dead issue right now. It's a dead issue. In my eyes it's a dead issue. We're moving on now."

On whether he thinks it's fair that people are talking negatively about him right now: "I don't get into all that. I'm here to do my job. I know people want us to win football games, and we want to win football games and that's the important thing. Anything that gets in the way of that, I ignore. We just have to take care of business and get ourselves on the right track."

On whether it bothers him that some fans are talking negatively about the organization: "I don't worry about that. These are the best fans in the National Football League. If we take care of business, they'll be there."

On what he tried to do differently with QB Donovan McNabb Sunday to get a faster start: "You saw the things we did. You were there. You watched it. We need to do better all the way around."

On how McNabb has been over the past few days: "He's good. He wants to do better, and the rest of the team wants to do better as the coaches do."

On whether he would consider a change in the playcalling: "We consider everything. We look at all of it."

On McNabb's mindset: "Donovan wants to win. That's what he wants to do and that's the single most important thing."

On whether he thinks McNabb is having problems mechanically: "We look at all of that, and Donovan looks at all of that, so if something needs to be tweaked, we tweak it. The main thing he needs to do right now is continue to fire, throw the football, be confident and do it."

On when Andrews is coming back to Philadelphia: "There's a chance he comes back this week."

On whether they are considering putting Andrews on the Injured Reserve list: "We'll see how he does. I'd like to see him first and have (head athletic trainer) Rick and our doctors be able to see him before I say anything we're doing there."

On what day Andrews will be back this week: "We don't know that yet."

On whether they have packages prepared for Westbrook and RB Correll Buckhalter to be on the field at the same time: "We did some of that Sunday. We've been doing that along the line here."

On whether there is confidence among the team right now: "We all know we need to play better and we need to trust each other and play better football. We're not sitting here analyzing each others psyche on that. We are just trying to focus in on doing things the right way and making sure that we play our best football against the Ravens. Anything else besides that, you're wasting your time."

On whether he is confident in the team: "I have a lot of confidence in this football team."

On whether winning just one of twelve games decided by a touchdown or less can have a cumulative effect on the team: "You don't want to press in any tight situations and you can over-think it and then not function at the level that you need to function at. So, to answer that part of it, you can't do that."

On whether he has seen that: "I have not seen that. We hope that that does not happen."

On why they can't seem to get a game-winning drive going late in the game: "Again, I'm going to take responsibility for that. I have to make sure that I call the right plays and put players in the right position, and then, that we execute those plays. We've all had a little piece of that pie. We all have to get that right."

On whether McNabb's slow starts have been due to a physical or mental issue: "Right now he has to be very confident in himself and trust that if he just keeps doing what he does best, he'll be right on. And that's what it is with every player right now. You have to believe in yourself and the people around you in the system."

On whether he is concerned that there is predictability in their offense: "When teams, I guess, tie or beat you, they say those things. It sounds good to you guys. I don't worry about that. I check out what we do and I make sure we don't give any tendency there."

On the Ravens having the #1 rushing offense in the AFC: "They do a nice job between (RB Ray) Rice and the quarterback. They've all got a piece of that. They do very well there."

On whether he is considering any lineup changes: "We'll see how things work out here."

On whether he thinks the defensive line has enough talent to compete in this league: "Absolutely. We have enough talent in this room, I'm not going to say in this room, but on our football team we have enough talent to be very successful in this league."

On what Harbaugh has brought to the Ravens: "I think John, you can see the enthusiasm that John has brought to that organization, and they are playing very disciplined. He and (defensive coordinator) Rex (Ryan) have been together before, so they had a relationship there. And he and (offensive coordinator) Cam (Cameron) have been together before, so I don't think John has any hesitation telling Rex or Cam what he feels needs to be done or tweaked. I see an overall confidence on their football team."

On why RB Lorenzo Booker hasn't been on the field much: "Well, we've activated other people. There's just been higher numbers there."

On Harbaugh getting the job with the Ravens: "Actually, (Ravens general manager) Ozzie (Newsome) called me and talked to me about it, about John, and asked me what I thought. I remember John had just come off an interview at UCLA. Ozzie asked me what I thought, not that that's what he relied on, but he asked me my opinion on it. Obviously, I thought John was ready to go and become a head coach at whatever level he chose. John felt that it was harder to become a head coach through special teams. Being a special teams coach, he wasn't sure that he would have the chance with just one year of defensive experience, that there was a chance to be an NFL head coach, that he might have to go through the college ranks. But that had nothing to do with his being ready to be a pro head coach, it was more of a perception than the reality there."

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