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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(DE) Victor Abiamiri has a knee sprain and that's a day-to-day situation. It's the same knee he's done before; we'll see how it goes here this week. I don't know how much practice time he'll get this week. (DT Brodrick Bunkley) with a rib contusion, he's sore but he's okay. (T) Jason Peters has a knee contusion and ankle sprain, should be able to work through that and be ready this week. (LB) Omar (Gaither) has a foot sprain and is getting evaluated as we speak. Right now it looks like a foot sprain. Everybody else is okay."

Opening Remarks: "As far as the game goes, I feel the same way I did last night. I thought they coached better and I thought they played better. If there were bright spots it was our special team coverage units. Other than that, there weren't a lot of bright spots. Anytime a team blocks and tackles better than you do, the majority of time they're going to win the game. I didn't think it was a lack of effort so much as a lack of technique and execution. It's a great lesson to learn that no team is as good as you think in this league and no team is as bad as you think in this league. It's the National Football League and you better be ready every week to play and execute, and I'm saying as coaches and as players starting with me, and anything less than that and you have a problem."

On what he thinks attributed to the team's lack of technique and execution: "They did a couple of little different things and we didn't adjust as well as I thought (we needed) to. In some situations it was just getting beat in technique. It's important that as coaches we're putting our guys in the right positions so they can use their skills properly and then once they're put in that position it's important that they use the proper technique and fundamentals to execute."

On whether he thought the pass to run ratio was too lopsided: "Coming out, I thought that we could have run a little bit more. I think we had 14 runs and we could have had a few more than that. We did what we thought would help us win the game, but looking back on it, we probably could have run the ball more."

On whether the lack of rushing plays was a result of the lack of Wildcat plays: "There are certain weeks that that's going to be used, certain weeks it won't be used. We just didn't get to it this week."

On why they ran less Wildcat plays: "You could ask me about any play that we didn't run that we didn't get to. We didn't feel the situation was right."

On whether there was something about the Raiders defense that made him think to run fewer Wildcat plays: "Not necessarily. I'm not going to get into that part."

On whether he was concerned about QB Donovan McNabb's injured rib given the number of passing plays they ran: "That's not the way I was looking at it."

On what he saw in the Raiders' defense that led to running so many more passing plays: "We felt like if we could protect, we would have a pretty good chance down the field. We had a little bit of penetration and then at times when we didn't have penetration the throws were a little long or the routes were off by a bit. We thought we saw some things there that we could have taken advantage of."

On why they had so much trouble at pass protection: "There were just some fundamental breakdowns. I'm not going to get into pointing fingers at people here. There were just some fundamental breakdowns. There were some things we could have done better, coaching-wise, to put the guys in a better position for the things that they did. And then other times they had a couple of blitzes there that got us and we didn't kick out to the extra guy and they beat us on it."

On whether he plans to continue rotating RB Brian Westbrook and RB LeSean McCoy: "We'll see how it goes here; take it week-by-week."

On the sack by DE Richard Seymour that happened before McNabb was able to fully drop back in the pocket: "It wasn't called an offside. I can't make judgment there. You'll have to look at the film and determine that yourselves."

On whether players will inevitably underestimate certain opponents: "You can't do that. If we're thinking that, you can't do that. If you think teams are less than what they are, then you have problems."

On whether he thinks his players underestimated the Raiders: "I didn't during the week. I didn't see it during the game. Normally you see it before the game, not during the game."

On whether he is concerned about the offensive line and planning on bringing new players in: "I think we'll be alright."

On whether he would consider putting G/T Todd Herremans in at left tackle for Peters if he is cleared to play against the Redskins: "I would consider that if he's healthy."

On the timeout called by McNabb in the first half: "I think he probably just got tied up in the play and forgot about it. There wasn't a communication problem."

On the timeout that was called when QB Michael Vick came into the game: "We probably got that play in too late. I'll take that one."

On whether he stresses the importance of timeouts to the players or if they are suppose to know that on their own: "We talk to them about it."

On whether he sees Vick's presence on the team as a success thus far: "Yeah, we signed him as a backup quarterback. We have gotten probably little bit more out of him than I thought we would have out of our other backup quarterbacks."

On why he listed QB Kevin Kolb as the third quarterback: "We had some things in for Michael, so I kept him up."

On why he thinks Peters will be ready for the game against the Redskins: "Just from the MRI and he was walking around halfway decent. We'll see how he does this week."

On whether he is concerned Peters won't be ready to play the Redskins and what his plan will be if that's the case: "I haven't gotten there yet. I'm going to wait and see what we have here with the final report."

On LB Jeremiah Trotter's performance: "He had some good plays and then he had a couple of plays he would like to have back. He did a couple of good things in there too."

On whether he is concerned that Trotter will not get to the level he once was at: "I think it's going to be a gradual thing. I expected that when we came in. I didn't expect him to be able to jump right in and be 100%. We're gradually feeding him in."

On how difficult it was for T King Dunlap to play against Seymour: "It's good experience for him and he can see where he needs to be now."

On why Trotter is having trouble in coverage: "He got caught there. They were both play-action passes and he was filling and then he had to recover from there. He was thinking run there. He'll get that. Those are just keys and reactions that will come with time here."

On Trotter's mobility compared to when he was released by the Eagles: "Right now it's a matter of his keys and his reactions off of his keys and getting back that part of his game. He's actually moving better now than he did when we had him before. It's just getting back into playing."

On whether there were personnel issues before they ran the 2-minute drill: "No."

On why he didn't think they should have run more during the game: "We should have kept doing what we did at that particular time. We thought we needed a score and that that was the best way of doing it at that time."

On whether he thinks they ran well: "We did a couple of things there."

On why Westbrook wasn't on the field more: "We're trying to ease him back in here and he felt pretty good this morning and he had a little gimp going in at half time. He kind of shook that off and was able to get himself back out in the second half and do some things. There is a fine line there where we are trying to find where we're not taking steps back that next week and still allowing him to play and McCoy had a couple of nice carries too."

On whether McCoy's play was worse than Westbrook's in this game and whether that makes him think he should be playing Westbrook more: "We'll just see as it goes on here how he continues to feel. And then, McCoy has to learn from those (mistakes)."

On whether he thinks the desperation the Redskins are feeling right now makes it easier for his team going in: "Sitting in front of you guys I feel pretty desperate too. It should feel that way every week from both sides and when you come off of game like we just had, you should feel a little desperate."

On whether he thinks Westbrook looked the best he has this season against the Raiders: "I thought he did a good job. He looked like he was moving around a little better."

On whether he thinks he gets his team's attention after a loss like this: "You hope you have their attention before. Their attention has to be up every week. You can't take weeks off or days off in the NFL. I'm not sure how to answer that other then their attention should be up all of the time."

On whether he is looking for trade possibilities with the deadline approaching: "We're keeping our eyes open; we're looking."

On whether his experience in the league makes these losses less frustrating: "Anytime you lose in this league it's frustrating. If you're looking at all teams equally then they are all frustrating—too much talent, too much good coaching in this league to slight somebody. Anytime we lose it's frustrating. Go back to the drawing board and try to make it right."

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