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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(G) Shawn Andrews, he'll be out this week. (RB Correll) Buck(halter) is doubtful and (RB Brian) Westbrook is questionable. Those three did not practice today, and then we'll just see how it goes from there."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Giants up at their place. Our guys have prepared very well this week, and I've been happy with the work that they have put in. Now, it's just a matter of going and playing the game."

On what Westbrook's limitations are: "He should be able to go. He'll be fine."

On why he is listed as questionable: "Today, I kept him off the turf is the main thing, the artificial turf."

On whether there were any setbacks for Westbrook: "No. He's fine."

On the Giants wide receivers: "That's what I said on Wednesday, I know that (Giants WR) Plaxico (Burress) is not playing but those other guys are pretty good players. They've made a lot, a lot of plays and not just the routine ones. They go up and get the football, and so you better not slight those guys a bit."

On what he liked about the way the team approached this week: "They were very matter of fact this week and just went about doing their business and trying to make sure that they have taken everything in, learned the gameplan, and I think that they have done that very well this week."

On RB Lorenzo Booker's progress:"He did a nice job on Thanksgiving and really has been getting better every week. Most of it is in the pass protection area, just being comfortable with what we do there. He looks like he's got a pretty good grasp for that."

On whether Booker and FB Kyle Eckel will be active for the game: "I don't know. We'll see. I have a couple of tough decisions there to make on game day, and I just kind of want to see how Buck continues to progress here."

On what the biggest difference is in Giants QB Eli Manning this year: "Eli is a heck of a football player. He gets better every year. He's very calm and cool and that whole bit there. Very impressive, his whole game, not just – I can't pinpoint one thing other than he's just gotten better in all phases."

On matching the Giants' intensity:"You just have to be ready to play just like they have to be ready to play. That's where our guys do it and it looks like that's where their guys do, so it should be a good game."

On whether Sunday's weather forecast will be a factor: "I think it's probably going to be windy and have some snow flurries, but the neat thing about that is it blows for both sides, so I'm not concerned about it."

On whether a cold and windy forecast is more difficult on a passing team:"We look like we ran the ball pretty good last week."

On how you get better at challenges: "Well, 0-6 isn't good enough, so I can't go anywhere but up on that. We'll just try to do a better job."

On whether the weather makes it more important to run the ball: "This offense is best when it's close to being balanced, so it's important to everybody that we are able to run the ball efficiently, so we'll see how it is."

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