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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "Alright, as far as injuries go, really (LB) Stewart (Bradley) and (QB) Kevin (Kolb) are the only two. We will list today that their game status is that they are out, today. They have passed the written part of the concussion test, and then their next step here is to visit with the doctor today and see what the results are there. And that will take place later here."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Detroit Lions. We know it's going to be a loud and aggressive place, both by the fans and by their football team, and so we've prepared ourselves. We got a little noise work in today, which I think is important going into their dome. I thought the fellas handled the noise well and executed well under those circumstances, so again, I know both (QB Michael Vick and G/C Mike McGlynn) are excited to step in and play. (LB) Omar Gaither looks forward to the challenge of playing and so do (RB) Michael Bell and (FB) Owen (Schmitt). They look forward to working in at that fullback position."

On whether he talked to Vick about the danger of scrambling and trying to avoid getting injured: "No. He has to play his game. He can't be worried about all that. He just has to go play."

On whether he has an emergency third quarterback: "Well, we've actually got a couple of them. So, I'm not going to even mention it because if that happens then I'll give them to you."

On whether he thought about signing a third quarterback: "I thought about that, yeah. I mean, I can't tell you I didn't look at it. But, I think (QB) Mike Kafka will be fine."

On whether it is Dr. William Welch that Kolb and Bradley will see: "Yes."

On whether he will tell Vick how to approach this game: "Well, he and I have talked. This isn't, obviously the first time that he's started. It's the first time in a bit that he's started, but it's not the first time starting in the National Football League. As we all know he was one of the great quarterbacks in the league before being incarcerated, so I think he knows how to prepare himself for a game and keep his emotions under control so that he can function out there to the best of his abilities."

On how Kolb and Bradley feel: "You know what, they really feel good."

On whether Kolb and Bradley have any lingering symptoms from their concussions: "No. They feel great right now."

On how Schmitt did in practice this week: "You know what he did, he did well. There are subtle little changes even though he's coming from the same system with (former Seattle Seahawks head coach) Mike Holmgren's crew for the two years he was there. So, even though it's the same system, there are subtle little changes in there. He was able to pick those up and now have a chance to play in the game and see how he does, here."

On whether Kolb and Bradley are exercising: "Yeah, they're doing something."

On whether he knows which offensive linemen will be active in Sunday's game: "No. I don't. I'm not sure exactly how many (offensive linemen) I'm going to have or which ones I'm going to have, at this moment."

On G Reggie Wells: "Wells has done a fine job. He's picked it up. He's comfortable with it. (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) has done a good job."

On whether he is comfortable with Wells at both the G and T position: "More guard, yeah. That's where we focused."

On whether Kolb and Bradley have participated in the physical aspect of the concussion testing: "Yeah, they've been working through that. The physical part."

On Vick as a quarterback and his development since arriving in Philadelphia: "I'll tell you what, he's done a great job in getting himself back into shape. I think that was the number one thing that he had to work on, coming out, and then, obviously the speed of the game. You take one of the guys that was one of the fastest guys in the National Football League and then you go back and look at his first couple tapes, in particular the preseason one that he played in, and you see him stumbling around and not making as quick decisions than what he is now. So, if it wasn't obvious then, it really has been magnified here. And then you look at what he did Sunday, and how fast he played, and his balance, and you forget that he rushed for 100 yards but he's still throwing the football, that's a tough thing to do. He's not a young cookie anymore. He's getting up there. So, he's quite an athlete."

On whether he thinks it benefits Vick to be in the Eagles offensive system: "Well, listen, I think he was in the mindset, and still is in the mindset that he wants to be a starter in the National Football League. That's what he wants to do and he wants to up his game, even from where he was before. And that's the approach he's taken with this whole thing. He's a competitive, competitive guy, so it's been fun to watch that."

On the strides TE/FB Garrett Mills has made this week in practice: "Well, Garrett again came from the same system, so this wasn't foreign to him. He was up there with (Minnesota Viking head coach) Brad (Childress). He's a smart kid to start with and then he's able to step in and not have to learn all the new lingo, here. So, he's been able to step in and do a nice job for what we've asked him to do here."

On how he can help correct T Jason Peters tendencies to be called for a lot of penalties: "Well, listen, Jason's the last guy who wants to have those penalties. But he also understands that he's probably going against their best defensive lineman, normally. I mean, your left tackle normally ends up with that guy, so he wants to make sure he gets off quick and so on. But, he'll work through that and get that taken care of. He's very aware of it and one thing I know about great athletes is they're able to correct those types of things."

On whether Bradley is recovering from his concussion faster than Kolb: "Well, they both feel good, so I'm not sure the level to tell you. They both feel very good right now to where they can go meet with Dr. Welch. I will tell you this though, that Bradley was there before Kevin, at that point. Bradley's felt pretty good here for a couple days."

On whether Bradley is still a little ahead of Kevin at this point:"I think he just asked that. Yeah, I mean, they're both good right now."

On how the players have bounced back this week after a tough, physical game against Green Bay: "They've done a good job. There's been a lot of energy out there and they're coming off a physical game against Green Bay. They know they're up against another physical football team. This team, they fly around on defense and they get after you on offense. So, I think they're in the right mindset to want to play against Detroit."

On whether he worries about making sure not to rush Kolb and Bradley back, both players who are eager to be back on the field:"We're going through the process, here. And so, it's outlined and that's what we're doing. I know they want to get back out there and play, I understand that. But you go through the process and make sure that you listen to the medical people."

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