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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "(DE) Victor (Abiamiri) and (G) Shawn Andrews are out. (LB) Stewart Bradley did a little bit of practice today and we'll just see how he holds up for the next couple of days. He was feeling a little better. (T) Jon Runyan did practice today. (FS Brian) Dawkins is sick and has not been feeling very well here for the last couple of days. He has not practiced the last two days. (TE) L.J. Smith did not practice today. Everyone else was out there practicing."

Opening remarks: "We look forward to the opportunity of playing the Dallas Cowboys. Again, it's a great NFC East rivalry. It doesn't matter the situation. I'll save you asking those questions. It is the Dallas Cowboys. You talked to the players yesterday and I think you got a feel for that. They'll be ready to go, no matter what the situation is, to play their best football game. Likewise, the coaches will be."

On whether Dawkins is here today: "Yes, Dawk is here."

On whether LB Omar Gaither will replace Bradley if he cannot play: "Omar would be the one in there."

* On how WRs Hank Baskett and Kevin Curtis are feeling:*
"They practiced today and we'll just see how they do. Today, they had quite a bit of work. We'll see how they do tomorrow."

* On what has enabled the offensive line to pass protect so well all season:*
"I think they are good players and I think they have a great coach in (offensive line coach) Juan Castillo. He does a phenomenal job with those guys. The number one thing is, I think they have big hearts. They love to play and compete. They have a great challenge for them on Sunday. (The Cowboys) have a great defensive line. They do have a lot of sacks, with (LB DeMarcus) Ware being the number one sack-getter there. They move him all around, so everyone will have an opportunity to block him. Obviously, their nose guard (Jay Ratliff) is a heck of a football player. He's a Pro Bowl player and well deserving of it."

On whether the fact that Ware is close to breaking the sack record is something the offensive line is aware of or talks about: "I don't think you have to talk about it as much as it is you are aware of it. You are aware of how good he is and you're aware that you need to make sure you bring you're A-game and play well against him and do certain things technique-wise and be very disciplined. I'm sure they've heard about the sack record."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson is injured at all and whether he talked to him after the Washington game: "I talked to DeSean a little bit. He hasn't been in the training room all week. He has taken all the snaps today and everything."

* On the progress that S Quintin Demps has made this season at safety:*
"He has gotten better when he's had opportunities to be out there playing. The last few weeks, he has had those opportunities. I think (defensive coordinator) Jim (Johnson) has confidence in him to put him out there in certain packages. He is a talented kid who wants to do well. He is improving every week."

On whether he holds Jackson to the same standards as everyone else, even though he's only a rookie:"This past game, you're saying? He needs to do better, whether you're a rookie or not a rookie. You need to do better. When you have an opportunity to make a play, you make a play. There are no excuses for it. He won't give you any excuses. He has always been a big-time player in big-time situations. He will do that here. It didn't work out for him on Sunday. You have to learn from it and move on and do better this week."

* On whether he agrees that Donovan McNabb has been great this year:*
"He has done very well. I think, statistically, when you look at it, he has done a nice job. The only stat I really care about, however, is that the team plays well. That's the most important thing right now. I think when and if you take that statement he made out of context, and you really know what Donovan is all about, he's about the football team. If you finish reading the whole quote, I think he finishes up where I don't see that as a negative statement."

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