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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "The guys who didn't practice today were (TE) Cornelius Ingram, he had a little swelling on his knee, (DE) Victor Abiamiri, (T) Shawn Andrews, again these people are getting better here they're just not there yet, (CB) Ellis Hobbs who had a stinger, (DT) Trevor Laws, (T) Jason Peters, (TE) Matt Schobel and (RB) Brian Westbrook. Everybody came out and practiced and did a full practice. (S Macho) Victor Harris would be the latest one back in there doing things. We were able to get some good work with him today. We're aware of the incident on Juqua Parker and obviously, there is nothing I can comment on at the moment. It's in the law's hands right now and as time goes on I'll know more. With that, the practice today I thought was, for a 30-plus day, there were a handful of guys not here because of the 30-plus club, but I thought it was good work for the young players. I thought they came out and worked through the heat and with the number of reps they had, they were able to get some work in. It was good to get (WR) Jeremy (Maclin) back out here and knock some of the rust off of him. He did his conditioning test last night and then was able to get out here and practice. And again, that was good work."

On whether the 30-plus guys had a curfew last night: "I always give the players that night off after, like the third or fourth night off, so all the players had the night off last night and there was a curfew."

On his disappointment with the DE Juqua Parker incident: "I've got to wait and see what the full report is here. I'm not going to judge it until it I've got all of the information."

On whether Parker can practice this afternoon: "We'll see."

On what the curfew time was:"It was one o'clock yesterday."

On how he plans to work Maclin into practice: "I've got to see what the retention is here. He's getting thrown at him five installs in one day. So, I've just got to see what he's retained and the plays that he knows. As the days go on here we'll keep adding to it. Today was a thud day, we didn't have live plays where we were taking the receivers to the ground so it was a good day for him to get in there and work."

On fights and scrums during camp: "Things happen. I've told the team, don't make it a habit. We're not ultimate fighters, we're football players. And then, don't take it off the field. If it happens, it happens and then it's over when you leave the field."

On his disappointment with the penalties caused by the offensive line in the last couple days: "There are no excuses for it. It doesn't matter what team you're on there. This is the problem, is when you get tired both mentally and physically, you lose focus. That's all that is and you've got to focus in at those particular times and work through the training camp blues so that you don't do those things."

On whether these penalties happen around this time every year: "It does. You see a few drops and you see a few offsides and you've got to fight through that wall right there and that's what the players are doing right now."

On the amount of live practice Maclin will be exposed to before preseason games begin: "He'll get in there. If we have live tomorrow he'll be in there for it."

On why Shawn Andrews wasn't announced with the rest of the starters at Flight Night!: "He can't run right now. He couldn't run out there. The other guys could run out there."

On whether Andrews' injury is worse then he initially thought: "Yeah, once we analyzed it, yeah. Let me clarify that. When it first happened, I wasn't sure exactly what the situation was so I tried to tell you that up front. But, as it's gone on the pain is still there."

On whether he can say how far along Andrews is in the recovery process: "I can't tell you when he's going to be back."

On whether he is satisfied that Andrews has a muscular problem rather than a disc issue: "That's what we understand. We talked with the doctor who did the surgery there and Shawn has talked to him. It's just a matter of it calming down and him being able to get back out there."

On his impressions of T Winston Justice: "I think Winston is having a very good camp. I think you all see that and we see it right with you. He's playing good football right now. He's very confident, very aggressive, growing up."

On whether he thinks a light went on with Justice that has resulted in his improved play: "You think back now, he was the youngest player we had at that time when we took him. He was a young pup and I think he's just growing up."

On whether his refusal to talk about injuries the other day with the media was a result of frustration: "I'm not even going to go there."

On how he thinks McCoy is doing at picking up the blitz blocking: "He's aggressive. Can he work a little bit on his technique? Yeah, that's what he doing. But I'll tell you what, he's had some pick ups as we've gone along here."

On whether the blitz blocking drill is new this camp: "No."

On the new roster additions of LB Matt Wilhelm and DE Jason Babin: "They're veteran players and so Wilhelm has been in a 34 defense as an inside linebacker, but he hasn't been in a 4-3 defense, so we're trying him out here and seeing how he fits in. He's a veteran player who has started in this league and that sticks out. Babin is a high-energy pass rusher that's been asked to play outside linebacker and nickel rusher. We're just going to let him put his hand down and be a defensive end and concentrate on that and see how he does."

On how he plans to assess the middle linebacker position: "Right now we have (LB Joe) Mays working with the first group base defense and then (LB) Omar (Gaither) is doing the first group nickel defense. Omar is still getting his reps at WILL as he's competing there with (LB Akeem) Jordan for that spot. I know what Omar can do there and I have confidence in Omar; I want to see what Mays can do."

On whether he wants to see Mays at middle linebacker in the nickel defense: "He's in there. He's the second middle linebacker in there. But, right now I would tell you that Omar is the first nickel MIKE linebacker."

On whether he brought Wilhelm in here with the idea that he could compete for a starting position:"He'll be given an opportunity like everybody else but I'm comfortable with Omar and Mays until it's proven different. I'm also going to say that if the kid comes in here and does a great job, I'm going to play the best guys."

On WR DeSean Jackson's progress in his game: "He's playing confident football right now. He's playing fast, aggressive. Most of all, he's taken the offense, he's got a great understanding of that and then he's taken the defenses and he's got a great understanding of them and he's combined that to put together a pretty good game for himself and for the offense. And then, the quarterbacks have a lot of trust in him."

On trying LB Chris Gocong out at DE:"Well we're doing it in nickel. We've done it in the past and we're just continuing on with it. He worked hard on it in the offseason and we're just going to keep it going. Remember, in college he was a good pass rusher. So, we'll see if we can utilize that a little bit."

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