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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "The people who are not playing in the game: (DE) Victor Abiamiri, (G/T) Todd Herremans and (C) Jamaal (Jackson) who are on PUP, (RB) J.J. Arrington, (WR Hank) Baskett, (RB) Mike Bell, (C/G) Nick Cole, (DT) Antonio Dixon, (CB) Macho (Harris) and (T) Fenuki (Tupou) will not play in this game. As far as rotations you can base it around, and this goes for both offense and defense, the quarterbacks (QB Kevin) Kolb will play the first quarter, (QB Michael) Vick will play the second quarter and half of the third quarter, (QB) Mike Kafka will play the second half of the third quarter and the fourth quarter. And then that's kind of how it goes, the first unit, the second unit and the third unit."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to having the opportunity to play Jacksonville. It will be good, for no other reason, that to play a team other than ourselves and get a feel of how our players respond in a game and have that on their resume as we continue the evaluation process throughout camp."

On whether you'll handle play calling differently during this game than you have in past games in terms of having a new quarterback: "Not necessarily, no not necessarily. We have full confidence that Kevin understands the full package, so no."

On what happened to Tupou: "Fenuki hurt his ankle. Sprained ankle, two days ago."

On how camp is going in general: "Camp has gone well; I've seen constant and steady improvement from both sides of the football and special teams actually. So I like what I'm seeing, again I'm curious to see how we do in these games. I think that's another part of the evaluation process and I know that the players are looking forward to that."

On how he will handle the return game: "I'm going to have Chad Hall do the punts. And then (S Quintin) Demps will do kickoff returns."

On what his expectations are for Kolb this preseason game: "I think what you look from a quarterback to do is to execute the offense and to lead the offense and to make sure that he manages the game the proper way. So that's how I approach it with him, I think that with any quarterback in the National Football League. If they think that they are going to complete every ball than that's a good thing."

On whether Chad Hall's punts are crucial to him making this team: "I think that it increases his value. I think that he's doing a nice job at the wide receiver spot and he's played a little running back for us, here and there in the camp. He was a really good running back so he might play a little bit of running back in this game. But I think that it increases your value if you can be a legitimate punt returner."

On whether he is looking for someone else to return punts instead of WR DeSean Jackson so he won't be doing that and receiving: "Not necessarily, I've got DeSean and (WR Jeremy) Maclin that both can do it, so I don't want to worry too much about that. But obviously I want to see how Chad does with it and make sure that I evaluate that part of his game."

On whether he has a certain amount of plays he wants to see Kolb run: "We'll I said a quarter, so I'm going to try to stick to that. Now I've said that before, so I'm going to get a feel of how things go and we go from there. But right now, I'm planning on a quarter."

On him not really knowing how things will go exactly: "What did I say about having 51 percent? I've got flexibility (laughing)."

On G/C Mike McGlynn starting at center: "McGlynn will start at center, yeah. Listen, he's worked very hard for that opportunity and we're fortunate enough to have some depth there. I think it will be a good experience for him."

On how he plans on using TE Cornelius Ingram after not playing in a game for nearly two and a half years: "Yeah, we'll keep an eye on him, but he's going to play and he's anxious about it. He's feeling a little bit better, so that's a good thing."

On wanting to get him as many snaps as possible for game experience: "I think you have to keep an eye on him. (Head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and I have a handful of guys there that he and the doctors and the other trainers are keeping an eye on, so we'll just keep an eye on him, talk to him and see how his play looks."

On how much that hurts his ability to go out there and show what he can do when his reps are limited: "Well, right now he feels good. We planned on spotting him during this camp. Now we had some injuries at that spot, so that limited a little bit. You give a guy a day off like he had, and you get a little swelling out and you get back quickly. He's back up and feels very good."

On whether Juqua Parker is going to start at left defensive end tomorrow: "Yeah."

On whether he will work DE Brandon Graham in with the first team or just in nickelformation: "Well, yeah, you'll see him in on nickel with the first team."

On whether he feels like he has to talk to Ingram about not being too excited for tomorrow's game, given that he has not played in over two years: "Well, I've talked to all of them about that. I have talked to him, just go play your game. You can sit here as a coach and you can tell him that all you want. He's a competitive guy and his juices will be flowing, but within reason, he's just got to play the game and concentrate on his assignments and catching the football and blocking and so on."

On whether he plans on getting QB Michael Vick in with the first team during the preseason and in tomorrow's game in particular: "Well, we do have some plays formed, so there's a chance he's in with the first team. His concentrated period of time, though, is after Kevin is done. That's where you'll see him the most."

On whether he felt that some of his young receivers were a little nervous last week during Flight Night: "This is why I was laughing at the other question about Ingram. Flight Night is an event for the fans and it's a very limited practice for us, truly a practice. Their practicing out here with the fans; they're around them all the time. But you put the players in the players' environment, in that stadium, and all of a sudden, just something goes off. And I'm talking about veteran players, and they're all different. (LB) Ernie Sims thinking back on when he came here as a Lion and got beat and how he wants to make it and everybody had their own little thing. The bottom line is, you put them in that venue, right there, and the juices crank up. You can be a phenomenal coach and motivator and all those things – we're all creatures of habit. Listen, players they get in this stadium and they're going to play and their juices are going to flow. It doesn't matter if it's a practice, if it's a preseason game, regular season game, they're going to be ready to roll."

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