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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "(DT) Antonio Dixon, with a concussion, is actually making progress there. (S) Victor Harris, a hamstring strain, is getting better, but is still a little bit away. (WR) DeSean Jackson and Asante, you saw them out running today, so they'll continue on with that. I don't think they're too far away here. (WR) Jeremy Maclin actually feels pretty good. He did some running inside. Then you saw (TE) Martin Rucker out here also running with a hamstring and he's getting better, too. Then (C) A.Q. Shipley, with the ankle sprain, is a little bit away, but is making progress.""

Opening remarks:"All in all, it was good to get this one in here, but it's been a good last couple of days. We've been able to get a lot done. Yesterday we had a big work day and I thought the players fought through that in the morning practice with the goal-line short-yardage and the move-the-ball period and did very well with it. We're back into our normal schedule once we get through the first three days where we've got the 10/10/10's in the afternoon and alternate that with a special teams practice every other day and then a hard, aggressive morning practice. This evening we've got Flight Night. We'll have a regular practice there. It'll be a little bit condensed, but it'll still be the same intensity level and the guys will be in full pads and banging away. It should be exciting for our fans to come see. The guys that did not practice today will not participate in Flight Night. (RB) Mike Bell will also be added to that list. He is getting better, but he will not participate.""

On whether Flight Night will be a live session: "Yeah, there will be a lot of banging.""

On whether it will be on the ground: "We'll see. We'll see how that works.""

On his feelings about Flight Night: "You know, I like it. I think it's a great change-up for the players. Plus, I think it gets them on the home field before you get to the preseason game and it gives them an opportunity to get kind of a – especially with all the new guys – get a little lay of the land of the stadium and locker room. Then, the fans and how close they are to the field; the whole thing. It just puts them in a place where we're going to ask them to perform at their best and it gives them a little heads up beforehand.""

On whether he noticed from last year if the players were a little extra excited before practice because of the environment and the setting: "When they get in the stadium and see the fans, they do get fired up. It's important that they get work done here. This isn't a game. It's getting a practice in. I want to make sure everybody's kind of going the same speed and doing their deal there.""

On whether there is any uneasiness with LB Stewart Bradley's injury from last year and whether he thinks about that at all: "I think, you know, there was no contact. That was just one of those crazy things that happened. I don't think that had anything to do with anything. It was freak deal that happened.""

On whether he is going to limit Bradley tonight: "You know, he went through the whole practice yesterday and I'll think he'll do the same tonight unless he's feeling tightness in his hamstring or something. Right now he's going to practice.""

On how long until Maclin can practice again: "He's feeling pretty good right now, so we'll see. He's had a little bit of a bone bruise in there when he hyperextended – he's got the joint and he's banged there; the two bones banged and he had a little bit of a bruise. He's feeling remarkably well. Just keeping tabs on him here and see how he does. I don't think it will be very long.""

On how G/T Todd Herremans is progressing: "Well, he's doing good. One of the things the doctors will tell you with the surgery that he had is, if you're going to eliminate any banging – it's a continuous banging and banging, banging, which you get in this camp. You're going two-a-days and that's not the best thing for the foot. Now the soreness that he had was away from where the break took place. That's all part of that. We're just trying to be as smart as we possibly can with it. As much he wants to be out there – and he bugs on me every day about it – as much as we want him out there as coaches, I think we've just got to kind of pull back and try to be as smart as possible.""

On whether he may have to hold him out of some practices, similar to Brian Westbrook from last year: "I don't know. We're going to go off of how he feels. We'll see how he does once we get back there. He's working hard out here; it's just a little different than actually playing on it.""

On whether Dixon is having headaches post-concussion: "I think he's doing pretty good with the headache part of it.""

On whether he thinks DT Trevor Laws has to re-dedicate himself: "Trevor's a very intelligent guy and very tough guy. He's very hard on himself. When you put all of that together and that took away from his game. There's a point where you just have to play and have to stay upbeat and positive and 'Okay, I'm going to make a mistake.' He had had a great career at Notre Dame, 'I made a mistake at this level.' Well, it's not all going to be perfect. So, you learn from it, as opposed to beating yourself up, you learn from it and then you move on. I think that's what he got out of last year and that's where he's at. I think he's in better shape than what he was. He felt like he had to be a little heavier to play in there and I really don't think that's the case with him. He's so strong and plays with such great leverage that I don't think he needed that extra weight, so that's it.""

On Laws having a history of nagging injuries during training camp and him staying healthy so far this year: "He did. He had a few of those.""

On whether WR Riley Cooper was a steal in the draft given how he's played during training camp: "I think I was asked this earlier in camp. Riley was one of those guys that we really liked going into the draft and then we got to a point where we're going, 'I can't believe he's here on the board.' So, he was the best player on the board, in our opinion at that particular time for how we had it stacked, so Howie (Roseman) and I made the decision to take him and he's come out here and played very well. Now, we expected him to do that. I wouldn't say by draft round, that shows that, but we expected him to be very effective in the National Football League. He's big, fast and strong, strong with the ball and he has a pretty good feel for the game.""

On whether TE Cornelius Ingram's injury will affect the playcalling: "Believe it or not, he's out here every day, but we do spot him at times and we've been trying to stay with him on it. I thought early he didn't have a lot of confidence in his leg. It was strong. The obvious is he's coming off his second ACL, so I think you just have to work through a couple hurdles there and get the confidence back in it and I think he's done that. Every day he's gotten a little bit better and a little stronger and he's trusting it a little bit more. These next couple days here the workloads not as heavy on him, so that will also help with him.""

On whether he believes Ingram's knee is physically stronger than last year: "I actually think he's doing some things better. I didn't think last year, he really had, to me a noticeable gimp last year and even though it was strong, and so on, he had a hard time fighting through that and I think he's done that. He's kind of taken it to a little different level and he's still strong to the ball and doing all those things. I think he'll get better every day. I think you'll see improvement with him, every day.""

On whether the right corner back position is CB Ellis Hobbs' position to lose: "It is right now. I love his attitude too. He's a feisty little dude, man. He likes to play the game and he's not going to take anything from anybody and I appreciate that, I appreciate that.""

On how S Nate Allen is progressing: "Nate's doing a good job. Nate's kind of a smooth operator. He just has kind of a good feel for the game and he's intelligent, so he's able to pick up the concepts and apply them on the field. I've been impressed with him. He's made a lot of plays out here. He's had a lot of interceptions and made a lot of break-ups. So, right now he's doing some good things. He needs to get into the preseason games here, finish up the practices, and then get into the preseason games and let's let him get against a new opponent here and a new scheme. We'll just see, we'll see how he does.""

On whether his confidence is still high on C Nick Cole: "I'm fine with Nick. All those linemen are banged up a little bit, just physically and you're going to go through a day like that. You're center is going to have a day where a ball or two gets on the ground and that just happens between him and the quarterback and you have to figure out the problem. So, that's the important part and he did that and he and Kevin are back on the same page.""

On whether he will give C Mike McGlynn more repetitions with the first team during camp: "He was in the other day with the first team. I gave Nick the afternoon off and he worked in there with the ones.""

On his assessment of LB Akeem Jordan's progress so far in training camp: "I think Akeem, well we moved him from the WILL to the SAM, from the weak side to the strong side, and I like what I see. But, again time will tell here. We'll just see how it goes. There's a competition there that's going on, but Akeem has been in games, has played, it's all been on the weak side, but he has played and he played a little bit of the MIKE linebacker. But we'll see how he does. I think he's a legitimate candidate for that spot.""

On whether he plans to play LB Moise Fokou at the SAM: "He's a physical guy and it's just a matter of time for Moises. He just needs to keep playing and pushing through. I've heard some of his comments and he's thinking right on there, man. You just don't worry about where you're at, you just keep learning and playing hard and aggressive football like he's doing. If you make a mistake, just don't make it again, learn from it and do it right the next time.""

On Fokou working with the defensive ends: "Well, you know what, he's a real good pass rusher, so we knew that coming in. He was that in college and so, I think he had six sacks or something his senior year. So, he knows how to rush the passer and we want to give him an opportunity to do that.""

On whether Fokou can move to defensive end: "He probably would do it more in a nickel situation.""

On why he switched Jordan to the SAM: "We knew Akeem knew all three, we knew that. So, I wanted to give Moise as many reps as we possibly could there. We had talked about moving Akeem over into that spot, but I just thought it was important, Moise just needs to play. He just needs to play and play and play. So, that gave him the best opportunity to get in there and get reps and then that will help strengthen our football team down the road.""

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