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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "We have six guys that we put on PUP, (DE Victor) Abiamiri, (RB Brian) Westbrook, (G/T) Shawn Andrews, whose back tightened up on him after the run. He made the run, did a nice job with it and then it tightened up in the meeting, so we'll see how does with that. (DT) Trevor Laws with the hamstring. (T) Jason Peters has a quad spasm that happened during the run, and then (CB) Asante Samuel had a hamstring spasm that happened during the run.

"(CB) Victor ('Macho') Harris has a slight high ankle sprain that happened on the last play of rookie practices. (S) Byron Parker has a hamstring spasm."

Opening Remarks: "It was good to get back out here. It looked like this morning that the guys were in pretty good shape. They made their run and did it as a group very well. Again, the execution out here, it didn't look like they missed a beat. They came out and it looked like they were functioning well. We had a couple of balls on the ground; we'll get that taken care of. Other than that it was good to get everybody moving around. (There's) really no further news on (WR Jeremy) Maclin. He's missed some valuable time and we're not as close as we need to be. This is something that obviously isn't good for Jeremy. Any of these reps that he misses sets him behind, particularly reps with the quarterback and the rest of the offense."

On how he's put together a new O-line, and whether it's disappointing that he didn't have his whole O-line out there today: "It was good to get (T/G) Stacy some reps. I have a little more optimistic look at it. I want everybody out here, but at the same time I don't think either one are too seriously injured, which is a good thing."

On whether Shawn Andrews is disappointed about missing practice today: "He's upset about it. He wants to be out here and doing his thing."

On how he feels about practicing with pads on tomorrow: "I'm curious to see it, not only tomorrow but throughout training camp. I always mention that the first couple of days aren't too bad but when the body gets sore, (when) you're tired mentally and physically, that's when you find out what you're made of here. We'll just see how things go here. But I do look forward to getting the pads on tomorrow and letting these guys bang around a little bit."

On whether there is any correlation between Samuel's hamstring injury and him missing the second week of OTAs in June: "I don't think they're related. I mentioned before that I wanted him here then. I don't think he nor I wanted him to have a hamstring spasm. (They are) two separate things. Things happen. We'll move on."

On whether he expects Shawn Andrews, Peters and Samuel back in the next day or two: "We'll see how they do. It's too early to tell. I don't think they're too serious, but we'll see how it works out through the night here."

On whether he expects Stacy Andrews to practice tomorrow morning: "Yeah. He seemed to do well in this. We'll see how he does, see how he feels, but right now he feels good."

On whether they will ease Stacy Andrews into workouts: "We'll stay in touch on that and just see how he feels and work from there."

On whether this practice was mostly about monitoring players from a conditioning standpoint: "Well, you are very aware of that. (Head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) goes to great extents to make sure guys stay hydrated and that any of these little tweaks that you have, you make sure that you work those out. You don't want them to become more serious than what they are now. At the same time, the players, they want to get back out there. This is a competitive camp. They want to get back out there and practice. But, you've got to be smart with it. Listen to the players and evaluate it. Know when to push and know when to back off."

On the amount of time it takes to mold a new group of offensive linemen into a cohesive unit: "From a coaching standpoint you want them out there every snap. You want them out there and practicing. But at the same time, you want to make sure you're smart with this thing and you don't want to make whatever they have worse. We all want to get going, we're all chomping at the bit to get going, but at the same time you've got to be smart with it."

On whether Reid likes the late start date of the NFL season this year: "I really don't have an opinion. It is what it is and I just go with it. I don't really care either way. It doesn't faze me either way."

On whether Sheldon Brown is considered the number one right corner in training camp right now:"Yes, he is."

On whether there is a better way to handle first round draft picks than the current system: "I can't get into all that. I know the way it is now, you have a reporting date, you want to be there. It's not a very complex deal. If you have more opportunities to work in the offense and with your starting quarterback, then I think you want to take advantage of that. And that's the fact of it. However it's said and done or worked out comes down to playing the game. It's that simple. So, any reps you take away from yourself I think hurts you as a player."

On the issue with signing draft picks being a league-wide problem: "Sure, you're right. That's the way it is. We've been fortunate enough to get guys in here and get them working, and the guys that don't have struggled. That's the way it is with this team and right now, that's what I care about."

On whether the role he envisioned for Maclin changes as he continues to be absent at training camp: "You can't buy back that time. He's going to have to be playing a catch-up game. It's important that he's here, that's the bottom line."

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