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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "We won't talk about injuries today. Some of your colleagues here decided that they would go to the players and/or other personnel here and ask about injuries. I made a pact with you guys when I first got here that I would disclose to you the injuries that you just stay away from the players, stay away from other personnel in the organization and I would take care of you with that. That part was breached and so we'll get on with the Flight Night! part of things. Flight Night was a good experience, I thought for, the players, for the fans, for the coaches. I thought we got good work in that was important. And then, this morning the guys were able to get a lift in and do some work there and then the 10/10/10 practice."

On why he is not speaking to any media members about injuries when some media members did not talk to any players and/or personnel about injuries: "That's the way it works. Peer pressure is the best pressure there is. You can work it out with your colleagues."

On whether he has anything to say regarding linebacker Stewart Bradley: "He did not practice today."

On who would be the starting middle linebacker if Bradley was unable to play: "You've got two guys that obviously can do a good job there with (LB Joe) Mays and (LB) Omar (Gaither). So, we'll look at that as we go down the road here."

On Mays as a player: "Joe's done a good job. He did a good job last night. He's done a good job throughout the camp. He had a good camp when he came in here last year. So, we'll just see how he progresses here throughout the preseason. I think people have confidence in him that he can play, both the players around him and the coaches."

On whether Mays is a more natural middle LB than Gaither:"I think both of them are effective and can be effective. But, Omar's competing at that WILL linebacker spot right now and will take some reps at the middle as he's been doing."

On when he will disclose more information regarding injuries: "When I decide that people can abide by the rules I'll do that."

On how he looks to ease CB Asante Samuel back into the defense: "This was a good period for him to come back in, a 10/10/10 where he can test that thing a little bit and we'll just keep track. We'll see how he does after this practice here and how he's feeling."

On whether he thinks about moving away from hitting during preseason: "No, that really wasn't the situation yesterday. There was just no way around it."

On why he likes hitting so much: "It's a part of the game. Injuries take place in the game. It happens all around the game, things happen."

On whether he has talked to his staff about leaks to the media: "I'm looking into that part and I've actually been involved with the other part."

On which part he has been involved with: "On the media part."

On whether the field was a factor in Bradley injuring himself last night: "No, I think the field was fine. (Director of grounds) Tony Leonard does a great job with it."

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