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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "So this is what we've got. You have the three guys on PUP, (DE) Victor Abiamiri, (G) Todd Herremans, and (C) Jamaal Jackson. And (WR) Jordan Norwood tweaked his hamstring. We've got a couple of moves that we made. We traded with Denver for (RB) J.J. Arrington for (LB) Joe Mays. J.J. is a running back, obviously. He'll come in and compete for one of those thirds spots. (WR) Kelley Washington, we're also going to look at him and we brought him in and physicaled him already and worked him out the other day, and we're going to end up signing him. Kelley is a wide receiver, great special teams player, good inside receiver, should strengthen that receiving core there just another notch or two, and he'll compete for a spot. All in all, it was a good first day, I appreciated the work level that the guys performed at. We had a couple of thud periods, a live period, and we got to see exactly how physical we are and can be. So now it's just a matter of maintaining the intensity level and physical level of play."

On the process of determining Arrington's health: "Well we'll bring him in and give him a physical and just see how he's doing. We've been told he's doing well. He hasn't missed any workouts with (the Broncos). He's in great shape, so expect him to be fine and be ready to play."

On the play of RB LeSean McCoy and RB Mike Bell: "I thought the running backs, in general, ran very physically. That last period, the live period, was majority run, as opposed to pass, and that's the way it was set up, and so I was pleased with the way they ran. I thought they ran very aggressively. When they had room and holes, they hit the holes. I thought it was a good productive period."

On whether the run-heavy play selection was similar to years past or if it was something new, in hopes of establishing the run game: "There have been years where we didn't go live periods on the first day. We went thud throughout the day. I just thought that we needed this."

On why he thought he needed the live period on the first day: "Well, we've got a lot of young guys. I changed up the schedule coming into camp where it was a little different, so I thought the way we eased into it, I thought we should be able to pull off a live period today, and it seemed to work out okay."

On Arrington: "He's a good runner. He's tough, he's elusive and he's got good hands. He's a really good catcher."

On Arrington in pass protection: "Pass protection? He's okay. Yeah, he's not bad at that."

On whether he is aware of any running backs who have come back from microfracture surgery: "I am. There's a pretty good one down in Carolina, (former Panther RB Stephen) Davis, who had that and there have been a couple of them."

On the skirmishes that broke out in camp today: "Well, it's going to happen. It's going to be competitive. I understand that. We've got some new people out here that are trying to prove themselves, too. With competition comes fighting. Listen, I told the players, those things do happen, I understand that, just make sure we know the tempo of the drill. (LB) Ernie Sims is a great example. Ernie Sims is a physical football player, and he's just got to learn I'm going to give you plenty of time to get after each other, so there's just certain drills that you can't do that in. I'd rather have it that way where he is very aggressive—much rather have it that way. It's harder to turn him up, so I'd rather have him aggressive and teach him to calm down in the certain drills."

On the linebacker core now that Mays is gone: "I think it gives Joe an opportunity to make their football team and play. Obviously we felt pretty good about what we saw with (LB Jamar) Chaney and (LB) Omar (Gaither), to be able to do that. And that's really what it was."

On LB Stewart Bradley's performance today: "Stewart, I thought, moved around very well. He did some good things. There were a couple of plays there that I saw him get upset because he kind of new where the play was going and he overreacted to it a little bit. He made a great interception off of (QB) Kevin (Kolb), and hid himself in there, he kind of stuck inside and did a nice job of reading it and hiding himself from Kevin. And you won't see Kevin do too many of those, he's pretty good at that, but Bradley, he was a sneaky one on that one."

On how Washington is different from what the Eagles already have at wide receiver: "He might be similar in some places to some of the guys we have. He's a good special teams player. Really, a couple of years ago he was one of the best in the league. He's a good inside receiver, physical, big, strong guy. You'll see him probably helping us more on the inside, as an inside receiver."

On whether Washington can block against the run: "He's a good run blocker, yeah. So he's a good football player."

On what is he looking for out of McCoy: "Well you want consistency, which I thought he displayed last year. He's such a happy-go-lucky personality, but you forget that this guy was our starter last year. (Former Eagles RB) Brian (Westbrook) was banged up most of the year, so he was put into position to be the starter and he actually set some rookie records for the franchise. I just expect him to grow in that area. He had a great offseason, where he increased his strength and speed, he was already a pretty fast guy, but he increased both of those areas, and has a better understanding of the offense, so I'm expecting good things from him."

On how he envisions McCoy and Bell complementing each other: "They are a little bit different. Mike is obviously a bigger guy and more of a power guy, and Mike's got the quick feet and he's going to see that spot and then if you're in the way, he's taking you with him. Where if you take that same thing with McCoy, McCoy kind of picks and chooses in that area, but he's got that elusiveness that is rare in this league, where you're standing right in front of him and he can make you miss and take it to the house, so he's got some good qualities."

On rookies DE Brandon Graham and S Nate Allen: "Brandon Graham, I thought he showed up on a couple of plays, there were a couple of things I thought he did good on. Now it looked like Nate, now I've got to check the film on Nate, but it looked like he did a pretty job for the most part there. I saw he and Mike Bell had a nice collision, I believe, I think that was him."

On his assessment of day one of practice with full pads: "I think for the most part it was a pretty good day. It didn't look like there were a lot of errors, lot of offsides, procedures. Guys were physical. I think we have new guys that this was a good learning experience for them, when to crank it up, when you got to back it down in certain drills. So I think all in all it was a good day."

On whether he looks forward to the first full-contact practice: "I guess I do. I do. But, I look forward to the whole camp. I look at the big picture there and I went to see how they sustain. The first day they're kind of beating the nerves out of one another, and then you get to kind of see how they're able to sustain as football players as we go on in this thing."

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