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Head Coach Andy Reid

On whether he feels any urgency about getting another running back: "I wanted to see what the outcome of the surgery was. It seems like it's all positive right now. Not that we haven't looked. We make sure – (general manager) Tom (Heckert) and the pro personnel staff – they make sure they are on top of every player at every position, so it's not that we aren't on top of the guys that are out there. Do I feel urgency? No. (Not) to bring guys in."

On whether he is happy with what he sees at the running back position behind RB Brian Westbrook: "We drafted (RB LeSean) McCoy, obviously, for a reason, and that's to work in and play. And so, I think what I've seen from him, and these camps are good if you're looking at the skill position players, you get an idea of what they can do and see what their strengths and weaknesses are there. I like what I've seen from him. (RB Lorenzo) Booker, again, we brought him here for a reason, and I think he's improved from last year. I'm good with those guys."

On whether Booker is ahead of McCoy right now: "No, not necessarily. They've been rotating in there. Yesterday you saw McCoy take a lot of the first-team reps. We're just trying to mix them in and make sure they get the same amount of reps in there."

On what he has seen from McCoy so far: "Well, you get to see his athletic ability. He has a great change of direction. Obviously it's a non-contact camp so you don't get to see much of the run game part if it. The pass game you get to see. Great change of direction, ability to catch the football. We're asking him to do a lot of things formation-wise; he's able to handle that. He wants to learn, and has enough aptitude to learn. And so, he's really done well, and it looks like he does a nice job in the blitz pick-up part of it. Again, it's not live. We're just asking him to recognize it and step in there and do that, so he's done well with that."

On whether he will change his approach with Westbrook even if he is healthy at the start of the season: "We'll see how the other guys progress. If the other guys are capable of getting in there and doing their thing, then that's what we'll do. We'll rotate them in there."

On how confident he is that McCoy can go next week: "It wasn't his wrist. It's just his thumb. We'll splint that up and he'll go on. We won't worry about that."

On what improvements he's seen from Booker: "He's worked real hard on his pass protection. We're not doing a lot of that right now. We're not doing any live stuff, but his recognition is good. For what we are doing, he looks okay. Obviously Booker, I know what he can do carrying the football and I know what he can do catching the football. His primary thing was just working on his pass protection in there."

On whether he anticipates using FB Leonard Weaver this year: "Well, both Weaver and (FB Kyle) Eckel give you that ability to carry the football. That opportunity and flexibility to do some one-back things, or whatever you do, flex the halfback out, those kind of things. Both are capable ball-carriers."

On whether Weaver will create more opportunity to run out of the backfield: "He's a very good athlete, and so he gives you more flexibility. He's one more guy that the defense has to be concerned with."

On what his reaction was to the news of Westbrook needing surgery: "I honestly don't get into that. It's part of the game. I'm not worried about it. What (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) said, I think, is very important. This guy was just working his tail off. He's in phenomenal shape. I think that will help him through this. I think it will help his recovery. Then on top, that it wasn't a serious injury. This is common stuff. The timing of it was a little different. The injury itself, I'm not too worried about it."

On whether it is difficult for him to try and rest Westbrook and rotate guys in when Westbrook is healthy: "Not necessarily. It's important that the guys can come in and do what's in the gameplan. That's what's important. When you set up a gameplan, you set things up where you flex Brian out of the backfield and create mismatches. It's important that you have other players that can do that. It's hard to get a gameplan that can function. I think we have those guys. I think that we have people that can do that now. I'm okay putting them in when needed."

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