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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(T/G) Stacy Andrews and (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) and (WR) Kevin Curtis all did a little today. They got into a few of the install periods and went through the individual periods and did get a little work in. We'll just gradually bring them back. (TE) Matt Schobel did the same thing, a little bit less than the other ones, but he was able to get in there and work. (RB) Brian Westbrook has a sore ankle that he is having checked today and we'll just see. I don't have a report for you there, but we'll just see how that works out. Then, (TE) Eugene Bright strained his hamstring during the practice."

On the hiring of Brian Stewart: "We made a coaching move. We brought Brian Stewart in and made him a special assistant on defense. So, that gives us an extra set of eyes there, another good coach, someone who can work with the secondary as (defensive coordinator) Jim (Johnson) is on his leave of absence. I don't really have a report for you on Jim other than what I said before, that he's working through the chemo that he is doing now. We'll just see how he does here in his leave of absence. Again, Brian came from the Dallas Cowboys, which you know, last year the defensive coordinator, and then via the UFL. I appreciate the UFL allowing Brian to make the switch here and come with us in this special situation, and (UFL San Francisco head coach) Denny Green. Denny Green was the head coach that Brian was going to work for this year, and Denny, along with the officials of the UFL, allowed Brian to make this move."

Opening Remarks: "It's good to get the veterans back in here and get a little bit longer meeting period with them. Without having the two-a-day practices we meet with them a little longer and then practice a little bit shorter, obviously, just the one practice. But we were able to get them out there and get them moving around and work on some of the details, and that's what these camps are good for, working on those things that make each player better at what they need to be better at. The coaches have gone in this offseason and identified any problems that we need to work on both schematically and as far as each player and what he needs to work on as well. We are able to do that during this camp."

On whether or not he knew CB Sheldon Brown would not be here today: "I did. I missed Sheldon. Sheldon wasn't here and I did know that, yes."

On whether or not he is disappointed that Brown is not here: "Well, I want everybody here obviously. Sheldon is doing what Sheldon thinks he needs to do. I wish he was here, yes."

On what this means for Brown going forward: "I'm not going to get into all that. The guys that are here are obviously getting reps and doing what they need to do."

On whether there is a concern that Johnson will not be able to coach this season: "We'll just see how things go down the road here. We've done this with the offensive side the last few years. Actually, (offensive coordinator) Marty Mornhinweg came in in the same position on the offensive side. It gives us another person there with some experience, and I can't tell you exactly where Jim is and what is going to happen. This gives us another experienced coach."

On how Westbrook injured his ankle: "He's been working like crazy. He's in great shape right now. This past week he got ahold of (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder). His ankle is bothering him so we're checking it out here. I wish I could tell you more, but I don't know more right this minute. But we'll know more as we go on here the next couple of days."

On whether Curtis' limited involvement in today's practice is related to last year's injury: "Yeah it is. We're just gradually bringing him back. He had half of the surgery, the sports hernia surgery, (last year) and they finished it up this last offseason, so that's why he wasn't there for the last camp. We're just gradually bringing him back."

On whether he would have limited Westbrook's reps because he had knee surgery during the offseason: "His knee is feeling good. He's actually feeling pretty good there. He went through our last camp. So yeah, it's just his ankle at the moment."

On whether the players respect secondary coach Sean McDermott:"The players respect him, so he's stepping in there. They know he knows what he's doing, and he's doing a nice job. He did a nice job with the rookies. He did a nice job today. They know he is a good football coach."

On whether he will be able to get a better look at RB Lorenzo Booker and RB LeSean McCoy without Westbrook in there: "The obvious is that they get more reps. It's good for both of them to get more reps."

On whether Booker and McCoy will continue to get a lot of reps: "We'll still work Brian in there. We were going to keep their reps up, but Brian was still going to work."

On how the rookies are doing: "We've thrown everything at them, and is there a mistake here or there? Yeah. But for the most part they've done pretty good. Two of those positions, the tight end position and the running back position, those are tough now. You have to pick things up. You have the run game you have to worry about and the pass game. It's tough – and the protection. But they've done well with it. We'll just see how they continue to progress, but they'll get a lot of reps so that's a good thing."

On whether it hurts Brown not to be here for this camp: "Obviously I'd like him here but he's not, and so I really just concentrate on those guys that are here and they are getting reps."

On whether there has been any communication with Brown since he was last here: "No. Other than the coaches talking to Sheldon, no."

On whether Stacy Andrews is ahead of where he thought he'd be right now: "Physically he is, yeah. Again, we are going to be smart with that. He's one of these guys that gets here early and you kind of kick him out of the building at night. He spends a lot of time here. Has an amazing attitude, and he has done everything that we've asked. It's just important that you remember the time frame that he had this thing and you don't rush him back at all."

On WR Jeremy Maclin:"He is a really smart kid and he's picking things up very well. It's just a matter of him doing it over and over again here, so that's what we're working on, getting used to this offense. And he played a lot of inside slot receiver at Missouri and we're going to ask him to do a little bit more on the outside. He's picking it up very well. I thought he had a fantastic few days in this past week when the rookies and selected vets were in. I thought he really finished up that camp well. We'll just see how he does with the veteran players in here."

On T Jason Peters changing his technique, and whether or not it is a difficult thing to do as a veteran: "He's a good enough athlete where he can do that. He wants to do it the way we do it. We are changing a few things, more of his vertical setting as opposed to kicking out on the ends. I think that will help him in the long run. He's just trying to get it where it is consistent. He's been up here most of the time this offseason working with (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo). These camps were very good for him."

On whether he thinks Stacy Andrews will be able to practice in team drills before training camp: "You have to be smart. You're probably not going to get him into the team activity part of it as much as you are versus air. You kind of want to stay away from anybody falling on there where he really has to push on it right this minute. You'll probably see more of him at training camp than you will now."

On CB Asante Samuel being more vocal this year:"The more familiar it became last year during the season he started doing that. Before it was (QB) Donovan (McNabb) challenging everybody, and now Asante has jumped in from that side and he is challenging back and I kind of like that. I like that competition and enthusiasm. It kind of keeps things alive. Like I said, he started that last year as the season went on."

On whether he thinks Samuel's personality might bring the team together in a different way than former Eagles FS Brian Dawkins' did: "That's Asante's personality. He did that when Brian was here. That was two different styles there, both very good players."

On whether he thinks Brown will be here during the next couple of weeks: "Right now I can tell you that he probably won't, but that's up to him. You have to remember that these aren't mandatory camps, these are voluntary camps. He makes that choice."

On players not showing up to voluntary camps:"I'm going to stay consistent with what I said and I believe it. If you're not here then you give other people an opportunity to show it. I remember (free agent T) Jon Runyan saying that over and over for the last ten years, or nine years, or whatever it's been. He said I'm not going to miss one snap because it gives another guy a chance to step in there. I think that's how the guys think and really that's the truth. It's an obvious statement because it's the truth."

On QB Donovan McNabb blogging about being energized: "He's energized. Very seldom is he not energized. He enjoys going out there and working and taking snaps. He's no different than he has been. It looks like he's in great shape, ready to go."

On why they had McCoy line up at wide receiver during practice today: "That's part of our offense. That's become something we did with Brian and we just kind of continued that as part of the offense now. We are expecting him to learn it. That is a base part of the offense, and we expect him to learn it. Now, it's not the easiest thing, to answer your question, it's not the easiest thing to do, but it's important that he learns how to do that now."

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