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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening remarks: "We look forward to the start of the 2008 season with the rookies coming in for the first three days here. We have a couple of veterans coming in who were injured last year. [We] will have the names for you, for the first part of the camp. The veterans will come in after that and we'll start our normal camp with three tough days of two-a-days. Then, we'll get into our 10/10/10's and our special teams after that. We have high expectations for this football team, obviously, knowing that there is a lot of work ahead. This will be an intense camp. I think there is good, and in some spots, great competition for certain positions. With the addition of the heat and weather conditions we have here, that's always a challenge to players. I think the players are looking forward, just from the response I've had talking to a handful of guys, to the challenge of this. Not that anybody likes training camp, but they're looking forward to the chance of bettering ourselves this year compared to last year, picking up where we left off and building on that. We understand that every year is different in the NFL. This year will present certain challenges that last year didn't, so you have to make sure that you're mentally and physically prepared for that."

On why he decided to make training camp a week longer this year: "There is a combination of things. The way that Lehigh is scheduled for their camp to start is one of them and then the starting time of our camp. It all comes down to availability and being able to stay up here and practice."

On how concerned he is about RB Brian Westbrook not being happy with his contract:"We've always done a good job with those things, so I'm not worried about that. We've always been very fair and understanding to the players that we've approached about contracts. Other than that, I'm not going to get into that. It's not our policy to get into these things, so I'll leave it at that."

On whether he expects Westbrook to be in camp: "I'm sure he would be. Brian is obviously one of the leaders of the football team, so I would expect that he would be here."

On whether he would be disappointed if he didn't show up:"I'm not going to get into all that. I'm just anticipating him being here; I'm not looking at it the other way."

On whether there are any injured players right now: "There will be a couple of rookies. With that, [DT] Trevor [Laws] has a foot injury that has been bothering him a little bit that he sustained in conditioning when he was back home. He won't go through the first couple of days here. Then, [DE] Bryan Smith has a hamstring [injury] and he is actually getting an MRI on that right now. With our two defensive linemen [out], [defensive line coach] Pete [Jenkins] might not have much to do."

On how Smith got hurt: "He was actually doing his 110s and he was decelerating at the end of it and his hamstring locked up on him."

On whether the number of QB Donovan McNabb's throws will be monitored: "We'll monitor it. He has been throwing out in Arizona and seems to be feeling pretty good. We'll have to keep a close eye on that and make sure that we limit his throws to see exactly where he is."

On how different it is this year compared to last year: "I'm excited about the football team. I look forward to seeing what they can do during this camp and how they approach it. If they approach it like they did the minicamps, I think that's a real positive. They had a great attitude in those camps. The guys worked hard, they challenged each other, we are fairly healthy. We never really made a big deal out of that, but it's good coming into camp when you're healthy, which is a little different than maybe the last couple of years. That's a positive."

On whether he has talked to CB Lito Sheppard: "No, I haven't talked to Lito, but he will be here. I will meet with Lito once he is here."

On whether he thinks Drew Rosenhaus being Sheppard's agent will have any effect on anything: "No, I don't think so. Lito seems to be in a good place right now, Drew seems to be in a good place about the situation, so I think Lito will come in here and have a great year."

On whether he thinks there are any unresolved issues with Sheppard: "I don't know if there are or not, but I am going to make sure there's nothing there."

On how long Laws will be out: "The foot, we'll just have to see how he does. I would anticipate he would be out for a couple of days, this rookie camp here."

On whether he plans to speak with Westbrook: "I'm sure I'll talk to him. I don't have anything planned right now to do that, but I talk with him quite a bit anyway, so I'll check in with him I'm sure."

On whether he is worried about Westbrook's contract situation: "I'm not that worried about that. If you study the history of sports, you can look at every year and every sport, and things happen over contracts. We'll work through this. Like I said, we've always been fair about those kinds of things."

On whether he understands where Westbrook is coming from: "I don't want to get into all of that."

On how important it was to get WR DeSean Jackson into camp on time: "I think that's important. He wanted to be here. We wanted to make sure we got that thing done. I think both sides, [president] Joe [Banner] and [vice president of player personnel] Howie [Roseman] and on DeSean's side, I think they did a good job of working through it and knocking it out."

On what he tells rookie about not worrying too much about the depth chart: "You could take a lot of positions with veterans players, likewise. It's something I always mention in the first meeting with the football team that when you start counting numbers in line, then you have a problem. As opposed to just going out and learning the offense or defense and doing the best job you possibly can. If you add that other dimension in there, counting who is ahead of you and how many reps you're getting, it messes with you and cuts down on production."

On whether he can tell when a player is worrying too much about the depth chart:"You can sense that, yes."

On the NFC East being very tough this year: "It's a great challenge. We're going to work very hard. That's one of the reasons we come out here and get after it, so that we can compete in this division. What a great division and a great challenge."

On how much better Redskins DE Jason Taylor makes them: "He's a tremendous player, so I think that will help them."

On whether the Giants lost anything by trading Jeremy Shockey today: "I think Jeremy is a very good football player, but I will also say this, they won a Super Bowl without him. The young man that filled in for him did a great job."

On whether the players will go into this camp with a clean slate: "Well, you take that into consideration naturally, but at the same time you want to see them play football. And you want to see them not only practice, but in the preseason games, how they function and that's really the name of the game. And how they do it day after day, after day being in this heat when you're beat up, you're tired, you're being thrown a ton of plays. And you have to learn if you're an offensive player, you have to learn what the defensive is doing along with the plays that we're throwing as coaches. And then if you're a defensive player, then obviously you have to learn the offensive plays. Then you throw special teams in there and the responsibility that you have with that, and that can be very demanding."

On whether CB Lito Sheppard and CB Sheldon Brown are competing for the RCB spot: "They're all competing, but Lito will have an opportunity to start just like the other guys do. And whoever the best guys are, they're going to play. That's how I look at it."

On whether he enjoys training camp: "I think what the players are saying…I think they are very excited to get the season going. Obviously, nobody likes to come out here and go through the rigors of training camp as a player. As a coach I think you feel the same way. You're very excited about getting the thing going. If you could get it all done in two days you'd love to do that, but that's not the case. So, you take it and you enjoy every day as it comes."

On whether he feels more prepared for camp this year than previous years: "No, I don't think so. I think as a coach you go over and over and over it and you try and cover every situation you possibly can. And we try to get that done actually before we go on vacation as a staff so when we come back it's lined up and ready to go. Even when you're here you continue to go through that process, and I don't think it's any different within, year after year. I think it's all the same."

On the Brett Favre situation with the Packers: "Yeah, you know what, when I was away I didn't listen or anything. I'm just kind of hearing about it now. I try and stay away from all that, all the news as much as I possibly can, so I'm not completely caught up on exactly what went on. I really have no comment on it. I haven't thought much about it."

On whether there were any discussions within the Eagles about acquiring Jason Taylor: "No. I talked to Bill [Parcells] every once and a while, but nothing serious, no. I knew he was trying to get rid of him since before we went on vacation. I knew he was going to try and do something."

On QB Kevin Kolb coming into this camp with a year under his belt: "He's been working with the second team. He did that throughout the minicamps and he'll continue to do that here. With that, he'll get a few more reps and we'll see how he does, see if he continues to progress and I anticipate that he does."

On whether he feels like it's his 10th year of training camp:"Well no, we've changed the media tent around here so I feel like it's my first year."

On whether the roster size difference this year will make any difference in how he runs camp: "No, it won't. We'll do the same thing as long as we can, keep it the same way we've got it."

On whether FS Brian Dawkins, T Tra Thomas and T Jon Runyan continue to be productive on the field:"Yeah, they are. That brings up a point that I might as well say now so I don't have to tell you later. What I've done this year that's a little different than years past and because of those players, is I started a 30 club. With this 30 club, they're going to work two days and then they'll have the morning practice off on the third day. We'll do that throughout camp."

On what prompted that decision: "(Jokingly) Well, they're old. Thirty is the cut-off. Now you take into consideration that I have two quarterbacks that are 30 and a punter and a kicker that are 30, so the rule will be bent a little bit with those guys. But, for the other crew there will be a little different schedule. This was my idea, but they didn't argue though."

On why he thinks that hitting in practice is so important: "I just go back and say that the game is about knocking and tackling. If you don't do those well then you're probably not going to win very many games. And I think in order to do those well I think you need to practice it. That's one of my beliefs and that's why we do that."

On whether the players will have Monday morning off: "Yes."

On G Scott Young: "Scott will be back in. Scott is scheduled to be here."

On CB Jack Ikegwuonu: "He's up here. He'll just rehab."

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