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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "Alright, I'll wrap up these injuries here for you. (DE) Victor Abiamiri did not practice this camp and most likely won't be ready for the beginning of training camp. We'll just see how he does over the next 46 days and 12 hours. (LB) Stewart Bradley did not practice today and he has a calf strain and he'll be back for training camp. (WR) Riley Cooper has a hamstring spasm and he'll be back for training camp. (G/T) Todd Herremans had the soreness in his foot and, again, he'll be ready for training camp. (C) Jamaal Jackson had knee surgery and most likely will not be ready for training camp. (DB) Marlin Jackson will not be ready for training camp with an Achilles tendon. (S) Quintin Mikell has a sprained MCL, it's a minor thing and he'll be back for training camp, as will (T) Fenuki (Tupou) with a pectoral strain. (G) Mike McGlynn wasn't here today for personal reasons. The same thing with (defensive coordinator) Sean McDermott."

Opening remarks: This was a productive session of OTA's. I appreciated the guys' attendance and the effort that they gave through the three-day mini-camp and then through the OTA's. It's a good lead in for training camp. The players know just like you know now that they have 46 days and 12 hours to get themselves ready to go for training camp and then for the opener against the Packers, that's the opening game, and then through the preseason games and through training camp. We have to make sure that we're ready to go. The things I saw in this camp were great effort and energy. We've got a lot of work ahead of us. I don't think this crew that will be an issue as far as the work part goes."

On whether he talked to WR DeSean Jackson and whether he knows why he didn't attend camp: "I do know. It was personal reasons and I did talk to him; both he and (CB) Asante (Samuel)."

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With Jackson and Samuel not in attendance, on what he says to the guys that are participating in camp: "I expect the guys that are here to work hard and the coaches to coach the guys that are here. I'm always big on doing everything possible to get yourself better, so this just kind of fits into my philosophy. If you're here, you're going to get better but, again, if you have personal reasons - and it is a voluntary mini-camp on top of that – then you have to do what you have to do. I think more about the guys that are here and make sure that we concentrate our efforts on that and make sure the people that aren't here get whatever settled they need to get settled and then move on. I don't spend a lot of time on that part. I try to really focus on the guys that are here and getting better."

On whether DeSean Jackson assured him that he will be ready for training camp: "Yeah, he'll be here."

On whether guys are showing him something during these OTA's: "The one great thing about this league is that there's so much competition. I say this about injuries too, I don't want anybody to be injured, but what might be one man's misery ends up being another man's opportunity. That's how this game goes and if you're those backup guys, you want to take advantage of the situation when people aren't there."

On whether he has a sense on when Jamaal Jackson will be ready based on how his rehab is going: "His rehab is going very well right now. Sometimes they plateau for a while. He hasn't reached that point. He's been on a good incline up and we just hope that it continues to progress that way. Listen, I can't tell you much more than that. Right now, it's too early. I'll know more when we get back."

On ruling him out for opening day: "Yeah, I think that will be a stretch for him. I think. Have I ruled it out? No. That will be quite a feat, I think."

On G/C Nick Cole taking over first team snaps after McGlynn had the job during mini-camp: "Yeah, that had nothing to do with McGlynn. This is what I wanted to do. I wanted to take McGlynn, and at that time (C Dallas) Reynolds was working at the center spot, so I wanted to make sure that I got them as many reps as I could. I know what Nick can do at center. I wanted to make sure that I got those two guys as many reps as I could there just to see what I have. I came out of it feeling very good about those two, along with (C A.Q.) Shipley. I think we're okay at that position, so I put Nick back in there and let him get some reps during the OTA's."

On RB LeSean McCoy participating in camp: "I thought it was important that he got out there. As long as he felt good, it's important that you get out and move around a little bit."

On whether he will go about things differently at training camp because of the young roster: "I probably won't do it any different than I did it out here for these. I don't know how to judge whether I'm more hands on or not. I try to just make sure that I get my points across to either the coaches or the players. I'm going to make sure that I voice that opinion and get it right. Thank goodness that opinions are about 51 percent. That works out good. Does that classify as an opinion?"

On whether there is a difference between transitioning a young veteran into the starting quarterback compared to a young rookie like Donovan McNabb: "Well it is a little different, yeah. We spotted Donovan in games and we really focused in on the blitz game with Donovan. At that time when Donovan came out, the college blitz system and the looks that he had seen weren't quite as sophisticated as what you saw at the NFL level. Now that has transitioned over to the college level where people are blitzing like crazy. Guys that are coming out in the last five years had decent exposure to the blitz game. With (QB) Kevin (Kolb) I don't feel that's the case, that's one thing. I think he was caught up a little bit ahead of what Donovan was just as far as seeing more blitzes. And then two, he hasn't been forced in there. With Donovan, that was a rush-rush thing to get him in there. Kevin has been able to sit back and learn and then gradually be put in games where he's had a little experience before. He's been exposed to the offense before getting into games; a little different situation. It's a different thing, yeah, to answer your question."

On Kolb handling the role as "being the guy for the first time": "I think he's done a good job. He's got good command in the huddle and I think the players respect him. It is different. It's a lot more throws. This is a throwing camp, these camps here we don't work much on the run game and we don't do any of it in teams. It's a passing camp. He has a lot of throws, more than he would've in previous camps. I think he's handled that well and he seems to have a pretty good grasp of the offense and the defensive schemes that we're throwing these routes against."

On whether he has talked to Kolb about handling the transition at quarterback and everything that comes with it: "Yeah, listen, and I actually think Donovan probably explained it best and Donovan is going through the same thing Kevin is down there. Donovan is sitting there and he's moving on and that's the important thing when you're in situations like Kevin and Donovan are in. He's moving on and Donovan is focused on making the Washington Redskins a better football team and winning games for them. You scratch out what you've done in the past and you put that aside. Nobody wants to hear that down in Washington. They want to hear about you as a Washington Redskin. And Kevin is doing that same thing now. He had a tremendous teacher with Donovan. Donovan is gone, so now he's got to put his own stamp on this thing. He's got to forget about all that stuff other than all the great things that he learned there and move on. Not comparing himself to Donovan or any of those things there. Just be Kevin and go play. I think he's taken the first step and he's done a nice job of that."

On people talking on the outside: "You've got to have blinders on and cotton in the ears. You can't listen to all that. Anything that takes away from you being the best, you put aside. He'll do that, I think he's got a pretty good feel on those types of things."

On whether he feels CB Ellis Hobbs will practice more at the start of training camp: "I do, yes. You'll see him at training camp."

On whether he is confident in the quarterback position and QB Michael Vick: "I've been happy with Michael. We've worked him in with the ones a little bit and some of the Wildcat-type of things. His overall game and understanding of the offense and all that, being back in shape, his arms in shape, his legs are in shape. He is right there. I'm very excited about him in camp. And then, (rookie QB Mike) Kafka, likewise, did a very nice job picking things up and not being hesitant. You see that when he's in the red zone. You saw that in the first minicamp, he had all these red zone reps and you saw him do kind of a scout team thing, working on the NFC East and the Packers. He's not afraid to cut the ball loose in the red zone and put it through small windows, and you have to be able to do that. For young guys that's not always an easy thing to do, but he seems to have a good feel for it."

On whether he will change his approach in training camp because of how young his team is:"I think we have enough guys coming back where I don't think we have to do that, although as coaches and teachers you have to make sure you don't skip over anything and that you are hitting a lot of details and covering them. Whether it's when the offense is up and you're coaching on the defensive side, and you pull your guy aside and work with him a little bit, and vice versa. We're not going to slow down - it's going to be a tough training camp, and I told the guys that. We're going to come in, it's a long one, we're up at Lehigh for an extra week and we're going to crank it."

On why the team will spend an extra week at training camp: "Some of that is based on when (Lehigh) comes back to school for football, and their team comes back and they need the facility, so that's why when it's a week shorter, normally it's because they need the dorms."

On whether there is a different level of enthusiasm within the coaching staff based on the amount of change on the team's roster: "Well, you've got a lot of new faces, so there's an unknown there. You want to make sure that you find out, and you don't leave any base uncovered. Not that you didn't do it before, but you want to be more focused on that and that will be important. It's been important to this point. I thought that the coaches did a nice job, and I thought that the players did a nice job at detailing their work. A lot of times it's hard for young guys to raise their hands and ask a question and these guys weren't afraid to do that. They did a good job taking notes, studying, watching tape and going out and executing. For as many new faces around here it was a fairly smooth process out there. I was asked about rebuilding and I don't look at it as rebuilding, I look at it as retooling. Put guys in, and here we go."

On whether Vick will get reps with the first-team offense at Lehigh: "Yes, we'll work him in. He's going to be involved in the regular season, so we'll just incorporate that as a part of the offense."

On whether there is concern for Vick possibly being injured while using the Wildcat formation, since he is the backup quarterback: "No."

On whether Nate Allen is starting free safety going into camp: "Nate Allen is the starter going in."

On how he feels about Allen starting as a rookie: "He did a nice job. You guys have met him now and have had a chance to talk to him, so you know he's a smart kid and he has a nice football mind. He's easy to teach."

On how he became involved in the USO Tour to the Middle East: "(Jokingly) Well, me and (Vikings head coach) Brad (Childress) normally go to Alaska, and so he asked me if I wanted to go to the Middle East, and I said 'sure'. Brad and I are going, and a couple of other coaches. It's a USO Tour to the Middle East, and I'm very excited about it. "

On where he will visit on the tour: "That's a very good question. They don't privy you to all that right now. If you say 'yes' and you want to go to the Middle East, you are not quite sure where you are going. I know I'm going."

On whether there may have been a connection between S Marlin Jackson's previous injuries and his ruptured Achilles tendon:"I asked that exact question, and what the doctor told me was that there was an issue in the Achilles, and it was going to go somewhere, and there may have been damage in there prior to. Listen, you are not going to find a tougher, more dedicated guy and these things all of a sudden they change and happen pretty quick. We went through this a little bit with (former Eagles DE Derrick) Burgess. Banged up, banged up, banged up, and then he got himself healthy and went to a couple of Pro Bowls. Marlin, he's a positive guy, an upbeat guy, a smart guy, and a tough guy, so he'll work through this, and these crazy things will stop and he'll have a nice career ahead of him."

On whether Jackson's Achilles' issue showed up during his physical: "No, it didn't."

On whether he is satisfied with the depth at MLB with linebackers Omar Gaither and Joe Mays as the primary backups, after seeing the team practice without starter Stewart Bradley: "I think we are okay at that spot. Akeem Jordan's played there, too. (Jamar Chaney) played there in college and he gives you a little flexibility, and we did work him in there and he picked it up and he did a nice job."

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