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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening statement: "Alright, let's talk about injuries real quick here. (T) Jon Runyan was really the only one that didn't practice. (RB Brian) Westbrook was out there, he did three quarters of practice and so did the rest of the guys here. (G/T) Shawn Andrews continues to work in, worked in some scout team today. He is the player that is out, that's listed as out for this game. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Cardinals. Out in Glendale, great atmosphere for a football game, beautiful new stadium, heck of a football team; both sides of the football, special teams. They have good players and they have good coaches and that's what the NFC Championship is all about."

On whether this is the most athletic defensive line the team has played:"It's pretty close. I would say it has to be right up there at the top. All four guys and a couple guys that they bring in are tremendous football players."

On what it takes to be completely embraced by this town and how he and Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel are "text" buddies:"Honestly, I don't think about all that. That's for you guys to take care of. Charlie's (Manuel) a heck of a guy and a great manager and I just think he did a tremendous job. We were supporting him 110 percent, our football team, and their baseball team has been great. Our players are close and Charlie and I communicate and he did a great job. I'm not going to get into all the comparisons and embrace myself."

On whether he and Charlie Manuel talked this week:"We were doing the old text messages."

On what the texts were about: "He was giving me support and wishing me the best of luck and making sure that I coach as well as he did."

On whether Westbrook is feeling any better compared to previous weeks: "I think he feels good. He's really practiced well really down the stretch here. I think he's feeling pretty good."

On the Arizona Cardinals being considered as the underdogs: "I don't think Arizona looks at themselves as underdogs at all and they shouldn't. They are a tremendous football team and I think that's what this game is all about – two good football teams playing each other. We knew when they came back here that was a tough thing for them to do, for any football team to do. We watched them dismantle two football teams the last two weeks in the playoffs. I don't think either team is the underdog here, I think it's two good football teams playing each other."

On the team's reactions as the weeks go by: "(The team) stayed the same. I don't think they get caught up in all the outside things. I think they're very focused on the team in which they play. I don't see any difference from this week or the other two weeks. They're very focused in, they have a lot of respect for the Cardinals and they've gone through the process of getting ready for them."

On the idea for the team not to get too overconfident as a result of the win over the Cardinals earlier in the season:"I think they understand the situation that the Cardinals came back here. It's a tough, tough situation. I know they realize that putting on the film that what kind of football team they are. Like I said, they just got off these last two weeks and played as good of football as anybody has this year. The film doesn't lie to you."

On getting caught up in the playoff run: "When you're in the grind of this thing, you don't and shouldn't get caught up in that as a coach or a player. There's not time for that. We finished up, I was proud of the guys and the way they played the Giants and then by the time we had the bus ride back here and got off of the bus, it was time to get ready for the Cardinals. We had four hours, or so, of enjoyment and then it's on to the Cardinals. You are in the grind. We are trying to spend every minute we can watching film and gameplanning and practicing and doing those things."

On getting QB Donovan McNabb in an early rhythm: "I'd be foolish to say that you don't do that every week. That's what I think every team tries to do with their offense and their quarterback; make sure that they get into rhythm. Their defensive coordinator is sitting there and he is trying to figure out how to keep you out of that rhythm. You try to do that week in and week out."

On the team being loose at this point in time: "I think, up to this point here, the guys have gone out and had fun out there practicing and working hard and focused in. That's kind of what their makeup is and it's really been that way throughout the season. We'll see on Sunday."

On what Arizona did to get WR Larry Fitzgerald so involved last week: "(Arizona) had the right plays called against the right defense. Fitzgerald when he was covered, a couple times when he was double-covered, he just went up and got the ball. Other times there were great calls against the defenses that the defense played. He works his rates and he's so sharp in and out of breaks. He can stop, he's big, he can jump; he has a complete game."

On whether Westbrook re-injured his knee in the Giants game: "I'm really not sure where that came from. He didn't re-injure the knee."

On any past experience he can pass on to his team that might help them: "Preparation is important. Do what got you there, don't change. Don't change your personality. Let your personality show, man."

On the success of the Eagles offense without receivers like Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin:"I think we have pretty good receivers. That's another man's judgment on the receivers, not mine. I think we've got guys that play and play in this offense very well. They execute. They can catch the football and execute."

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