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2024 Schedule Release

Philadelphia Eagles News

Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "(DT Trevor) Laws and (DE Bryan) Smith are still the same, it's a day-to-day situation. They are getting better as we go. (G) Shawn Andrews has been put on the reserve/did not report list. I don't have any update for you. It is what it is, there. Again, I mentioned that he was not excused and that's as far as I'm going with it."

Opening remarks: "The fellows did a good job this morning with their conditioning test. I thought practice this afternoon was fairly sharp."

On whether Andrews not reporting was something he knew would happen: "No. He's not here and he wasn't excused and that's as far as I'm going with it."

On the report that the team tried to trade Andrews and whether it's true: "No. I don't get into all that stuff anyway. I don't know where people get all this stuff."

On the mood of the players: "I think it's upbeat. I feel like the football team is ready to go. It's good to have everybody here and I think they look forward to tomorrow. Right now, it's a lull before the storm. They're going through what they had to do today with the conditioning part of it and then this practice here. You can see that they're very anxious to get going tomorrow with the hitting part."

On what it meant to the team to see CB Lito Sheppard and RB Brian Westbrook arrive: "I think it's a positive. I think the guys appreciate that. The coaches appreciate it. It shows that they want to be out here playing football."

On whether he expects Andrews at camp at any point: "I have no idea."

On the rotation at cornerback and whether he'll use all three at once in this camp: "This was just a base offense and base defense. We have another install coming up here in a couple hours. Then we'll get a little nickel in there and so on. This was just base stuff."

On the few players who were running after practice was over: "It was just a little extra work."

On whether they were players who didn't make their weight goals: "No. They were just guys who were doing a little extra running."

On what type of conditioning the players did this morning: "They ran."

On whether his current evaluation of G Max Jean-Gilles applies if he switches to RG: "Yeah, Max is fine in there. Max will be fine. He's worked in there before. He worked in there quite a little bit in the minicamps. He's fine in there."

On whether he's happy with Jean-Gilles' conditioning: "Yeah, Max came back in good shape."

On whether he plans to give T Winston Justice any reps at guard: "Right now, he's going to stay at tackle."

On whether DE Victor Abiamiri is currently a starter: "We've got a rotation in there, so he'll be working in with the ones. Between JP (DE Juqua Parker) and him, they'll be working in there. You'll see both of them in there."

On whether he has spoken to Westbrook: "Just briefly. We said hello to each other."

On whether he has spoken to Sheppard: "I haven't done that yet. I said hello to him."

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