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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "The players that are out will be (G) Shawn Andrews, (WR) Reggie Brown, (S) J.R. Reed, and (RB) Brian Westbrook. (DE Juqua) Parker did not practice today, but he's feeling better and he will travel. He will, most likely, be out there playing."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the 49ers. They're in the same situation that we are and we realize that. They've had some close games. They've been explosive on offense and defense. (They've had) very similar games as ours. It's going to be a heck of a game and we need to make sure that we bring our 'A' game when we go out there."

On how he came to the decision to keep Brian Westbrook out of the game: "Brian wants to go. He's in the mindset that he wants to play, but it's a decision that I've got to make. He's a tough nut and I know that. I've got to do what I think is best for him and the football team down the road. It made the decision a little easier for me than it is for him. Obviously, he wants to contribute and compete."

On whether he hopes Westbrook will be back after the bye: "I think the bye week will help him. I think it will take some of the sting out of that thing. If he were to get hit on it this week, it would slow down the process of healing. It buys him some time so, when we get back, the ankle and ribs are ready to go. It will be smooth sailing here."

On whether the bye week factored into the decision to keep Westbrook out: "I didn't think of it without the bye week, knowing that it was there. To say that it factored in, it did factor in because I know it's there."

On the injuries to the offense and how that will affect the upcoming game: "We have other guys who have to step up and play. That's what we expect to happen. It is a very important game; they all are. I've said this in the past, if somebody gets hurt, that next guy needs to crank it up, along with everybody else around him."

On whether players can prepare better when they know who is playing and who is not: "They're the ones who practice, and now they can get themselves ready to go. They might have expected it, but now they know it. It's cut and dry. Brian doesn't need to travel, and Reggie doesn't need to travel. In particular, Brian, with the pain that he's in. We'll relieve him of any motion there and it allows (RB Correll Buckhalter) Buck to get himself mentally prepared."

On WR Kevin Curtis' progress: "Kevin is doing a good job. He will travel and be with us. He practiced with us today and yesterday with the first group. We are just gradually bringing him back in. He is prepared to play."

On whether Curtis will factor into his plans for the 49ers game: "We will see when we get there how it all works out."

On DE Victor Abiamiri: "He has done a nice job. He hasn't played in a game for a while, so he needs that. He needs to get incorporated in there gradually and he will be fine."

On what FB Dan Klecko showed that makes him feel comfortable using him at fullback that he didn't show initially: "At that time, I needed a defensive lineman and a defensive tackle, in particular, that had some pass-rush ability until (DT) Trevor (Laws) could learn what he was doing. Dan fit into that and honestly he still fits into that. He can help us in both spots, if needed. When I made the move with him there, I told him to make sure he doesn't forget the fullback stuff. We have gradually worked him in on some of the offensive short-yardage, goal-line and even a couple of in-field plays we have had for him. Now he gets a little bit of a role."

On how confident he is that the mental mistakes will not be an issue in this game: "It's all of us. I said it starts with me. We can all do a better job. That's what we have set out to do this week at practice. We have tried to better ourselves. When it's game time, you cut it loose and play. You can't worry about anything that happened in the past or is going to happen in the future. You worry about the play that you're playing."

On Shawn Andrews' injury: "Still the same."

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