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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Alright, really the only injury to report is (T) King Dunlap hyper-extended his knee, has a bone-bruise in the knee and this will take all the time to get him ready for the (Indianapolis) Colts if he's able to do that. On the other side of the guys that missed the game, (WR) DeSean (Jackson), (T Jason) Peters, and (DT Brodrick Bunkley) have a pretty good chance of being ready for the Colts game."

Opening Remarks: "Again, my compliments go to Tennessee for battling through that game. As a team we win together and we lose together. So, we realize that and I know some of the comments that the players made after the game, along with the coaches suggest that. And that's a very important thing to have at this time. There are some great things that we can learn from this game as a young football team. It's easy to see that one or two plays against a good football team can swing the momentum of a game and you have to be able to overcome that. First of all, you have to eliminate mistakes and on the other hand you also have to be able to overcome situations like that. Those are things, again, that we can learn from and we will. We'll go back and use this bye week to evaluate - I will start number one with myself and then we will evaluate ourselves as coaches, and then evaluate ourselves as players and as a football team and do a thorough, thorough evaluation on that. Again, another positive I thought coming out of this (game) were our special teams played well. I thought (K) David (Akers) bounced back and I thought (P) Sav (Rocca) preformed well too. And really for three quarters, or almost up to three quarters, I thought as a football team we had just a phenomenal gameplan by the coaches and the players executed like crazy and they were aggressive and fighting their tail off, and then that's where that learning experience comes in; you have to be able to finish that off and make sure you eliminate some things. And again, I take full responsibility for that. That's a reflection, that last quarter and a half, a reflection of me as a head football coach and I have to make sure I do a better job on my end."

On why the team did not learn their lesson after giving up a lot of fourth quarter points to Detroit and San Francisco: "Well, first of all, I think every game is different. I think that, and these are three teams here that have had a record of doing this to other teams, but the lesson we can learn from this is it doesn't matter who you play necessarily – off of the comment I just made about learning from it – but when you have an opportunity here, you have to take advantage of it. We had a great opportunity right there at the two yard line to put an end to that game, for the most part, and we didn't do that. And when that's all said and done, we were really given another opportunity to do it and we didn't take care of that. So there are some lessons to be learned with that."

On whether he is worried about the defense not having enough intensity late in the game: "Listen, I don't think so. I think we had some mistakes that we have to take care of. I don't think that was it, I think sometimes – and I talk about momentum – you have to overcome some things and sometimes that might be perceived as taking the intensity away, but you don't see that on film, you see a great effort on film. I didn't feel (a lack of intensity) on the sideline. I thought there was great effort and energy on the sideline. It's just you need to make that one play; you make that one play and you change that thing around, and we didn't do that and I think that's the bottom line there."

On why Titans WR Kenny Britt was so wide open: "Well, listen, we all have a little piece of that. So that's - the easy thing to do is point to the guys covering them and so on. And then, we mix things up better, and I know the guys have already come out and talked to you guys about it – the people that are involved there. But there are so many things there besides that that we needed to take care of and we didn't do that. And so, that's my responsibility for reeling that thing in and making sure that we, when you're given opportunities, man, that you put your foot down and you're not denied there."

On whether there is anything he can say to the young guys, especially S Nate Allen and C Mike McGlynn because they took the loss extra hard: "I met with them briefly after the game, and then I'll meet with them again here this afternoon. And I'll discuss a couple things with them. But listen, I saw some great things, man, in that game and we need to build off of them and we need to learn from our mistakes. And we'll do that. We're going to do that and we're going to get that thing right."

On whether he will meet with the two of them specifically: "I'm going to meet with the team."

On whether DT Antonio Dixon with his play has earned him more playing time when Bunkley returns: "Well, listen, number one, I don't think (Bunkley) will be 100 percent here coming out of the bye week. So, Antonio will probably be in there a majority of the time anyways, and we'll just have to kind of spoon feed (Bunkley) in and see how much he can do. Dixon, again, he was a bright spot in this game (and) really the last few weeks. He's played very well so he'll continue to have opportunities. But I think with (Bunkley's) injury I think it's just going to be easing him back in and I can't tell you how that's going to go until he gets out (on the field) and he has to really grab somebody and pull them."

On whether Peters will be able to play an entire game in two weeks: "Well if you talk to the doctors and you talk to Jason, you'd say yes. But let's see. We'll see here over the next couple of weeks."

On whether G/T Todd Herremans will play left tackle if Peters can't play: "Well, Todd, and we'll see with King what happens there. King was a warrior in this game, man. He very easily could have come out of that thing and he worked his way through it and fought through it and ended up playing."

On whether Herremans would move to left tackle when Dunlap got hurt: "Yeah, that's what we would do."

On whether the fumble on the goal line had anything to do with the injuries during the game on the offensive line: "No, that didn't have anything to do with it. No."

On his evaluation of the team heading into the bye week: "Yeah, it's a crazy league right now and we're sitting there (with a record of) 4-3, man, and we're right there in the hunt in a good way. And I know I have a good football team. And we have to knock a couple things out here and get it straight. But I'm looking forward to the week off and getting the guys a little bit of rest and going through and doing some self-scouting, evaluations, and then coming back for nine games of good football. So that's where I'm at right now."

On whether he is confident in the leadership on defense and in defensive coordinator Sean McDermott's ability to make adjustments: "I'll tell you what, I thought Sean had a heck of a game plan, man. Doggone, that's a good football team right there. For three quarters, we had it right there. It's not all about the offense, and it's not all about the defense. Everybody has an opportunity, and we've got to make sure that we secure that up a little bit and finish things off and we're going to be okay. But I thought he put together a good game plan. I thought the guys executed, they were fired up, and flying around. On both sides of the ball, we've got to make sure that we take care of business in a couple of different situations."

On whether he suggested to McDermott that CB Asante Samuel should cover Titans WR Kenny Britt: "I know Sean already talked to you about that. Sean had thought about that. There's more to it than that. In the middle of the game, you just don't start flopping guys around. It's not as easy just to go say 'you're playing man coverage over here.' That's not how you do it. There are a lot of different schemes involved, so it's a tough thing to do. And listen, going in we had full trust that the guys who were covering him, would cover him. You get into a game like that you can't just switch another guy over."

On whether putting Samuel on Britt was a last resort: "Yeah, we had trust that the guys that were going to do what they were supposed to do."

On the team's struggles with penalties and the fine line between wanting the team to be aggressive and to try and avoid penalties: "Some of them are concentration things. You can't, obviously, jump off sides. You can't do those type of things. And then other ones are effort penalties and discipline penalties. You just have to discipline where you stick your hands, and are you holding? And some of them, I need to get better glasses on, but I'm going to keep looking, and making sure I evaluate that. But there are no excuses there. We've got to do a better job and we'll go from there."

On whether it is a good thing for a young team to have a schedule back loaded with NFC East games: "As long as we keep learning and getting better, that's a good thing. I trust that this group is going to continue to do that. And then, we'll continue to do a better job of coaching, and get better as it goes on."

On what he has seen from QB Michael Vick in his rehab that makes him confident that he'll be ready for Week 9: "(Jokingly) Obviously, by the penalty, he wanted to be close to the field and be out there. So, I'm figuring he's not afraid of contact, and so he must be feeling a little bit better. I think he's improving, I think he's getting healthier."

On whether he's 100% sure that Vick will be ready by Week 9: "Well, if he is, he is. I'm thinking he is, but listen, I have full trust in (QB) Kevin Kolb, as does our football team. I'm not too worried about all that. But right now, it looks like he's on track. We'll have to see here. We've got a couple of weeks."

On whether CB Jorrick Calvin will be returning punts when WR DeSean Jackson returns: "Well, he's worked in there. He's given DeSean a blow here and there. We'll just see how DeSean's feeling. I've got trust in him. Now listen, that's a young guy, and he sure had some nice returns and he was trying to make something happen. He's a good example of a young guy, going off of one of your questions here. It was a young guy trying to make something happen, but he fumbles the ball. So he'll learn from it, and get better from it."

On whether Jackson has cleared his post-concussion tests yet: "Not yet. No."

On whether he expects RB Jerome Harrison to be ready to play against the Colts: "You know, I think he'll have a shot there. His main thing was just learning, getting the protections down. The run game, I think he's got that terminology of the run game and so on, I think he's got down. It's just the protections and that."

On whether the lack of production in the run game had to do with RB LeSean McCoy's injured rib or the blocking for him: "Listen, I thought he made some nice runs. I don't see that. I think there are going to be certain games that he's up and certain games that he doesn't have the same numbers. Sometimes that goes with the passing game. If they shut the run game down, it's harder sometimes to shut down the pass game, and so on. Whatever the defense's game plan is, I think we have the flexibility to do the opposite."

On whether there is any chance of expanding WR Riley Cooper's role in the offense: "As he was going, we were increasing the plays that we were giving him, then he got hurt here. So he got hurt, he was out there for a couple games, and really didn't practice. He tried to get out for practice and he had symptoms, so we backed off. To answer your question, as long as he stays healthy here, yeah, he'll continue to have opportunities."

On whether there is an explanation for the Eagles' impressive record in the second half of the season since he's been head coach: "No, but that's not an automatic thing either. It's important that the players and coaches understand that that just doesn't happen. That you have to go back and you've got to focus in. You put yourself in striking distance, really, the first half of the season. But you've got to get better. I've got to get better as a head football coach, and our football team has to get better. I'm talking coaches and players, so we're going to focus in on making sure that that happens."

On whether WR Chad Hall has surprised him with his ability to run the ball: "The kid was the Mountain West player of the year. He looks like he's 15, but he's a talented kid. You've got to get past his face and then he's well-built for his size, and he's very intelligent and tough. So, he gives you a little flexibility in some packages to do some things."

On DE Brandon Graham's decrease in snaps, and the increase in playing time for DE Juqua Parker: "Well, Brandon strictly was just trying to shake a bit of an ankle, and then he was sick last week so he missed some practice. He wasn't feeling, really, at the top of his game. You can see that early when we put him in, he was a little bit gimpy there. This will be good for him, this week, and really, we'd like him to get equal opportunity there. So, we've just got to make sure he's functioning."

On whether he had to have a conversation with Kolb explaining why Vick would be the starter after the bye week, or whether were the parameters already set: "Well, listen, I talk to both of those guys every day, so they kind of know where I'm at. And that's what I think is the important part of it."

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