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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "On the injury front, (DT Brodrick) Bunkley and (T Jason) Peters are out. Bunkley really is doing pretty well right now. So we'll see how he does this next week, but he got a lot of the swelling out. He's strong and has good motion in his elbow, so we'll just see how it goes here this next week. Jason Peters actually walked in here after having his meniscus operated on. (Head team physician Dr.) Pete DeLuca did a great job with that, and Jason came in and started rehab right away after it yesterday afternoon. (QB) Michael (Vick) practiced today. Did a little bit out there. There's a chance he dresses down. (QB) Kevin Kolb will be the starter. And then we'll just see how (Vick) does here the next couple of days, but Kevin is going to take it and he'll be the starter this week and get all of the reps. We look forward to the opportunity of playing arguably the best team in the National Football League right now. They're playing fantastic football and we look forward as a football team for that challenge of playing them. The guys worked very hard this week in preparation. Like I said, it's a great challenge and our guys will do a good job."

On whether there is anything to the rumors of him working with the defense calling signals: "No. No, I don't do that. I'm not doing that. Nothing that I haven't done in the past. I don't know where that came from. I hadn't heard that, but I believe you."

On what he's seen from Vick that makes him think he may be able to dress:"Well, he's moving around. It's the improvement that he's making every day is really what it is. He went from throwing a little bit yesterday, now throwing a little bit more today. He's able to take a handoff. That sounds like an easy thing, but with the way he was hit, he had a lot of pain when he was pushing his shoulders together. So taking a snap would have been tough a few days ago or a week ago. So he's able to do that and he doesn't have the pain that he had before. He's made a lot of improvement."

On if Vick would be the third quarterback if he dresses: "I don't know. We'll just see. We'll see how it works here in the next few days."

On if Vick dresses, is there a possibility he'll be used in the Wildcat formation:"I'm not even sure about that right now. He's worked a couple things, he knows the offense. He knows all of those plays. We'll just see. We'll see how he does. I can't say anything here. We've still got a few days here. Like I said, he's been making this improvement here, so we'll see how it all works out."

On how G/T Todd Herremans' knee is:"We actually went two days on turf, so both he and (G/C) Nick (Cole) were able to practice. They rotated there just because of the knee situation. (G) Reggie (Wells) got in and took a couple reps there. Todd's doing well. To answer your question, Todd's doing well.

On whether the Eagles will promote DT Jeff Owens from the practice squad since Bunkley will not play: "Well, we'll see. (GM) Howie (Roseman) and I are going to talk about it after this. We'll just see exactly what we want to do there as far as a move goes."

On whether a cut will have to be made if they call Owens up: "Yeah, if you bring Owens up, yeah."

On whether he has a better sense of how much time Peters will miss:"I don't. I was surprised to see him walking around in here yesterday and feeling like he did. It looked like it was a meniscus tear, a pretty significant one. It was a pretty good chunk. You could see why his leg, he wasn't able to support his weight on it. Pretty tough kid to play through what he was playing through. He had at least a little bit of a tear there before, and then it just increased, and so he was able to work through that and then this took place. I don't know, I can't give you a time. Again, like I said, I was surprised to see him walking around in here and rehabbing yesterday so quickly after surgery."

On whether Vick still has discomfort in his rib cartilage: "I'm not going to tell you it's pain-free, but he doesn't have the same pain is what I'm saying, as what he had before. He went out and was able to function out there. He wasn't wincing at all as he was taking snaps or throwing the ball."

On what the process of getting RB Jerome Harrison up to speed with the offense: "It's really not fair to the kid. He's been here two days, so we're cramming him full of stuff here. He's going to need a little more time than that. Nobody can pick it up like that, and be expected to go in there and handle a full load, but he's a smart kid. That's one thing we found out here. He's been able to absorb quite a little bit, and we'll just see how that goes. That's all part of the formula. See who's up, who's down, and so on."

On whether Harrison is taught pieces of the offense or the game plan: "What you do is you kind of focus in on the game plan. But within that, he's not familiar with any of the protections. It's a little bit like learning French in two days. You've got to get the terminology down and then understand the protections and the kind of blocking schemes on the runs and so on."

On whether this game could be a good barometer for the Eagles: "I haven't thought about that. As a coach and I think as players, you're so focused in on learning that team that you really don't get caught up in the other things. I've mentioned this before, you focus in on the things you can control, and then you try to not let your mind go to the other places. And make sure you get one more rep, one more shot of film as a coach or a player, and go through the game plan one more time. So I haven't really gone in that direction as opposed to looking at their team and going 'this is a heck of a football team that we're playing,' and it's exciting, it's an exciting thing."

On how close DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim is to being active for Sunday's game: "Well, he took a few shots out there and Owens took a few shots, so that's one of the options. But I will tell you he's ready. He's ready to go if called on."

On what's going on with WR Riley Cooper, after he sat out yesterday and practiced today: "What he's had, and again, we're just going off of symptoms here, and we know he's a tough kid, he's a tough nut, man. He had a little bit of a headache, so we backed off him yesterday. We just want to get it where it's symptom-free. He went out, he initially started, felt good, had a little bit of a headache, so we backed off him. That's all part of the steps, some guys have them, some guys don't. It has nothing to do with toughness or anything else, it's just that's what it is."

On whether Cooper is unlikely to play on Sunday:"We'll see. He took reps today. I think he's got a pretty good grasp of the game plan. I'd go back and just say that's part of the things (Roseman) and I hammer out here."

On Cooper passing his post-concussion tests: "Right away, yeah, right away."

On whether there is any protocol where a player would have to go back to a doctor for a second opinion if he has a headache:"No, you just back off. He took a pretty good shot. So some of it can be muscular. He had some tightness in his traps, which was causing some of it. So, it was working that out. Just getting him where he feels comfortable and then we roll. Once he gets where he's not having problems there, then we're good to go."

On whether there is anything guys can do to avoid concussions or whether they are inevitable: "It's been a part of the game. I think players probably didn't say anything, they didn't know enough about it. There's just so much information being discovered now. The trainers are more aware of it, doctors are more aware of it, coaches, players are all more aware of it. I don't think that there's more concussions. I would probably think there might be less because of the technology with the helmets and that. But it's something that needed to be addressed, it's being addressed, and I think everybody's taking measures to make sure that it's right. I think you'll see in the next few years, I think you're going to see more improvement in that area."

On CB Asante Samuel being in a weird position when he was hit: "I've looked at all of that. I don't think it's any different than in the past. That happens."

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