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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Okay, on the injury front here. (S) Nate Allen will not practice today, but he's making progress. (G) Max (Jean-Gilles), with a concussion, will not practice today, but is making progress. He hasn't passed his test and has not seen the doctor obviously. Everybody else is going to be out there. (T) King (Dunlap) will be back out there and (CB) Ellis (Hobbs) will be back out there. With the exception of those two, we'll just see how these other guys do. Ellis and King are just going to ease themselves back in, work on some scout team reps and just gradually see how things work out with them and do as much as they can do but, at the same time, not take any steps back."

Opening remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Redskins. We obviously know they're a good football team by what they did to us in our last game. So, our guys are ready and preparing themselves, making sure they go through the progression and getting ready for a game against a good football team this week."

On the status of Hobbs' back: "His back is fine. We sent him to a back specialist just to make sure there wasn't any kind of nerve damage or anything else. The hip flexor is – I'm not telling you he's 100 percent. We're just going to start him off nice and slow and see how he does and ease him back in with whatever reps he can do."

On whether Hobbs will be available to play on Monday night:"I think it'll be a stretch, but there's a chance. Again, I'm not pushing him, with he or King. (Just) make sure that we're smart with this thing."

On what he expects from Redskins QB Donovan McNabb on Monday given all the controversy surrounding him: "Well, listen, everybody here knows Donovan is a good player, so that's the way we approach it. That's the way we approached it last time and that's the way we're going to approach it this time. We also know that Donovan is a part of a very good football team. He has a big part of being the quarterback of that football team. It's important that our team, really, concentrates on the Washington Redskins collectively and making sure that we get ready for a heck of a battle on Monday night."

On newly-acquired S Colt Anderson: "Well, we liked Colt coming out of Montana. I think he's going to be a good, solid player that's a good special teams player. We need another player at that safety position. We felt comfortable that he could come in and learn and be efficient back there."

On whether he would consider converting a cornerback to safety if he had a significant injury: "Well, we have some flexibility there. We have some different people. You saw what we did last week with (LB Keenan) Clayton. He played back there, we played (CB) Dimitri (Patterson) back there and you've seen (CB Joselio Hanson) back there. We've got a bunch of different looks we can do. We'll just see who comes along here. Some of the terminology is similar. We'll just see, we'll see how things go."

On whether TE Cornelius Ingram is physically better now than what he was before he left: "Well, I've just seen him in a walkthrough. We'll see how he does here. I would presume just the rest and working out that he's been doing. He stayed up here and he's been working out and he's been working out for different teams. We'll see, we'll see how he does. We sure liked him when we picked him up. It was unfortunate that he had the knee surgeries. We're hoping with time here – and I think that's important with what he's had done – with time and the big heart that he has, maybe he can gradually get himself back to where he can play."

On his thoughts of turning Clayton back into a safety: "Well, no. Listen, we knew we had flexibility from what he did at Oklahoma. He played safety and he played linebacker. With that you can kind of move him around and do some things. It gives (defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) a little flexibility there. Predominantly, he's been playing linebacker for us. We also know that he has the speed and athletic ability to do both."

On whether Clayton would be a good fit as a nickel linebacker: "Well, that was one thing that we thought he could do and he showed that he could do that. He did a pretty good job in the game. We moved him around a little bit. Not that he had a ton of snaps, but he had enough; he moved around. It didn't look like anybody was too big for him or too fast for him or anything else. He handled himself very well."

On how Monday Night Football changes the game for a player, given that Vick is 3-1 as a starter on Monday night: "Well, listen, I will tell you this, your Sunday one o'clock games are fast. The Sunday night game is a little faster and Monday night is a little faster than that. If you're fortunate enough to get in the playoffs, each level you go up in the playoffs is even a little faster there with each game. I'm saying that from both sides, both teams. Everybody is watching and you know that. Everybody's attention is at the highest mark there. I don't know about the record of Michael. Every game is different."

On whether teams start and finish fast during Monday Night Football: "Well, it depends how they finish. I mean, you can come back and say, 'well if the score's 40 to whatever, sometimes they don't finish as well as one team would like.' But normally the intensity level is increased. The hype, obviously, is increased. And it's important that you go and you prepare yourself the right way and you don't get caught up in all of this."

On whether the reason for TE Brent Celek's decrease in receptions is because he is being asked to block more: "You know, I think that kind of goes in cycles; I'm not saying the blocking part, but just receptions and he's going to get plenty of receptions as we go. He had a big one brought back. But as we go on more balls will go in his direction. I mean, that's just how this thing works. Every year you've asked me about (WR) DeSean (Jackson), and (WR Jeremy) Maclin, and the quarterbacks, but those things go in cycles. It's not necessarily the quarterback. It's what the coverages are and how people are using them, and then how we're using them."

On whether McNabb has a quality to bounce back and have a big game after being benched the previous week: "You know, I don't know that. I think we probably caught Arizona at the right time, there and they had a long travel week at Thanksgiving. And then things just worked out as a team. You know things worked out there. But I don't know about all of that."

On whether he has put an emphasis on Vick to slide or whether he just accepts Vick for the player he is: "Listen, I let Michael play. I mean, he knows. Listen, he's the one that had the cracked cartilage, there. And so that's not a real fun experience. So he knows when he needs to get out (of bounds). And I was joking when I made that statement. But listen, he got out of bounds a couple times, which is good."

On Coleman's readiness to step in at safety: "He does know both (positions), yes. And he's okay at either one if he has to move, or whatever. Especially as a backup, he had to know that."

On the Redskins taking away the deep threat last game and if he expects them to try that again: "Well, listen, Jim Haslett's a great coordinator. And so, they had a good plan against us last time. If that's the way they go, we'll be ready for that. And if he goes a different direction, we'll try to be ready for that. But obviously, the last one they ended up winning the game and we obviously didn't score enough points. So that was effective."

On the reason why the Redskins defensive scheme gave the offense so much trouble: "Well, listen, there were a few things. The main thing was they had shown - that wasn't something that they had had in the repertoire there. So that was something that the regime before had done. And so, we probably didn't give everybody the best opportunity to be successful, although I thought (QB) Kevin (Kolb) came in without practice and did a pretty good job."

On whether the Cover 2 would have been less effective had Vick been the quarterback for the entire game: "Well, that's what they started in. So it wasn't that they changed with Kevin. They came in playing Cover 2, so it wasn't anything – I wouldn't say that. No. I mean, teams have done that here the last few weeks; they've played some Cover 2 against us, both when Kevin was in and Michael."

On whether McNabb's cardiovascular endurance was a problem in Philadelphia just like he is being criticized in Washington: "Listen, I don't know all that. He was phenomenal here. So I don't know about all that. I can't waste my time on that. We're focused on the Washington Redskins and Donovan's a part of that at the quarterback position, he's a big part of that. So you know I'm not checking out all of that stuff. I'm looking at him as a player and ways that we can score touchdowns and not allow them to score touchdowns. I mean, that's what we do. So they have a good football team. He has a great supporting cast and that defense flies around and makes plays, and they're physical and so on."

On whether McNabb's practice pace was ever an issue during his time in Philadelphia: "No. Listen, the best thing I can tell you, as we sit here today, this was the greatest quarterback to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. I said it when he was here, I said it when he left, and I feel that way. So listen, every situation is different and I understand that. But I'm not going to spend a lot of time on that. I don't really care. I don't care about that. I care about making sure our football team is ready to play their football team."

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