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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Okay, injuries. People that will not practice today will be (RB LeSean) McCoy who has an AC sprain in his shoulder. (He) should be okay in the next day or so here. (DE Juqua Parker) won't practice. He's got a hip flexor strain. Everybody else is going to practice. (LB) Ernie (Sims) and (S) Nate Allen will return. I mentioned Ernie had a slight ankle sprain. He'll be out there practicing."

Opening remarks:"We look forward to playing the Giants this week. We know that's a big challenge. They're a good football team and we have to make sure we go through the preparation and process of getting ready to play not only the number one defense in the National Football League, but also their offense is very explosive. You saw the first Dallas game where they were down. (Giants QB) Eli (Manning) started off rough and just kind of worked his way through it and put together a phenomenal game. Their special teams is very explosive. We know they're a good football team and, again, it's a NFC East rival and those are always exciting games."

On McCoy's and Parker's status for Sunday: "I think both of them will be ready to go. I'm giving them the day off and see how they do tomorrow."

On McCoy nearing his total amount of carries from last season and on the importance of preserving him for the long haul: "He's been doing a good job, so there's not a lot of preserving that goes on in the National Football League, especially at this time of the year. I do want to make sure that he gets back to where he feels comfortable. He's worked through some things this season. He's a tough kid. To answer your question, I'm going to keep a close eye on it and make sure that I'm comfortable with how he feels."

On whether he had to talk to QB Michael Vick about handling the spotlight due to his overwhelming success this season: "Listen, Michael knows this better than anybody and I don't have to really say a word to him. You could be on the top of the mountain one day in the National Football League and at the bottom of the well the next day. That's how this thing works. Michael has been in this league a long time, so he understands it."

On whether he has to get the team to focus on the Giants after coming off a convincing victory against the Redskins on Monday night: "Well, you've got to make sure that you focus in on the Giants, number one. The other game, obviously, is over. There are some things that we can learn from. It surely wasn't the perfect game. Things can get out of hand in this league. You're never as good as you think and you're never as bad as you think. That's how that game was. Washington is a good football team. It snowballed on them a little bit and we were able to get the lead and move from there. But there are plenty of things that we can learn from that game and get better at and we need to get better at. We're a young football team and we need to constantly improve here as we go on. That's the reality. The reality is when you turn on the tape and you see the New York Giants like the fellas did today and a lot of them were here yesterday looking at film, that you know you're going against a good football team."

On Hobbs' hip and whether CB Dimitri Patterson is still the starter at cornerback: "Dimitri is (the starter). Ellis, we're going to ease him back in and he's going to be out there. You'll see him returning a little bit and we'll see how he does with that. We'll just see how he does this week. He's a little better this week than he was last week. He's feeling a little bit better than what he has. So we'll just ease him in and see how he does."

On whether he will consider using Hobbs as a nickel or dime cornerback: "I don't know. Who knows? We seem to through everybody in there. If he's active I'm sure he'll be thrown in there somewhere."

On the physical and emotional challenge of playing four games in 18 days, including three primetime games: "Well, you know, it's a challenge. Every week in this league is a challenge and you've got to be mentally tough. These types of stretches, if you're going to be any good, then you have to work through them. So, we'll see. We'll see how it all works."

On whether this could potentially be the best offense he has ever had in Philadelphia: "I don't know. Who knows? It's not over yet. We haven't done anything yet. Ask me that in February."

On whether there is a secret to his teams getting better later in the season: "I don't know if there is a secret. If there is, I haven't found it and I'm probably pretty close to the situation. I don't have an answer for you. When you're coaching it and playing it like our players and coaches are doing, you're kind of in the mix and just trying to find a way for that particular week. And that's kind of where we're at right now."

On whether he has done anything to keep the players level-headed after two good wins: "Listen, they know. The players know that stuff. I don't need to say all that. They understand. We're sitting here after nine games and there are a whole lot of games left."

On whether he has to say more to the players now to keep them in the moment with all of the youth on the team: "Listen, I won't get into what I tell them. I've never done that. What I say in there stays in there. They know and I'll just tell you that. They understand."

On whether G Max Jean-Gilles will be the starting right guard: "You know what, they're both probably going to play and we'll just see how it all works out this week. You'll see both of them in there out at practice."

On whether C/G Nick Cole and G Max Jean-Gilles will rotate in the game: "Well, possibly. You know we'll see, figure it out."

On whether he has ever seen a quarterback so late in his career elevate his ability to make decisions in the pocket and to what does he attribute that to with Vick: "Well, listen, I will tell you Michael's had good coaching in the past and I want to think that he has good coaching now. I think (offensive coordinator) Marty's doing a phenomenal job as a coordinator and he's setting things up. And obviously he's an expert at that position. And (quarterbacks coach) James Urban is doing a phenomenal job with Michael. But at the same time it's really the player – if the player doesn't want to absorb it then he's not going to absorb it. And Michael, since he's been here has been just a sponge with things and taken everything in, trying it, and then relaying that from practice to the game field. And so, a lot of credit and most of the credit should go to him and his approach to the game right now."

On whether he worries about Vick's style of play against a physical, top-rated defense in the league: "Well, listen, they're the number one defense in the National Football League and rightly so, so they've gotten after the quarterback. So that front four – I say front four but they rotate guys in there – they're all good and they play their hearts out and are very aggressive. So it's a great challenge for our offensive line and it's a great challenge for Michael. I can't really worry about all of that other than making sure that we worry about what we can control, and that's trying to set up the protections the right way and so on and going from there."

On whether Vick's work ethic has been a big reason for the difference in his play: "Well, I think he's come out publicly and said that to you; that it's his approach to the game. And I think he literally said that he was one of the last ones in the building and one of the first ones out (in Atlanta). And that's not the way it's been here. He's really one of the first ones here and the last ones out. So his whole approach – you know, I wasn't there for the other one, I'm just going off of what he said – but I would say that his approach has been very good here, and if it's what he said, then yes."

On how RB Jerome Harrison did in pass protection on Monday night: "Well, you know, he did okay. There was one little mix-up there, but other than that I thought he handled the protections well. (He) caught the ball well when we flexed him out and we threw him the ball the one time. And then obviously he ran really well."

On whether he is going to say anything to the league about the pregame incident on the field involving WR DeSean Jackson: "No. Listen, I know they're looking at it and I don't get caught up in that too much. I know there was a lot of talking and it looked like that first game. And I thought our guys did quite a little bit of playing this past game and just didn't do a whole lot of the talking part. So whatever happened, happened. I don't know that. It's in the league's hands and they're doing whatever they're doing."

On whether there is anything to watch injury-wise for G/T Todd Herremans: "You know, it's what I told you in camp. I have, really, four guards that I feel good about with (G Reggie Wells) and then Max and Nick. So I have more history with the three of them, so I trust them like I do starters, all three of them. So it was an opportunity to just pull back a couple reps on Todd's foot and go with it. I mean, there's no problem with it or anything. He'll practice today."

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