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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Okay, injuries. (CB) Ellis Hobbs has a hip flexor strain. He didn't practice Monday and he's not going to practice today. (We're) going to let that thing calm down a little bit and rehab. (T) King Dunlap has a knee hyper-extension. He won't practice today. Both of them are day-to-day situations and (we'll) see how things work out here. Both of them are going to struggle to get to the game. (DT Brodrick) Bunkley will practice today. He has a brace on the elbow and he'll be out there practicing. We'll just see how he does through the contact. Everybody else is ready to go."

Opening remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Colts. They're a tremendous football team. Two great football teams playing each other and this is what the NFL is all about. Again, we look forward to bringing them into Lincoln Financial Field. Our fans will definitely be the 12th man there and we know they'll keep it nice and loud and that's a good thing."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson passed all his concussion tests: "Yes, DeSean has passed his tests. I should've mentioned that. He has passed his tests. He visited with the doctor and so on; he's done everything. He'll be out there today in practice."

On whether Hobbs suffered the hip flexor injury in the Titans game: "He did, yeah. It was bothering him during the game there."

On whether he knows when Hobbs sustained the injury: "I don't. I don't know exactly. This is what you're dealing with Ellis Hobbs. You're dealing with a very tough individual who's very quiet and doesn't say much. As you go back and you look at the tape, you can see where he was affected. He's a tough nut, man, and a very good football player. I want to make sure that he gets back and gets himself right here."

On whether Hobbs spoke up about his injury during the game: "No, he played through it. Really, it became very tight after he was sitting around."

On whether he expects Jackson to play or be a gametime decision: "We'll see. We'll see how he does during practice. This will be his first full practice of going here and we'll just see. We'll take it day by day and see how he does."

On QB Michael Vick saying that he's playing smarter and on how he can do that without compromising his skill set: "Well, I think the smart part is, you say, 'taking on all defenders.' There's a time and a place where you can slide and get down. But it's not going to affect his game at all. That's how he plays. I just think you'll see times where he can get himself out of bounds or he can go down. The quarterback has that rule where they can slide and they're protected a little bit, but he's got to continue to run when he needs to run and do all those things. That part won't change."

On whether CB Dimitri Patterson is starting on Sunday because of Hobbs' injury: "Patterson is starting because of (Hobbs') hip flexor."

On whether Hobbs will regain his starting role once he's healthy again: "Yeah, we just have to see how he does. I can't tell you when that is; we'll just see how things work out there."

On how WR Jeremy Maclin has handled his increased role with Jackson out of the lineup: "Yeah, I thought he did some things. Now we moved him all around, which is different. That's the different part of the form. But I thought, all in all, he did a good job."

On whether getting Jackson back for Sunday will be an extra boost against the Colts:"Listen, you want all your guys there. That's what you want to be a complete team. He's a very good player, so that helps you and that's another good football player that you can put out on the field. I'm not going to slight any of the guys that are out there. Jeremy did a nice job of filling in and the other receivers did a nice job of filling in. Listen, he's a starter and he's one of the very good receivers in the National Football League. You welcome him back."

On when he found out about Hobbs' injury: "I found out after the game. Is there a problem here with this? Listen now, listen closely. I said that as time went on after the game – I'm not sure. Is there something that I don't know here? After the game it tightened up and then progressively got worse as it went on."

On whether he thought that he would ever coach a future politician in Jon Runyan: "Listen, I'm a big Jon Runyan fan. I know you're getting honesty, integrity, toughness and all those things that come with it. I didn't know it then. He didn't say much. Now he has the floor. It's a good thing. It seems like he's doing well."

On whether he has a reason for starting Patterson over CB Trevard Lindley or Joselio Hanson:"Well, Hanson has a huge role and is playing very well in the role that he's playing. And so Patterson, when he's had opportunity to play, he made plays. So we're going to give him that shot. Now Hanson's going to play a lot too (with) the offense that they run. And then we have a lot of confidence in Lindley too. So I think it's a good situation. If Ellis is down this week, then Lindley's up and we'll see how that works. But it's all a good thing."

On playing against Colts quarterback Peyton Manning:"Well, listen, they're a good football team and Peyton's a big part of that. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, as does our team. So, I mean, you're talking about, I believe, a four-time most valuable player in this league (and) that says a little something. I'm not sure that he's not the only one that's done that. That's quite a feat. A lot of good players come through this league and for him to have that under that belt is a pretty good deal. So he's a good football player and we're going to prepare ourselves for that football team and that's what we're going to do."

On whether it is important to maintain a balance in the offense and run the football: "Well, teams have run the ball (on the Colts). And I think what you said is balance is important and we're going through all that now and evaluating and putting the gameplan together and we'll just see how it all comes together."

On whether the team has any interest in WR Randy Moss: "Listen, I'm a big Randy Moss fan. I mean, his work, he's done a phenomenal job with that. I like the receivers we have right now. You know Randy's going to go somewhere and hook on and finish up his career and do a great job. So I have a lot of respect for that guy as a football player, and I know him away from the field also and I like him. But right now we have a good nucleus of young receivers that we feel very good about."

On whether RB Jerome Harrison is ready to see game action: "There's a chance that – you'll see him out at practice today and Thursday working in there, so we'll just see how he does. He's a sharp kid (and) he's picked things up. I told you before the protection was the thing that was really foreign to him and so he dug in over the bye week and kind of got that together and we'll see what he can do here."

On his reaction about Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb getting pulled from the game and the comments that have come out since then: "Yeah, listen, I think everybody in here knows how I feel about Donovan. I've said it when he was here, I've said it when he left here and went to Washington. I mean, this is the greatest quarterback in our franchise's history, and this franchise has been around for a couple days. So there have been some pretty good players come through here, pretty good quarterbacks. And I respect the heck out of the guy. I really haven't spent much time with that (situation). You know, I've been trying to concentrate on the Colts and really focus in on them the last couple weeks here and make sure I have all that down. But I think everybody knows how I feel about Donovan and how our football team feels about him. He's a phenomenal football player and a good person."

On whether there is a reason for his teams being so successful after the bye week: "Listen, I don't know that. I don't have an answer for you on that. We have to just focus in on the job at hand and keep working on this crew here. Every team has obviously been different that we've played and the situations different and so on. So I don't put much into that, I just try to focus in on what we have going here."

On whether S Nate Allen and C Mike McGlynn have bounced back following an emotional loss against Tennessee: "Listen, and this is with every player whether you are young or old, it's with every coach. There's a human element where mistakes are going to take place. (But) it's important that you learn from those mistakes; if you're going to be successful in the National Football League (then) you're going to learn from your mistakes and you're going to get better for it. And so, every game's not going to be a bed of roses for you. Both those kids are mentally tough, so I think that's the approach they took. They looked at whatever, and every player did and I think every coach did this week, you look at the things that you need to get better at and you go with it. And then you get out of practice and you work on it and do it as fast as you possibly can, close to game speed. And I think those two have that frame of mind. You asked specifically about those guys so I think they're in that frame of mind."

On whether he has any memories from his pursuit of Moss during 2008 free agency: "Well, yeah, there, and I was in Green Bay for a while when he was in Minnesota (during) his Pro Bowl years, but I did, I talked to him at that time. Listen, I think he's a heck of a player."

On whether he was close to joining the Eagles in 2008: "Well he ended up going back to New England so I never got him here (laughing). He was in New England and he stayed in New England so I don't know how close I was."

On T Jason Peters' injury and whether he is concerned with him protecting the blind side: "Well, their defensive ends, number one are good football players, both of them. And (Colts DE Dwight) Freeney would be the one that he'd be going against and Freeney's obviously a Pro Bowl player. So Jason's made progress. He's about a month out, or he will be here, month out of the surgery and feeling pretty good. He worked out with us on Monday and moved around pretty good; now listen, that was just in shorts. So today we'll see, we'll just see how he does. But I will tell you today he's feeling good. I want to see how he is after this practice and during this practice."

On the challenge facing Patterson against the Colts offense: "Well, they have good receivers. And so, I will tell you that for our secondary I think they have a good quarterback and good receivers and our guys are going to really attack the process here of getting ready to play them. So I think that's the frame of mind they're in and Dimitri's doing the same thing. I think he's grateful for having the opportunity – I know he talked to you guys on Monday – he's grateful for that opportunity to have a chance to start this game if it comes down to that. So we'll just see how he does."

On whether it is important not to get into drop back situations that let the Colts defensive ends get up field: "Yeah, they're pretty good in that situation. When it's third-and-long they know how to pass rush very well, as well as anybody in the National football League. So the best you can do is staying out of those situations (then) the better off you're going to be."

On whether the challenge of facing Colts QB Peyton Manning is unique: "Well, one thing Peyton does – there are a few quarterbacks that do it, (but) maybe not to the same extent that Peyton does – but he calls a lot of things on the field. And all those gyrations, those aren't just, I mean he's actually making calls and changing plays and doing those things at the line of scrimmage. And he's intelligent and he works very hard at his job and is very good at it. So you have to make sure, listen, that you're on your A-game and you play hard and aggressive for four quarters."

On his general thoughts or feelings after his bye week evaluations: "Well, there are a couple of areas that we need to get better at. Listen, I'm not necessarily going to go into all that. But there are some things that we can get better at as coaches, and I'm starting with myself, as coaches and as players and collectively as a team. And so our players are aware of it (and) our coaches are aware of it. And one thing I know about professional athletes is if you can identify a couple of things in there that they can attack, and likewise with professional coaches, a couple of things that they can attack and get better at, then you're able to do that. And that will be our challenge the second half of the season."

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