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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "(DT) Trevor Laws has a shoulder sprain – AC sprain and chest contusion. (He's) pretty sore today. We'll just have to see how he does here. (DT) Jeff Owens did tear his patella tendon and will have surgery – we'll have to get you the date of that surgery and who's doing it. (CB) Asante, his knee was a little sore today, had an MRI on it, looks good. Mike Vick has a quad contusion. Again, it was painful yesterday, it's still painful today. It happened on the first play of the game, but he was able to push through. (WR) DeSean Jackson's foot was bothering him just a little bit. He got some work on that today. And then, Stewart Bradley's elbow, he's doing well, continuing to improve. (He) won't be ready for this week but there's a chance for the playoffs. And then, (LB) Keenan Clayton. He's back now and should be full speed. He practiced a little bit last week, so he should be full speed this week."

Opening remarks: "Again, we have no excuses for this game. Again, it's my responsibility to get our team to play better than what we did. There are plenty of things we can learn from it, we will do that. A lot of the guys have been in and seen the tape. This was their day off, today, on a short week, here. So between treatment and review they were able to come up and get some film in. As far as how we play the guys, and who we play this week, I haven't finalized that, what I'm going to do there. I'm looking at that now. So I wanted to make sure that we took care of this game and got it past us and now we're moving on to the Dallas game. So after I leave here that's what all the emphasis is on. Again, we look forward to that challenge of playing the Cowboys, another good football team coming in here putting their record aside. They're a good football team. We did have the opportunity to play them a couple weeks back here, so we are relatively familiar with them. They're still doing the same – basically the same things since our game with the couple teams that they've played. So we'll go back and review those games and get ready to play the Cowboys."

On whether there are certain factors that will go into him determining resting players: "You have to look at what's at stake if you play them, injury-wise. Some guys need the play time, some guys need the rest time. So I have to look at who those guys are, and what situations I put them in, and so on. But at the same time you want to win the game no matter who's playing."

On whether there could be a mixture of some nonstarters and some starters beginning the game on Sunday: "We'll see. I really haven't gotten that far. I will today, like right after this meeting I'll get a list together and talk to the coaches about it. But to this point I haven't done that."

On whether he will look at the number of snaps a guy has played when determining who to rest:"In certain cases, you do. In other cases you just make that decision."

On whether he feels Vick is a player who could use some rest on Sunday: "Yeah, listen, I'm not even sure he can get back from what he's got here with the quad. I mean, it's pretty sore right now. But I have to look at that. I mean, he'd be one that you have to look at to see what you do there."

On whether it is important to play well in Sunday's game to take momentum heading into the playoffs: "We have to get rid of the things that I don't consider very smart things, like substitutions, and the things that you take care of, the (timing), the offsides, all of those things, you have to eliminate those. No matter who's in there that part has to stop. That's 'early in the year' mistakes and you don't make those right now. That's concentration things, paying attention on the sideline (and) that's coaches and players. So that part has to end. And then, responsibilities on the field. So when you're out there are you in the right gap? Are you using the right techniques on both sides of the ball and special teams? Doing the right things?"

On how he decides on resting players for Sunday's game with the possibility of a Saturday playoff game the following week:"I'm going to look at all that. I just, listen, I haven't gone there yet. I've been trying to make sure we get this part answered first. We're taking it one step at a time here and the first part was to make sure we fix the mistakes of yesterday's game."

On when he noticed the severity of Vick's injury last night:"Well it happened the first play and it was bothering him. Now, I tell by the way he runs and it looked like he was running full speed. So he was able to get out of any danger, he just, when he walked, he kind of walked with a little bit of a gimp, but he sure moved well."

On whether he ever considered a healthy QB Kevin Kolb as an option to replace an injured Vick:"No, not necessarily. Again, I was going off of what I saw as far as him moving. You don't ever want to put a player in danger, so as long as he could move the way – he didn't look like he was hindered at all when he ran – so I thought that was an important thing."

On whether there is anything wrong with Vick's knee after he came up limping after one particular play where it looked like his knee got twisted: "Michael Vick? No. It's the same contusion part of it."

On whether he is still trying to get a feel for this team because of its youth and inexperience: "Well, I think they'll react the right way. I think they understand – there's nobody that knows better than the player. That part isn't age related. So everybody in that locker room knew, coaches and players knew, that we didn't do a good job all the way around. And so, this team will react the right way."

On whether shuffling defensive players on and off the field had anything to do with the 12-men on the field penalty:"Well, yeah, I mean that's, there has to be a communication when you're coming on and off and we had a couple guys that got banged up a little bit and had to come out; two guys on the defensive line. I had taken (DT Mike) Patterson out for a series there. So you know, there was some confusion there, yes."

On whether it is odd for defensive coordinator Sean McDermott to be tinkering with players so much this late in the season: "Well, he's not really tinkering. I'm not sure what you mean by tinkering."

On McDermott rotating players in there and giving certain players more snaps than they got earlier in the year: "Yeah, what he's done is he's using everybody, trying to work everybody's strengths into the gameplan, which is a good thing. And so trying to put everybody in a good position there, and that's okay, that's the way it works."

On whether after looking at film he wishes he gave RB LeSean McCoy more touches in the running game: "Listen, there are a few things we could have done better and he is a good running back and he's surely deserving of more carries."

On whether he is concerned about fatigue and the possibility of playing three games in 12 days: "No. I'm not worried about all that; a year or two ago maybe with an older team."

On whether there was a reason why blitz pickup was such a disaster on Tuesday: "Well listen, there was a free guy and so, you have to account for that guy and I didn't think we did a very good job with that. And then there were some things protection-wise that we can help with that takes care of that. But we just have to be more aware of where and if they bring an extra man."

On whether that is an adjustment that can be made during play by the player: "Well, we made the adjustment, we kind of got out there late. You saw McCoy kind of cutting back through there to pick that up. But we got there just a little bit late on one of them, we picked the other one up."

On how he improves as a coach after a tough loss:"Look, as a coach there are a lot of places you can improve every day. There are a lot of different areas and I'll make sure that I get that part covered."

On whether it is a daunting task to play in the Wild Card round and make a deep run in the playoffs: "Well, it's part of it. Listen, you're in the playoffs, so you take one game at a time and you go. And that's the mentality that you take in. So 'daunting' puts a negative or a bigger-than-life tone to it, where it's reality. You put yourself in a position in a frame of mind that you're going to go play four games and one game at a time with those four games."

On whether there was any advance preparation for Dallas on a short week:"Yeah, they're all broke down, ready to go. All the stuff's on the computer ready to roll."

On whether he has started preparing for any one of the three possible playoff teams the team may face: "Yeah, we advance it. So that means one of the pro scouts goes out and looks at a couple of different teams and does a write-up on them. And right now we have to take care of Dallas on a short week and you can't move past that right this minute."

On whether he needs to talk to Vick about not trying to do too much out on the field: "Well, listen, there are going to be certain games where teams are going to bring extra guys and it's just a matter of getting it out of your hands and not taking the hits that he's taking right now. And then, some of it's protection, some of it's calls. I mean, we can do a better job with that and give him an opportunity to get the ball out of his hand quicker. So it's not just one guy there. Everybody has a little piece of that."

On whether Jackson needs to win more battles against defensive backs:"Well listen, again, it's not a one-man show here. Teams are going to roll coverages; they're going to do certain things to try to take him away and as coaches it's our responsibility to find ways of creating it where teams can't do that, and then when he's given an opportunity for him to do the right thing and the quarterback to do the right thing. You know, so it's everybody; offensive line to protect and it's not one guy. But I can't keep telling you that enough that when I came out of that game, and now that I've looked at it, all three phases need work. And that's where I tell you, that's my responsibility to make sure that we tighten that thing up and that we're sharper there."

On whether there is anything he can do to try and improve the return game and whether CB Gerard Lawson has a chance to play this weekend: "I didn't want to put him in there (this past game). Even though he's just coming out of the UFL it's been about four weeks since he played. So I wanted to give him an opportunity to learn our blocking schemes and that. But he'll get a chance this week to do that."

On whether CB Dimitri Patterson will still start Sunday against the Cowboys: "We'll see. Listen, I haven't even gotten that far yet."

On whether Vick will be able to play Sunday:"Well listen, he might be able to play Sunday. I don't know that for fact. I know he's sore. If he had to play today he's tight right now and sore, so I would have to do something else. But we have time to see. And then, surely down the road he'll be fine."

On how DE Derrick Burgess looked in his limited role: "He did okay."

On the pass rush in general:"Yeah, we have to do a better job; got to get to these quarterbacks in the National Football League or they'll pick you apart."

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