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Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "(DT Jeff) Owens has a patella tendon rupture, and he'll have an MRI in the morning. (QB Michael) Vick had a quad contusion, and (DT Trevor) Laws had a shoulder sprain."

On the loss: "It was an absolutely pathetic job on my part of getting my team ready to play. We didn't coach well and we didn't play well. It was a complete tail-whipping right there. Compliments to the Vikings. (Interim head coach) Leslie (Frazier) has done a nice job there."

On whether the team was affected by the two-day layoff: "No. There are no excuses. (Minnesota) came to play and we didn't. They played better than we did."

On what he said in the locker room following the loss: "I'm not going to get into that. That stays in the locker room."

On whether QB Michael Vick's play was hampered by his quad injury: "You have to play – all positions. At this time of the year, you're going to have nicks and bruises, and you have to play."

On whether he will sit starters against Dallas: "We're not good enough to do that."

On the play of Vikings rookie quarterback Joe Webb: "He did a nice job. He's mobile, and he made some nice throws. I thought he controlled the offense well."

On what phase of the team was not ready to play tonight:"I'd say all phases. Every phase – penalties, missed assignments, too many people on the field, substitutions. It was terrible, absolutely terrible."

On missing out on the possibility of securing a first round bye in the playoffs: "We don't deserve it after that performance right there."

On NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's desire for starters to play in Week 17 games: "I haven't even thought about that."

On where the team goes after this type of loss: "We get better, that's what we do. We didn't do good enough today, so we have a lot of room to get better."

On whether the players felt that they didn't need to play well in order to beat Minnesota: "It wasn't only on the players, it was on the coaches and me. It's my responsibility to get us to play better and coach better. That was terrible. Every phase was terrible."

On whether QB Michael Vick was just off tonight: "The whole offense was off."

On whether the team has become too accustomed to Vick pulling out comeback victories: "I expect everybody to execute the offense the way it's supposed to be executed, and for the coaches to coach it the way it's supposed to be coached."

On whether CB Dimitri Patterson was benched in the second half:"We played Joselio (Hanson) in there."

On the confusion with defensive substitutions: "It wasn't only on defense, it was on special teams and on offense too. It's my responsibility to get us organized better than that."

On the disappointment of giving up a Vikings touchdown drive after cutting Minnesota's lead to three points in the fourth quarter: "It was every phase of the game. We have an All-Pro kicker that kicked the ball out of bounds. We have good players, and good coaching, but we didn't coach it well enough. We didn't do well enough on defense - didn't coach it well enough, and didn't play it well enough. I'm disappointed in myself for not getting my team ready better than that."

On whether the game being pushed back two days affected the team's performance: "No, it had nothing to do with it. (Minnesota) had the game pushed back two days too, and they were away from home and the whole deal. They played. We didn't play."

On whether the players will still be given Wednesday off: "Yes, they're off tomorrow."

On whether he will rest some players in the regular season finale against Dallas due to the fact that the Eagles are locked into the third seed in the NFC playoffs: "I'm still on this game right here. I haven't even thought about next week."

On why QB Michael Vick has been less effective in the last couple of weeks: "We need to do a better job there. We need to make sure we put him in the right position to make plays, we need to protect him better, and he needs to do better himself. He's getting hit too much, and we need to help him out and do a better job there."

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