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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "(LB) Stewart Bradley and (LB) Keenan Clayton are out. (WR) DeSean and (CB) Asante practiced today, and I think both of them feel a little bit better, so we'll just see how they do tomorrow and after the work they had today. Everybody else is ready to go."

Opening remarks:"We look forward to the challenge of playing the New York Giants, they're a heckuva football team. So I think we've had a good week of preparation. And again, we'll be ready to go up there and play a nice, tough NFC East football game."

On Samuel's and Jackson's injury status:"Asante, right now, is listed as questionable and DeSean is questionable."

On whether he anticipates Samuel and Jackson to play on Sunday barring setbacks: "I think so, you know what, I want to see how it works out tonight and after this workout here. So we'll just see."

On whether Samuel's and Jackson's injuries have improved: "Well, they got more work, yeah; both of them got more work today. So that was a plus."

On whether T Winston Justice will play: "Winston did some work today, and actually he's doing better, too. He's questionable also."

On whether Samuel and Jackson were full participants in practice today: "Yeah, you know what, I don't know, I'll get with (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) on that. They took the reps they needed to take, that we wanted them to take. And then, not sure how all the rules and regulations go on that, they look like they did quite a little bit of work though. I don't know the number of reps though."

On whether Justice will start if he can play: "Yes."

On whether he expects Justice to start: "Well he wasn't able to do full reps there. So (T) King (Dunlap) took the reps, and then we worked him on scout team just to see. He was a little bit sore yesterday and you know, coming into this I wasn't quite sure. But he felt pretty good today. So we'll just see, we'll just see how he does."

On the challenge Dunlap faces if he were to start against the Giants: "Well listen, I think every offensive tackle in the National Football League would tell you that when you play this defensive line and defensive ends, that that's a challenge. So it's no different for King than the other offensive tackles. They present you a good challenge. But King's worked hard and (T) Jason (Peters) has worked hard."

On whether he is keeping an eye on the weather: "You know, I can't control that. You just have to go play. I learned that when I was in Green Bay, man. You just put your gameplan together, you go play, and you just can't let that be a distraction, whatever it is, whatever is presented to you."

On whether DE Derrick Burgess will be active: "We'll see, you know, he took some reps out here. So again, we'll see how he's doing. He took more today than he did yesterday. But we also had (DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim) in there doing it too. So we'll just see how he's feeling as we go here."

On how Burgess looked: "Yeah, you know, I thought he looked pretty good actually. I know he's in good shape. But again, he stayed after practice and took some extra reps yesterday. And so, I was curious to see how he felt today. He felt pretty good today and we'll see how he feels tomorrow and go from there."

On whether having a full week of preparation with the ones will help LB Jamar Chaney as opposed to just being thrown out on the field: "Well it can't hurt, right. So I think he feels comfortable in the gameplan, smart kid, and he'll be ready to go. So I would probably tell you more comfortable than he was last week getting thrown in there just by the sheer fact that he was able to take reps with the first group."

On the pass rush over the last two or three games: "Well, I thought we've done some good things there, even when we're not bringing extra people I felt like we were getting home. Now the quarterbacks you can see get rid of the ball fast and they have a tendency to do that when they play us. So you're not always going to get the sack, but the pressure's important there."

On the run defense over the last eight or nine weeks and their ability to stop the run without bringing a safety down in the box: "Yeah, I do. Now listen, this is one of the better run teams that we're facing here and (Giants QB) Eli (Manning) does a nice job with the play-action off of it. And when you come into play the Giants you have to play a complete game. You have the five-step that's good, you have the play-action, and then you have the run game that you have to contend with and they're all very solid in those spots. But I think our guys have done a decent job with the run game and in particular the front seven there. So I think they've done a good job."

On whether the job that the front seven has done stopping the run allows him to do more with the secondary: "You have to give different looks. You can't line up in the same thing every time. But it does give you flexibility if the seven guys can hold up in there and we can do a couple extra things with it. But at the same time you're not going to sit there and you can't show them the same look every time, especially with a team like this here that is very good."

On whether he has received any early reports on the wind conditions in New Meadowlands stadium: "It's going to be a northerly wind at about 12 miles per hour on Sunday (jokingly)."

On whether K David Akers has had a chance to go to New York and check out the weather conditions: "He went up and practiced with them yesterday (jokingly). No, I mean he hasn't been up there."

On the importance of pregame warm-ups for Akers: "Well listen, he's kicked a few balls here now in a lot of different stadiums and conditions. So he'll be fine."

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