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Game Vs. Vikings: RB Brian Westbrook

Brian, how did the screen unfold, what happened there? "Well, for the most part, they had been pressuring us the whole game with the linebackers and so we called that play at exactly the right time. The offensive line did a great job of getting out and making some blocks and Correll (Buckhalter) threw a great block and my receivers escorted me to the end zone. You have nine, 10 guys blocking like that, you're going to have some success."

The screen pass has been a big part of the offense, but you haven't used it much? "I think a lot of teams have been taking it away. We kind of lulled them to sleep a little bit. We did a good job of getting out there on the screen and executing."

You and the offense had the idea of taking one play at a time today? "We were very patient. Those guys did a great job of taking away the run. They got into the running lanes early and often throughout the game. We did a good job of throwing the ball down the field. We had to continue to run the ball to make them play honest. We didn't have as much success as we should have."

Were you frustrated only getting 30 yards before the screen play? "I want to help this team win. I was getting the touches, but I wasn't getting the yards that I wanted to. So, I'm definitely looking forward to that next touch, trying to make a big play. So, for me, I just want to help this team win."

Even though the defense pitched a shutout in the second half, did you feel like you needed that touchdown? "We need every touchdown we can get, but at that point in the game, we needed some momentum. That touchdown provided that momentum."

What are your expectations for the Giants?"Going up there, a great defensive coordinator, Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) and those guys do a great job of game planning, getting ready for the game. We have to expect pretty much everything. For us, we just have to go out there and execute our game plan. Start early, stay on schedule, as far as down and distance and we should be fine."

Everybody was excited about the Cowboys' win. Do you put this win up there? "Everybody is excited. It was a tough game. We had some tough games in the middle of the season where we weren't finishing the way we should have. That kind of paved the way for us. We didn't finish the way we needed to in those games. In this game, we found a way to score. The defense found a way to get stops. That's what we needed from our defense and what we needed from our offense, to win in the playoffs."

This is a game you would have lost in the first half of the season. Do you feel like you are a little more battle-tested? "We had some tough games early on in the season and we didn't continue to fight throughout those games. For us, we have to find a way to fight and we did fight today, which led us to a win."

Can you talk about Donovan's (McNabb) poise? "Donovan did a great job today. Basically, he put the team on his back. We really didn't have much of a running game, but he threw the ball down the field. He stood in there and faced the blitz. That's what you expect from a superstar quarterback."

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