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Game Vs. Ravens: QB Joe Flacco


Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco

On the offensive performance:
"The first couple drives we had, we got going. [On the] first one, I took a shot. I think I'd probably take that again. And then the second drive, we got a first down. Got a nice run on first down. And then we had a guy wide open over the middle with [WR] Marlon [Brown]. He's a 6" 5' wide receiver and I overthrew him by 5 feet, so you just can't have that. And after that it just wasn't very good, but in our third drive we got some guys hurt and things like that. But the biggest thing is I think we protected well. I think we ran the ball pretty decent early on and you just can't turn the ball over."

On the concern about the offensive line injuries:
"Obviously they're a big part of the football game and you want your best guys to play and you want to have a lot of guys that you can play. And we do. We have a lot of guys that we can really rely on up and down the lineup, but getting them all hurt is obviously not ideal. Hopefully they're all alright and it's nothing too, too serious."

On the plays were the offensive linemen had to shuffle because of injuries:
"It's a credit to our guys in the fact that they can just step in there and not really blink an eye. They just do what they're told and go out there and do a good job. It's something we'll look at and, like I said, hopefully the guys get better and nothing is too serious, but it's just part of the game."

On if he chalks up the turnovers to preseason or tries to analyze it:
"Not really. I think they're easily analyzed though. You can't turn the ball over if you want to play well. And the first one I was taking a shot there with one-on-one coverage and just thought we might have a good play. The second one, we had a guy wide open and I made a terrible throw. So decision-wise, as of right now, I would say I think we had shots, I just didn't make the throw that I needed to."

On if the third preseason game is a better evaluation of where the offense will be:
"I think you have to look at everything as a whole and we like to come out here and put our best foot forward every single game and we didn't do that tonight, but we have to look forward to next week and going out there and putting it back on."

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