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Game Vs. Patriots: Eagles Defense

CB Sheldon Brown

On his interception and the signing of QB Michael Vick: "I've been around for years, so the pick is nothing. But I think the signing of (Michael) Vick is great because someone is giving him an opportunity to redeem his career and let his play speak for itself so I have a lot of respect for that."

On how a player of Michael Vick's stature can affect the game: "He can definitely make a lot of plays. You definitely have to game-plan for him as far as defensive linemen, having to get up the field and create pressure. He's one of those quarterbacks, similar to Donovan (McNabb). The play doesn't have to be perfect for him to make something happen. That's what's so great about him. I'm just glad someone gave him an opportunity to reunite with the league and the union and be able to perform because he's a heck of an athlete."

On the welcome the team will give Michael Vick: "There is no 'how are you going to welcome him.' He's our teammate and we're 100% behind him. From day one, to be honest, we thought it wasn't fair."

On the extra attention that the team may receive now: "It doesn't matter, we're used to attention. That doesn't do anything. Everybody has a job to do. Worry about your own job and do it well."

SS Quintin Mikell

On the welcome the team will give Michael Vick: "He's a great player, a good person, and everybody deserves a second chance. Everybody has been talking about what happened but at the end of the day, he paid his debt. We're going to welcome him here and hope that he can put everything back together by putting the right people around him and love him up. He knows that we don't care about people's past and we're looking forward."

On the extra attention the team may receive now: "That comes with the territory. I think we're used to that kind of stuff and we don't really care about that. This is a family atmosphere and we're going to stick together. It's one team, one heart. It doesn't matter what everyone else is saying. We're going to stick together and fight through and that's the way it's going to be."

On whether this team learns from it's past with dealing with media attention: "It's been crazy. My seven years in the league, I've been through all kinds of stuff. Sheldon (Brown) and these older guys, we've seen everything. Even last season, the run we put on at the end of the season, the tie game against Cincinnati, there's pretty much nothing that we haven't experienced. We're ready for all this stuff. We know that he's going to make us better and we're excited."

MLB Joe Mays

On what kind of player Michael Vick can be: "I know he doesn't want to be in that position again so I think he's going to be positive from here on out. That's what the Eagles see. I'm just looking forward to him coming in and contributing the best way he can."

On how he feels about the defensive play against the New England Patriots: "We played nickel, but for the most part I felt comfortable. Everything was good. It was nice to go out there and play ball, finally getting a chance to do that and hit some other people."

On what playing in the preseason can do for his experience: "There's nothing like game experience because it's game speed. We got a little taste of it today and I'm looking forward to it for the rest of the preseason so I can keep hitting and keep feeling good."

On playing against an offense of this caliber: "An explosive offense. That's the first thing I can say. Another thing is Tom Brady. I still feel like a rookie in a sense that when I see some of the premier players in the NFL, I still get 'big-eyed'. They're just an offense that has plenty of tools and they're pretty good and hopefully we'll be able to see them later on in the season."

On his communication with defensive coordinator Sean McDermott: "I think everything went well. We got the calls in as quick as we can, relayed the calls to the defense as quick as we can. Everything was good, we were all on the same page. We can only get better from here so I'm looking forward to it."

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