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Game Vs. Panthers: RB Brian Westbrook

On getting some more of the rust off: "It's a work in progress. Hopefully (I can) get a little more off next week so we can get things going in the run game a little bit."

On the bizarre delay during the game and getting back on the field afterwards: "It's difficult to get back out there and get the juices going again a little bit and go back out there and play, but it was one of those things you have to deal with and the guys came back and they did a good job."

On whether he hesitated to go back out after delay for safety reasons: "Well I think the refs, they did a good job of trying to make sure it was safe for us out there. But we did see a couple of lightening bolts out there when we came back out so it was definitely a dangerous situation."

On RB Tony Hunt and his run at the end of the game: "(RB Tony Hunt) did a good job. He ran one guy over and made it into the end zone. So definitely proud of him. He, you know, stepped up there and made some key blocks and did a good job getting into the end zone."

On the inconsistency on offense: "No question, it's definitely the things we need to work on. But that's what practice is for. That's what these preseason games are for. We're gonna continue to get better. It's just a matter of time. We have to continue to work together and we'll do that and we'll get better for the next game."

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