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Game Vs. Jaguars: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "(CB) Macho Harris has an ankle strain or a contusion. He's going to have an MRI tomorrow. I'm not sure which one it is yet. (T) Chris Patrick, right at the end of the game on the last field goal, had a knee strain. (G/T) Todd Herremans is having surgery on his foot tomorrow in Philadelphia. (His injury) ended up being a stress fracture in that area, so we will go ahead and have that fixed. Obviously there will be a couple of games that he will miss. We'll see how it goes after the surgery."

On the victory:"It was good to get the win, however the ones still have plenty of work to do. We need to get everyone back over the next couple of weeks here so that we can have good practice time before we open with Carolina. Next week, the ones will not be out there, the twos and threes will take the game. It was good to get the ones three quarters of play, but it just needs to be better than what it was. On the other hand, I thought the twos and threes did a heck of a job battling there. It was good to see (QB) Kevin (Kolb) get in and get some reps. It was good to see (QB) Michael (Vick) get a few snaps in the offense. We were just trying to get his feet wet and get him used to the speed of the game. We'll continue to work with him. I can't tell you about next week, but I'll evaluate the film and talk to him and see how he feels, and we'll go from there."

On whether Vick's plays disrupted the first offensive unit's rhythm:"If you're going to use that a little bit, then you have to work it in there. That's what we're going to do as we go down the road here. I expect the guys to make that part of the rhythm and make it work. That will happen there."

On how he determined when to get Vick out of the game:"I wanted to get him somewhere between five and seven snaps and just get him back into the swing of things. I wanted to use him with the first group, and we did that. We kind of got accomplished what we wanted to get accomplished."

On whether it was by design that Vick was not used in the red zone: "Yes, it was."

On whether QB Donovan McNabb made a gesture suggesting that Vick be removed and the team return to its conventional offense: "That had nothing to do with Michael. (The media) can ask (McNabb). He was fine with it."

On whether Vick was able to adjust to the speed of the game: "It looked like he did a couple of good things. We'll see. (Jacksonville) had a pretty good scheme for him, and we were running just some basic plays with the option involved. He did okay."

On whether Vick can be lined up at other spots in a formation besides quarterback: "I think we can put him in different spots. We'll look at this and see what we think from the film. If we can add something here or there, we'll add something."

On whether there is a chance that Vick will play in the team's preseason finale against the New York Jets: "There's a chance."

On whether (G/T) Todd Herremans' foot injury requires surgery because it did not respond to rest: "I think the doctors will tell you that somewhere between seven and 12-14 days is when the swelling settles down and you can see lines which indicate fractures. That's exactly what happened. They waited 14 days, took another MRI of it, and that's what they saw."

On the reaction of the crowd to Vick's first game: "I thought everyone reacted well. I didn't see anything negative. I think people were excited to see him get back in there. He did a couple of good things. He threw the ball well. We have to work on the option game all the way around. It wasn't just him. We'll get that taken care of and see how things work out."

On when he expects the starting offensive line to be intact: "I think we'll be minus Todd in that part of the offensive line. (T) Shawn (Andrews) will be out Saturday doing something in practice. We'll see how he progresses."

On whether he can justify continuing to use Vick for only 5-7 plays per game: "We'll see how it works out. We'll play it by ear. I know I have a great quarterback with Donovan (McNabb), so I want to make sure that he has enough opportunities to touch the football and do his thing. At the same time, it gives us a nice little wrinkle in there."

On when he made the decision not to play Brian Westbrook: "I wanted Brian to practice and prepare for the game as if he were playing. I made the decision today."

On whether Westbrook lobbied to play in the game: "He always lobbies to play. But I thought it was best for him that I went this route."

On whether Westbrook will play in the team's preseason finale against the New York Jets: (Joking) "We'll probably play him all four quarters." (serious) "No, he won't play."

On whether he was surprised by the crowd's reaction to Vick: "I thought everybody reacted well. They gave him a nice welcome and I thought that was important. I'm kind of proud of the way everybody just welcomed him in. It was good to see."

On whether he has an optimal number of plays for Vick each game: "We're just going to take it slow and see how everything works out here."

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