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Game Vs. Giants: RB Brian Westbrook

Have you ever seen this team, this coaching staff, commit to the run like they did today? "You know it's one of those days. We were able to run the ball successfully early, and coach stayed with it. He was very committed to it, and I give a lot of credit to him because usually we're not that committed to it. He saw that we were getting it done. We always try to tell him two or three yards is not that bad, and we had a couple carries where it was just two or three yards, but he stayed committed to it and sooner or later that turned into five or six yards, then we had the big run down the middle."

Would you have ever guessed 33 carries, a career high? "When your offensive line is doing what they did today, they dominated the line of scrimmage today like they did last week, anything can happen."

Did you get a sense the way it was going at the beginning that you were going to break one of those?"I just had the feeling. They were playing it very well at the beginning. We were getting two or three yards, but they were playing it well. All it really takes is one guy to get out of his gap, and they did that eventually and we were able to break a couple of them."

What happened on the touchdown run? Did they have nine guys on the line?"Yeah, I think they were blitzing. I think they were going all-out blitz. The fullback did a great job getting the block, offensive line did a great job of blocking up front and I was able to find a crease."

You didn't really look like yourself for a long time there, especially against Baltimore, then four touchdowns last week and two this week. How did it change so quickly? Did you just get healthy in one week? What happened? "I give all the glory to God, just like I said last week. It's not me; it's something more than me."

How big of a win is this for you guys in the big picture? "It's a big win. We're in a position now where we have to win them all. We're going to take them one week at a time but we have to win them all to get into the playoffs and we started today."

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