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Game Vs. Giants: QB Michael Vick

On how the 4th down conversion unfolded in the 4th quarter: "You know, I have to go back and watch the film and see what happened. I know I bobbled the snap, but luckily I had the glove on and I was able to get some grip and pitch it and (RB) LeSean (McCoy) did a great job of putting the ball in the endzone. We just have to thank God for the opportunity and I just want to congratulate that group in there. They did a great job in there and without them this game wouldn't have been possible."

On whether it was surprising that bobbling the snap didn't effect the timing of the play: "It's surprising, but at the same time, it happened, it worked and I really don't know what else to say about it other than don't let it happen again in a critical moment.

On the zero blitz from the Giants: "Well I think anytime you have the opportunity to crack a defender that's on the edge in the zero blitz. You know, you put so much out on the line when you bring that type of blitz and we had a plan for it. We really didn't think we'd see it as much and it was good that we had a opportunity to get that a lot today because we had a chance to work on it and be ready for it next time out. You just kind of put yourself in a vulnerable situation when you run the zero blitz and a good defense like that can do it."

On whether this game was more important than last week's against the Redskins because he showed he could battle through adversity: "This game was important and we knew this game wasn't going to be like last game. We knew there was going to be adversity that we would have to deal with. We knew things weren't going to go according to plan at all times, but it's all about fighting, winning the tough ones and pulling it out when you need to. I have to take my hat off to a great group of guys in that locker room, starting with the offensive line and our receivers were doing a great job and just hanging in there and fighting"

On how rough this game was compared to last week's win: "It wasn't rough tonight. It's a football game and not every football game is going to be like last week and I knew that. That's the reason why I put that game behind me when it was over – because I knew expectations were going to be through the roof and I knew people were going to expect us to score 50 points a game, but it's not going to work that way, especially against a good defense like the Giants have."

On whether it could have been a different game in the second half, with the missed opportunities and mistakes: "It could have been a different game, but fortunately things worked out our way. It's all hindsight now."

On how frustrating it was when the Giants took a lead in the 4th quarter: "When you lose the lead, it's frustrating, but at the same time it has to bring something out of you. Something has to click and you realize that your back is against the wall and it's all about how you respond. I just challenged the guys in the huddle. On one play in particular, the long run that LeSean broke and got caught down by the endzone, I just told them: We need a first down. Why can't we get a first down to end the game? Let's make this easy on ourselves and (LeSean) popped it and like I said, I can't say enough about the offensive line and how hard they battled. That's a tough defensive front. It's tough, people just don't know how hard it is."

On whether he saw McCoy take off and go all the way into the endzone: "I was on the ground. I saw him running and it's just gratifying when you see a guy trot into the endzone. After a long, tough day, he wasn't really involved in the offense. He got a couple carries, got one or two screens and to still be fresh and loose and still into the game says a lot about the young kind."

On taking a lot of hit during the game: "Yeah I did. I spent a lot of the game on the ground. This game is going to give me a heart attack one day, but I love it to death and if I have to get hit, keep getting up and keep believing in those guys in front of me and showing them that I'm willing to hang in there and letting them know that I believe in them, then I'll continue to do it each and every week as long as I can get up."

On feeling better about the team now after it lost its first NFC East game, but came back to win its next two: "We have to keep working. Each day we know as a team, we're a work in progress. We strive for perfection, even though we know perfection, being perfect, is far-fetched, but we can limit our mistakes, limit our turnovers and be more efficient in the red zone. I'm very disappointed that we didn't put the ball into the endzone more than we did and that just can't happen. We'll correct it."

On winning two division in seven days: "That was big, to go ahead in the division and beat two tough defenses, two weeks back-to-back. It's tough. It says a lot about the guys in that locker room and it says a lot about our organization. We lay it all out on the line each and every week."

On whether this win was more satisfying because of the adversity faced: "Yeah, because we were facing all types of adversity and things weren't going our way. Their defense was flying around and our guys were upbeat and played with a lot of attitude and a lot of heart. We knew were going to have to pull it out in the end and to be able to just stand tall and make the plays we needed to make, it was very gratifying for this team, so I'm happy for the win."

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