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Game Vs. Cowboys: Locker Room Offense

WR Jason Avant

On how tough the loss was: "Very tough. We thought that we had a good game plan. We thought that we had a good opportunity to win it, and to let it slip out of our hands like that with great opportunities to seal the game feels like we basically gift-wrapped it and gave it to them. But they did a good job. (You) can't take anything away from their defense. Their defense is a great defense. They made plays at the right time. We give them the credit for it. We just want to improve our part because we have a big game coming up this week, and a long trip with it, so we've got to focus and get ready for that game."

On players asking Head Coach Andy Reid to throw the challenge flag: "I don't know about the flag. I wasn't over there to tell him to throw the flag. That's his decision. It's kind of hard to overturn a spot. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. We didn't get it today. That was the least of our worries today. We didn't play as well as we are capable of, and hopefully we can get it straightened out for a great Chargers team."

On how hard it was for the offense to watch the final four minutes from the sidelines: "You always want to get a chance as an offensive player. You want a chance to finish the game with the ball, and for us not to get it was kind of disappointing. But at the same time, when we keep our defense out there that long, it's kind of hard on them to play as many snaps as they did. (It's hard) to get big stops and then have to (quickly) go back out on the field. We just have to come together as a team and execute our assignments."

FB Leonard Weaver:

On how tough it is not to be able to execute on 4th-and-short: "It's pretty tough. We always go out there as players and know we're going to play against everybody -- the refs, the other team. The bottom-line is we didn't convert when we needed to, as a team. That reflects when you can't get those things, and it makes it tough for our defense to have to come right back out after they shut them down."

On how frustrating the two interceptions were: "That's something that you can't do. In this league, that's something that we all understand. Turnovers can kill you, and today we made some key turnovers and we had some things go wrong, but it's nothing that we can't go back and correct and get fixed-up."

On whether he got a look at the spot of the ball during the QB sneak: "We all saw the same thing, but what the ref called is what the ref called. We've got to just respect his call, whether we like it or not. It is what it is. We didn't convert. That's what the stat showed, that's what the video showed, so that's something that we have to work on as a team."

On why this team cannot seem to convert third downs: "I'm not quite sure. We try to square people out sometimes. We try to come in with the 'U' package. I'm not really sure now why, exactly, but it's obviously something that we need to work on."

TE Brent Celek

On whether it's tough to tell what kind of team the Eagles are: "I wouldn't say so. We just have to get back to basics. We're going to have some games where we don't play as well. Tonight was one of those games. We've got to get back on track. We've got eight more games this season, so we can't get down on ourselves over one game."

On his touchdown reception: "There was a lot of game to play after that. It got us excited, but that (celebration) penalty was stupid on my part. I think it kind of slowed our momentum a little bit. I'm disappointed in the game. I'm disappointed in myself. That's really all I've got to say about that."

On the Dallas pass rush and whether it affected the timing of the offense: "They did a good job. You've got to give them credit on the edge. They did a pretty good job pass-rushing, so the next time we play them, we're going to have to play a little bit better."

On how the offense kept fighting: "We're never going to give up. We were fighting the whole game. We had a chance there even up to the end. We've just got to play more consistently throughout the game. That's a team that I think we can beat, but we just, as a team, didn't put it together ourselves. You've got to give them credit, but I think we beat ourselves a little bit, too."

WR Desean Jackson

On what happened tonight on offense: "They outplayed us. We didn't do anything we needed to do to win. It was unacceptable. We were not able to get anything going. It looked sloppy."

On what the Cowboys did to take him out of the game: "Whatever they did, they did. They outplayed us and we didn't win the game. It's unacceptable."

On the two reviewed calls in the 4th quarter: "I felt like it was tough for us tonight. For us to be at home and the way the calls were going, it felt like we couldn't get anything tonight. It's a disappointing feeling. It was a big game for us. We had a lot riding on this game. We felt comfortable coming in tonight and handling our business like we needed to, but we were not able to."

On the two turnovers that resulted in 10 points for the Cowboys: "Anytime you have turnovers in a game it hurts your chances to win the game. After every turnover, it just made it harder for us. We were able to get some turnovers on defense also. We had a kick return called back and it took the energy out of us. We were not able to get it going like we needed to."

On what he does to get the ball in critical situations: "All I can do is go out there, play my hardest and leave everything out on the football field. I just have to do what I need to do to make big plays and help this team win football games. Sometimes it's not going to be that way. Sometimes I am not going to get that opportunity to go out there and do that. That is understandable. Teams are going to try to take me out of the game and double team me. It may be frustrating, but as a player and as a team, you just have to fight through it and be patient. Like I said, it's just a disappointing feeling right now."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On whether this loss was more about what the Cowboys did or what the Eagles didn't do: "You have to give the Cowboys credit, but we had too many mistakes. You can't win a game with too many mistakes."

On QB Donovan McNabb's two interceptions: "The first one was all my fault. I take full responsibility. The second one I was expecting a different throw. It is what it is. Those two plays were big, but we still had a chance to win the football game. There were a lot of mistakes."

On whether Dallas did anything to take him out of the game: "I don't know. They played what they have been playing all year long. Like I said, we were hit and miss too much. We have to be more consistent as a unit. We have to go back to the drawing board."

On the second interception: "I was just expecting a different throw. Like I said, we weren't on the same page and we have to be more consistent."

On the offense being inconsistent: "We are definitely a team that can put up 40 points. You look at the two 4th-and-1's and other things like that. Despite the turnovers we still had a chance to win the game. We take full responsibility about that. I think our defense played a great game. It was on us."

On the two reviewed calls in the 4th quarter: "I don't know. I am not going to stand up here and say anything about what happened on spots. They put the ball where they wanted to put the ball. Obviously, some people agreed and some disagreed. We had a lot of other opportunities too."

On what it takes to get over the hump in the 4th quarter: "It takes for everybody to be in tune. That is what it is. It just comes down to not making too many mistakes in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter. We came out at halftime and got a kickoff returned for a touchdown, there was a penalty. There were too many mistakes."

On whether he has any idea why there were that many mistakes on offense tonight: "I don't know."

RB LeSean McCoy

On the two reviewed calls in the 4th quarter: "I thought we did a pretty good job of getting it, but obviously we didn't get it. I guess it was a questionable spot. You have to respect the calls. It's just something we have to work on."

On the two turnovers on offense: "I just think we made too many mental mistakes, little stuff. I don't think we were the same high powered offense as usual."

On why he thinks that: "I just don't think we were hitting it. There were mental mistakes and penalties that we usually don't make."

On whether he knew that RB Brian Westbrook was not going to play: "No, I didn't know until today."

On what it was like learning today that he was going to start: "Yeah, it was sudden, but I am pretty much ready for stuff like this. Even if he was playing, we always share reps anyway. I was just preparing myself to play. He was in there, so I could talk to him the same as if he was playing."

On whether he talked to Westbrook about how he felt today: "He said he felt pretty good."

On the screen play in the 4th quarter that him and Donovan didn't convert on: "There were too many bad plays and that was one of them. It was my fault. I was trying to get out and get free, I was tripped up and I missed the ball."

On how tough it is for the team to keep its cool after losing the challenges: "It's tough, especially in a game like this. It was a tight game and we kept getting the same thing over and over. It didn't go our way today."

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