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Game Vs. Cardinals: QB Donovan McNabb

On what the difference was for the offense in the second half: "We got in our comfort zone. We started running different plays, we had opportunities and we got drives. We put ourselves in position to score touchdowns, but we settled for field goals (in the first half). I thought, in the second half, we just adjusted, came back and began to get into the rhythm that we need to be in, scoring points. We just felt like every opportunity to step out on the field, we were going to score. When we went up, we were just awaiting that opportunity to get back out there. They did a great job of just eating up clock. I kind of had a feeling we would get to that. They have been successful with it, so they stayed with it and were able to eat up some clock, put themselves in position to score a touchdown. That obviously put us in a tough position, but going back out in two-minute drill, we felt like we had an opportunity to get back and get some points. An unfortunate situation on that last play, but take your hat off to them."

On his feelings about this loss: "It's just opportunities, especially in the way that second half went, to go up and put yourself in position, and then be sitting on the sidelines just awaiting that opportunity, and teams just eating clock up and trying to keep you off the field. We've been a part of that five, six times, whatever times I've been here, seeing it so many times where they try to keep our offense off the field and just be successful running the ball."

On what Andy Reid said to him before halftime: "We communicate all the time. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I just wanted the ball in my hands. Being in that situation where all we need on offense is just to get one score, and then we felt like we could continue on with it. We were successful with it. I told the offense, all we've got to do is just get one. We get one, and everything else will follow. We saw everything happen, and then we also saw being on the sidelines and seeing them take it away from us, so tip your hat to them."

On what happened on the last four plays, with 1st and 10 inside Cardinal territory: "They brought a little blitz in, and a guy was able to break free through the middle. Instead of being able to set my feet like I wanted to, I kind of got the ball off a little early, a little behind Hank (Baskett), but we still had a chance on fourth down. We felt that opportunity was perfect for us. We just weren't able to pull through."

On whether the Cardinals were hiding their blitzes well: "Not necessarily. They did a good job of disguising them, but we were able to pick up a lot of their blitzes. They did a great job in coverage, just dropping guys underneath our routes. A couple of times, they got free. So you take your hat off to them. They did a great job. Obviously it was different than the Thanksgiving game, but nothing out of the ordinary."

On what he saw on the fourth down throw to Kevin Curtis and if he felt there was contact: "One-on-one coverage with Rod Hood, and we felt like that would be a good match-up for us. All I know is my guy went down. We didn't get a call, so it's unfortunate, but again, congratulations to them."

On how hard this loss is to take: "You never want anything to end, especially the way things went for us, just the streak and being able to play as well as we did in the two playoff games. You never want it to end. I think guys really challenged themselves to do better, bring their A game and make sure that they were there for their teammates. To end this way, it's tough, when you're that close to making it to the Super Bowl. This team has really pulled together, and it was the type of nucleus that you definitely want. It's tough to see the guys and know how they're feeling."

On whether it seemed like the Cardinals were playing downhill and they weren't in the first half: "I wouldn't say that. I think in that first half, it looked they were just playing on adrenaline and the fans. The second half really told the tale. You come out in the second half, and we got things going. We felt like any play that was called was going to be a great play for us. But they were able to prevail, and that's where you can see that experience of Kurt Warner, that trust with Larry Fitzgerald, and then Edgerrin James in the backfield, the experience comes out. That's when you need guys to step up at the end, be able to pick up that first down and keep the chains moving, which put them in a position to either score a touchdown or kick a field goal, and they were able to score a touchdown."

On his touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson in the fourth quarter: "It's kind of trusting the guys you've got out there. We were able to get one or two steps past (Dominique Rodgers-) Cromartie, and got the safety to kind of bite down on the crossing route. I just tried to put it out there for our guy, and he did a great job of being able to create more separation. Cromartie did a great job of catching up to the ball and being able to put himself in position to make a play, but that play was really DeSean just doing a great job and being able to bring the catch down and score a touchdown."

On if he expects to be back with the Eagles with a new contract next season:"I don't know. We'll see what happens. Let's just understand what happened here in the game and get over that aspect. We'll handle that at a later date."

On if he feels like this team built something with their play at the end of the year: "I guess I've been building for 10 years. I can't sit and say anything about the building aspect of things. I think each year is an opportunity for you to add more weapons and add more guys that contribute heavily and play a major part in what you want to do."

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