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Game Vs. Cardinals: QB Carson Palmer

The Sunday Night Football showdown against the Cardinals kicked off with the Eagles sporting their #BackInBlack uniforms. View the full gallery here...

On how it feels to wear that NFC West Championship hat:

"It feels really good to come in here in this environment in front of that stadium and the energy in the stadium and play against a team that's hungry and needs a win equally as bad. It's just great to come in and perform the way we did, offensively, defensively, special teams-wise. A couple plays here and there that there's even more out there for us. I'm just proud of the way we came in and competed and played."

On what RB David Johnson showed him today:

"The guy's a grown man. Like I said after the game, he has the speed that you want to see. He has a stiff arm, he can break tackles, he's patient, he has vision, he's decisive. And then what he does catching the ball makes him very rare."

On what he thought about Johnson's touchdown run and breaking multiple tackles:

"Like I said, it's a grown man run. Physical. The blocking downfield was spectacular. He's not a guy you want to tackle 15, 16, 17, 18 times coming down at you."

On whether Johnson's vision and patience have improved over the last couple games:

"Every week it does. Every week. It's just 2nd in the 7th or 8thish run. We ran a little counter trap play. The way he set up his blockers, he brought [WR] Larry [Fitzgerald] from the outside to dig the safety out. He let Larry set up his block. He pulled the guard around, he let [G] Mike Iupati decide which shoulder to take the block on. I just sat back and watched him do it. Very, very veteran, experienced type of runs. It wasn't there early, but he made it happen and I think he got 10, 12, 13 yards on it. But early, there wasn't anything there. He let guys get in position to block."

On how his finger is:


On what happened on the play where he injured his finger:

"Just hit my hand on an arm or something. It's fine." 

On expressing confidence and continuing to go back to WR John Brown after his drops:

"I told him, I'm going to keep going to you. You're eventually going to make the plays we expect you to make and he did. The touchdown was phenomenal, putting his foot on the ground to keep his body under control and stay in bounds to get in the end zone. It was the smoke that we all have seen for two years now. "

On what it says about the offense to have drops but still score 37 points:

"It's exciting. There's so much more out there for us, so much to work on, so many things to improve on. And to win the division on a Sunday night against a team that, like I said, needs a win too and is playing for a lot. But there's still more out there for us."

On RB David Johnson showing up for the team and putting them on his back to take them deep into the playoffs:

"Did he run for [almost] 200 yards? I mean, I think that answers that question."

On S Tyrann Mathieu's injury:

"It's such a bittersweet win. There's nothing we can do but pray. We're all praying for him. I feel like I've been praying for the last 20, 30, 45 minutes. God's powerful and we'll see what happens."

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