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Game Vs. Browns: Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening statement: "The only injury is (WR) Brian Hernandez, he has an ankle sprain.  O.J. didn't play tonight.  His hamstring wasn't quite right.  He went out and tried pregame warm-ups and  it didn't work so we sat him down.  I think for Pat (Shurmur) and I it was a good time to get our young players in where we were able to play our veterans a little more last week, but we still got a look at our young guys and I thought that was important. There were some good things along the way and some things that we need to work on and we'll continue to do that. Again, I was pleased with the performance and the veteran guys sticking with the young guys when they were in and respecting their time, which I think is also very important."

On quarterback Nick Foles performance tonight against first stringers: "I thought he did a nice job.  I thought he managed the game well.  He had a couple nice throws in there and I think he had a couple he'd want to have back.  Those were young guy mistakes, he worked through it, and he came back and kept firing.  You're looking at that as a coach, does he get gun shy or does he continue to fire?  He did it, he stayed aggressive and did a pretty nice job I thought."

On Foles' ability to move in the pocket: "He's a big strong kid.  He's got enough athletic ability, remember, he's a great high school basketball player, he's got good feet and good mobility."

On what the initial call was on the interception: "Actually, it was to Jason (Avant).  It was a slant route or to the tight end and he got pushed out of the pocket and got a little greedy there.  You've got to be careful with that, single safety flying down the middle.  It's a good learning experience for him."

On quarterback Trent Edwards playing more efficiently: "I thought he played well too.  I thought he managed the game well.  He was on time, he got knocked down a few times, and got back up.  He's done well for himself in my eyes."

On quarterback Mike Kafka: "He threw today with Michael (Vick) back home and Michael was able to throw the ball a little bit today, which was a positive.  Mike Kafka threw and he said he felt pretty good.  We'll have him checked out tomorrow and see where he's at."

On expectations being tempered with Foles that it's still the preseason: "You take what you can see and you evaluate that.  Dick (Jauron) threw a few blitzes at us and he handled that well.  He knew where the action was coming from and he knew where to throw the ball.  For what's been thrown at him he's handled well.  The other parts are unknown if he has to play in the regular season."

On the defensive performance tonight: "For the exception of a couple plays I thought the 'ones' did a pretty good job.  They're playing fast right now and aggressive.  There were a couple mistakes, but the mistakes were fast and furious and that's what you want.  We'll work on that and get that cleared up.  I thought the guys on the corners were aggressive.  Even when they caught on  Nnamdi (Asomugha), he was up there banging it, and it was a perfect throw, good catch, and all of that.  Nine-out-of-10, Nnamdi is going to (defend) and after that they played pretty good."

On Vick trying to get healthy for the opener: "I think he feels better to where he could throw today.  I'll talk to him tomorrow and we'll see how he's doing.  We have Flight Night coming up on Sunday, which will be a real nice event for the fans doing a little razzle dazzle, but it's going to be a 'ten-ten-ten practice'.  He'll get an opportunity to maybe throw the ball around a little bit."

On if he'll be doubtful for the first game: "I don't think so.  I think he's going to be fine for the first game."

On WR Damaris Johnson responding strong after the New England game: "He had a couple nice grabs.  I thought he made some nice plays.  He returned the ball well.  Kind of bobbled that first punt and he needs to look that thing in all the way into the catch, but he's an exciting guy."

On LB Brian Rolle competing for his job: "Initially he was in competition with (Jamar) Chaney with that job and Chaney job some good snaps today.  I didn't want him to reinjure that thing, it was getting tight on him so I took him out.  I still think there's a competition there."

On the four quarterbacks: "I think all four can play, that's what's comforting.  It's going to be a tough decision.  Most likely we'll keep three and someone will get a new quarterback, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there."

On whatever quarterback gets let go would they land a job somewhere else: "Yeah, I think they should."

On narrowing it down for that third spot: "I want to make it as hard on Howie and I as possible and that's what we tell the players.  It's a decision that we have to make and whatever three combination it ends up being."

On having fewer penalties today: "You'd hope, I mean there was a whole lot of penalties and it's hard to win football games when you have that many penalties.  I thought we were a little more disciplined, but there are still some things.  We lined up in the neutral zone too many times on the defensive line and you cant do that.  You're giving away five-yards for two inches and you don't need to do that."

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