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Game Vs. 49ers: Eagles Locker Room

LB Stewart Bradley

On holding on to win the game despite the 49ers talent:"It's a tough place to play. It's tough to play on the road at any time. Especially when you are playing a team with their backs really against the wall, who definitely don't want to go 0-5. You see how close they played the Saints and other teams that are talented. It is not like they have been getting blown out, I mean they have had some bad losses but they have been close in some tough games. The Atlanta game they could have won in Atlanta. Obviously they could have beat the Saints. We are just glad to come out and maybe it wasn't the prettiest thing in the end, but a win is a win."

On whether the team challenged itself to bring out the nastiness with the big hits and turnovers:"We really wanted to come out and our big goal was to stop the run. That is kind of their bread and butter. They have done a pretty good job rushing the ball against everyone that they have played. They have a good gap scheme, a good offensive line, obviously Frank Gore is a talented guy that was the big focus for us."

On whether the team was happy with QB Kevin Kolb start:"Oh yeah obviously, Kevin is a professional guy. He is there preparing whether he is going to start or not. It was a big game for him and I think he did a great job."

On the play of the guys stepping up with the string of injuries: "It was a big win for us with the start of the second quarter of the season against a tough team with their backs against the wall really and these are really tough teams to play. They are scrappy and they definitely don't want to go 0-5. They have a lot of talent on that team and a lot of athletes. We are just happy to get the win."

DT Antonio Dixon

On whether his play tonight will get him more playing time: "I would hope so, I think so, but you will never know. When (Head) Coach (Andy Reid) calls my number, I just try to do the best that I can."

On whether it was tough to step in and contribute: "It was tough, I thought that it was going to be a little tougher though. I just tried to read my keys and try to stay focused. So it wasn't that tough. My role was a lot different because Bunk (DT Brodrick Bunkley) went down so I had to put in a little more time. I just tried to battle on every play."

DE Brandon Graham

On whether his ankle bothered him during the game: "Today it was like a 95. I felt good and after a while I didn't even worry about it anymore. I am just going to keep on getting treatment and make sure it gets back to 100 percent because if you see how it was out there, it was only three defensive ends for one minute because everyone kept getting hurt. Our conditioning is good and we are just going to keep coming."

On whether the team is disappointed about the way the 49ers came back in the second half:"Yes we will make those corrections. We could have lost that game. That was big that we made that stop at the end but we can't have them close. When we have them down we have to keep them down. We will get better and a win is a win. It was tough because we were at their house and I know they had everything they could throw at us."

On whether the team was happy on holding RB Frank Gore down: "That was our goal. The goal was to go out there and stop the run. Get back there, pin our heads back and just keep going after that pass because we knew once we stop the run they were going to try the draw and then the pass."

WR DeSean Jackson

On the win:"It was huge. I felt San Francisco played a good game and, besides a couple turnovers and things like that, they fought us to the end and we just had to do everything we could to get the win. I'm just happy we were able to come out here and get one."

On QB Kevin Kolb's performance:"Kevin had a tough task on his hand, just trying to make it work and get everybody into the game and involved and things like that. I think we were able to do some things that we liked and then again we did some things that we didn't like so we just have to go back to the film and just watch it and get on the same page."

On how big of a victory tonight was with all the injuries:"Man it's big, especially to come out here to the West Coast and get this win, last year we came out here and we lost twice. We're just happy and we're going to enjoy it and get ready for Atlanta."

On his knee: "It got twisted up a little, but I was able to come back and make some things happen so hopefully, just get it better this week and I'll be alright."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On how important it was to get the touchdown on the first drive:"It was very important. Obviously to get points on the board, after they came out and scored first, to get points on the board and get things rolling (was important)."

On QB Kevin Kolb's demeanor:"Still the same Kevin. Still very poised, still very confident and I think he played very well today."

On Kolb's 19-yard run and his performance:"That took a lot of character. It was third and 18 and he picked up the first down and kept the drive going and that's the kind of stuff you want to see out of your quarterback. I think it's him feeling more comfortable. I think he managed the game very well and I think he had a very good day."

On having the chance to put the game away and if it was frustrating:"Yea a little bit. That's one thing we have to do, we have to put our foot on the gas and just keep pounding. I feel like we didn't do that today and we've done that twice and luckily, we've been able to overcome that and win the games. When we get guys down we have to keep pounding them."

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