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Eagles Locker Room: Offense

Quarterback Mark Sanchez

On the team's momentum until the interception by Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland:

"We got an all-out pressure. I was trying to buy a little [time] and anticipate when [Jeremy] Maclin was going to be there. I just kind of missed it so it was too bad because some guys had really good days and we just didn't capitalize for the win."

On if this loss puts the team in a tough playoff situation:

"We just have to get another win and try and get to 10 wins. Other than, that we can't control anything on the outside so we just focus on what we can control and move on."

On the Redskins' defense taking away the deep threat:

"They played pretty sound in the backend. Like I said, we moved the ball for 400 yards of offense, which was great. We got [Riley] Cooper rolling with two big touchdown catches, really good catches, especially the second one. [Zach] Ertz just went off and had such an awesome day. It's just too bad that that kind of stuff happens on a day that you lose."

On the first possession of the second half:

"We can't put ourselves in a better position. Coming out of halftime, Malcolm [Jenkins] makes a great play and now we have to go capitalize and it just didn't happen. That's too bad when we needed to get some points there."

On if he uses wins to evaluate his performance:

"You have to win games. The head coach and the quarterback, we are the only ones who keep a record, so it goes with the territory of this position. There have been three really tough games and this one came down to the wire and we came up a little short."

On if he knew he was going to be the quarterback for the rest of the season:

"I had no idea I am. I just… We take it week-to-week. I mean, every week is a week-to-week thing. We're just going trying to go 1-0 and, unfortunately, these last three weeks we let them slide."

On if wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was the hot read:

"Yeah, I mean, I knew people were going to come free so I'm trying to anticipate where Mac was going to be and get the guy out of my face and I'm going to try and throw it to him, just kind of missed it. The guy made an unbelievable play and it would have been a great throwaway and we get a fourth down and we're still rolling, so it's really too bad."

On how tough this loss is for him:

"I mean, it's tough to swallow. You know, you want to get a win especially with, like I said, some of the performances we've had. It's really too bad when that happens."

On third down when they tried to score:

"We tried to squeeze it in to [Zach] Ertz. I mean, they ended up dropping eight, so just trying to get a quick one over to the middle to them and they converged on it pretty quick. He really got a hand on it. He came over and said, 'I've got to catch it. I've got to catch it.' That's just the way he is – an awesome guy and he wants to catch every ball, so you've got to appreciate that as a quarterback and like to get it there even sooner or maybe move on but I think they dropped eight so they had 500 anyway."

On his assessment of the team's performance overall:

"I mean, we lost. That's the most important thing is winning the game whether I have to go for 50 yards or 500 yards, I mean, we've got to get a win so that's the most important thing. We're not really worried about stats until the end of the year when, you know, the season's, month's gone and that was a really good game even by the half. That's all well and good but we want to win."

Tight End Zach Ertz

On going from a record of 9-3 to 9-6:

"We've played three good teams. We lost [to] them. We were in every game. We just haven't done a good job finishing the games. It is very frustrating to us to control our destiny when we are 9-3 and to have this happen… We are very disappointed. Ultimately, it falls on the players. We didn't execute the game, either of the three games. It is very disheartening."

On if this team can snap out of their losing streak if given another opportunity:

"Yeah, definitely. We have had the opportunities. I mean, it is just one play here, one play there. We just have to right the ship. Everyone is going to say they are struggling. They are struggling. I mean, we are 0-3 in our last three games, and what have you done from me lately? But we have a lot of great guys in this locker room, a lot of professionals in this locker room. Obviously, people are going to be very tuned into the [Dallas vs. Indianapolis] game tomorrow. I mean, say that we are eliminated tomorrow and the [Dallas] Cowboys win, we don't care. We are going to come out against the [New York] Giants and play to the best of our abilities."

On what happened on the third-and-goal play in the fourth-quarter:

"I thought I only got one hand on the ball. They kind of closed on me really quick. I don't know. I'm going to have to see on the film. I am the No. 1 option on that and if everyone closed on me, maybe work another guy. But I have to make the catch. I mean, if it is closed, I can put one hand on it, I have to put the team in a position to win."

On setting a franchise record of 15 receptions in a single game and having this type of role in the offense:

"I mean it is…Each and every week, I'll tell you what, I will go back to one catch for five yards if we win this game, win the past three games. The record, it is what it is. It is a testament to the team, the game plan, the coaches but I will tell you one thing, I would rather take the win than this record any day of the week."

Wide Receiver Riley Cooper 

On the game:"[Zach] Ertz really stepped up. He had a really big game. I had a few catches. When my number was called, I made a couple plays. I didn't do anything spectacular. We didn't do anything different than we have the past 15 or 16 weeks. I did nothing different."

On if the underneath option was available:

"Underneath stuff was open because they were playing three. They were playing zone. They were bailing every single snap. That's why underneath stuff was open."

On if there is a common thread in the past three losses:

"No, I mean I haven't noticed anything different. I mean, we're working extremely hard. Obviously, everyone in this room wants to win football games, but no, I don't see anything different."

On moving forward from the loss:

"Every guy in this room is a huge competitor, so we're just going to go into the last game and try to win the game, obviously, and whatever happens, happens. We only can control so much and that's beating the Giants and we're hoping it's meaningful."

On what was different that led him into getting in the end zone:

"Nothing really. Nothing was really different. We didn't do a whole lotof things different. We were kind of doing the same stuff. They were playing a little bit more zone. They were press-bailing the whole night – keeping everything in front. I mean, I didn't do anything different. Coach [Chip Kelly] didn't do anything different, Mark [Sanchez] didn't do anything different. We just connected a few times."

On what went wrong:

"Turnovers. You have to win the turnover battle and we haven't done a great job of that. I think that's a big issue. We're trying to put a lot of emphasis on taking care of the football, making good decisions [and] protecting the football when it's in our hands. That's been a big issue for us – everyone, not one person, every single person. I've had a fumble this year. I mean everybody, not one person, so don't take that and run with it the wrong way."

Running Back LeSean McCoy

On how turnovers have hurt the team this season:

"Oh my god – bad, real bad. Every game, even the ones we've won, [we've had] some turnovers. You can't win games like that, especially in critical situations and time of the game. And today it really got us when we needed it most. This game, we really needed it and it just didn't go our way."

On if it feels surreal that three weeks ago they were in the driver's seat and now they need help to make the playoffs:

"That's how fast it happens. I mean, just a couple weeks ago I was planning on the playoffs and who we were going to be playing and those types of things. And now we just have to hope and pray that we can get in there. Hopefully, Dallas can help us out. Three weeks ago it was more like we controlled our own destiny."

On how the Redskins came out strong today:

"I mean, I felt like if we just stuck it to them early, you know, scored, stopped them, scored and had a big enough lead, it wouldn't have been like that. But they are an NFL team. They came out to play, they really did."

On nine receptions at the running back position:

"I mean, [quarterback Mark Sanchez] just read it out and threw it to us. Same plays, no difference, same game plan so we were open and he threw it to us."

Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin 

On if turnovers have been killing this team this season:

"Absolutely, absolutely."

On what happened on the fourth quarter interception:

"It was behind me."

On if he had the defenders beat on the interception:

"Yeah, I mean it was a tough route for what coverage they had but the ball was behind me."

On turning the ball over with frequency and if the 26 combined interceptions this season have been a setback to the offense:

"I mean, it is any time we turned the ball over in general. It doesn't matter if it is an interception, fumble, it doesn't matter what it is. It is really hard to win in this league [when you turn the ball over]."

On the end of the game:

"It is just frustrating. Three weeks ago, we were sitting pretty and now we need a lot of stuff to happen. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Frustrating."

On the outcome of the game:

"Turning the ball over in the NFL gets you beat."

On forcing a turnover at the beginning of the third quarter and not being able to put any points on the board:

"You have to capitalize on your opportunities. We didn't execute. [We] didn't really move the ball like we wanted too. Like I said, that was a chance for us to extend the lead by 11 there and we came away with nothing. We can't do that and expect to win."

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