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Eagles Locker Room: Offense

Quarterback Mark Sanchez

On running the ball: "You just gotta read it out and continue to trust it and that has been one of the toughest things for me. Coach has been great, and to be honest Foles has helped out a lot with our running game."

On the Touchdown with Mathews: "We ran a great route and protected it. You have to keep 'em going in stride. If you get too cute with it, it slows them up."

How does it feel to win this game after on the butt fumble last Thanksgiving?: "It sucked. It's like my favorite holiday so it's not cool. Just gonna try not to do that."

How the Eagles felt going into the game and how they feel after the win?: "No matter how big this thing gets on the exterior for all of us… we have to understand what it is and move on. I'm really proud of this effort on such a short week. We left a ton of meat on the bone. Threw it into the red zone so many times."

Riley into the end zone – was it supposed to be back shoulder play that went wrong?: "Yeah, just didn't go in our favor. It was a good play, it just didn't work out."

On the third quarter time out: "We're a family. Get heated and we get upset. Both of us had something to say and we said it. I'd rather have something than someone who doesn't care. Neither of us took it any further. Right or wrong we have another team to play."

Reflecting on your journey: "Dream come true. Best of times worst of times. A lot of people would love to be in this position. I have a lot of family watching back home."

Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin

You guys picked up a rhythm, got in early with a great tempo. Was that an emphasis going in today?: "We come into this game trying to run the football. Tempo is always an emphasis. Always a point of emphasis. Once we got the rhythm we kept going and going and that's what we do."

Milestone today: "Feels good, but that's part of play football."

On the 58 yard pass: "I got mad at myself that I didn't get it in, but it was a good play. I lsot my balance a little bit. But did a good job keeping the safety back."

Fired up crowd on the road and this game: "Gives our defense a chance to settle down and get to Romo a little better. Really helped the whole game."

How do you feel about this team moving forward?: "I think we are a great team. We have a lot of work to do moving forward, like we got our butts handed to us at Lambeau. But we have a great team and I'm excited about moving forward."

How did you feel about coming into this game against Murray?: "Professional. He's a great athlete."

Are you thinking about Seattle yet?: "No I think we are going to soak this one up a little bit. Tough task, well known players on defense, last year's champs, but we are excited about being able to play them."

Are you excited about having a few days rest: "It's gonna feel good. But a short week is hard, our bodies get fatigued."

Are there any milestones that mean a lot to you?: "Just holding up that trophy at the end of the season is going to mean a lot"

Running Back LeSean McCoy

Gameplan going in today?: "Run the ball. I didn't play like I wanted to, I could play a lot better. But we work hard. And we kept pushing."

You got twice as many yards as Murray today. How does that feel?: "Just try and play my game. He's a heck of a player. I just don't really get into that. I know where I stand. And the big picture we are just trying to win games."

When Sanchez is able to run the ball: "He keeps the guys honest. Helps out."

Best game so far this season for the offensive line: "So much space. So by far. Run the ball."

This felt like last year?: "Yeah it did. The space the one on one."

After the fumble: "I was so pissed! I was really angry and I never get like that, because it's part of the game."

On other games where the tempo as emphasized as it is now, how does the tempo help?: "It helps us out. Defense is all about reacting and responding. It's hard to get the blitzes the way they want. And it helps out a lot."

About the fumble: "You are never gonna get a perfect game. But you want to limit the amount of turnovers. That's one of those things we gotta get better at that."

Do you think you made a statement today: "Dallas gets a lot of hype. They have good players but we have a good team too. Every team has it's day. I'm sure the next time we play them it will be a tougher game even if it is in Philly."

Jason Kelce, Offensive Line

On Kelly's statement this was the best performance of the year: "I think that, as a unit, this was probably absolutely correct. I think we finally started gelling. We finally started to see the cohesion. We've had some continuity along the offense line for a little while now. It's not that guys went in and did a bad job. Guys that went in did great individual jobs…When you have five guys working together and really on the same page, this was the best we've been throughout the season. And there's still room for improvement."

On snaps: "We've been working hard at correcting that. I think that McCoy and Mark today was the best they've been. That's my job as the center to make sure he feels comfortable. So, hopefully we won't have any snafus from here on out."

Lane Johnson, Offensive Line

On the first two drives: "We wanted to press the tempo on them fast and see if they could hang. I think we ran the plays as fast as we have. We pushed the tempo and got to 14 pretty quick. That made a statement early."

On playing with Gardner: "The more you play with somebody, the more comfortable you feel."

"We need to take one game at time. We knew this was a big game. We had to care of that. We've got a huge game next week against Seattle at home. If we stay consistent, I think we're one of the best teams in the league."

On short week prep: "We didn't have any physical practice, just a bunch of walkthrough. It's the same with Dallas. Dallas probably has it worse than us, because they got back from New York at 5 o'clock that morning…It's tough on both teams. But we won't make that excuse. We just had to go out and play."

On FGs: "We're moving the ball. It's just frustrating to get there in the red zone and we don't score. It's just usual stuff, execution. If we would have converted those, it would have made the game a lot more than it was."

Jordan Matthews, Wide Receiver

On his TD: "It was great play call by Coach. We had the tempo going. Everybody was clicking on all cylinders. O-Line was able to protect. Mark put the ball in a spot where I could catch and then just keep running. That's what led me to the end zone. I really got in by a couple of inches. If that ball is behind me or makes me slow down, I might not get in. The credit goes to the O-Line and Mark on that one. It was huge."

On tempo: "That's the game plan everyday. That's practice to use tempo. We're always trying to go fast. We're always trying to get the game going. We want to start quick. That's our mantra. That's our mindset. We were able to establish that early in the game and that's how we're going to try to go the rest of the season."

On working with Maclin: "I think the best part about it…is just the example he gives me. There's some stuff off the field that he helps me out with that people don't get to see. They just see the end result at the game. So, I think it's a relationship that will continue to grow. I've got to continue to watch him, work on my craft and try to get better so I can help the team."

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